Office Depot / Officemaxsquaretrade warranty problems

Purchased a Time Clock for business on 12/7/17. I have sent Squaretrade all relevant information, receipt, item #, problem with the time clock and all claim information. They want us to take and get it fixed, then send for refund. Our agreement states they will repair by either sending a technician to us to repair, or send us prepaid postal label to ship item for repair, or refund our purchase price. No where does it state it is our responsibility to locate a repair shop, much less take the item and pay ourselves, then wait for a refund?
Read the Terms & Conditions of the warranty. We would like this resolved with repair or replace.
D2TTT5AAPMYQ56Y8FW [protected]-17.8.2
Capitol City Glass Dale Clark [protected]

Oct 03, 2019

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