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She told my wife who is sick with lupus and was just diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago that she would sell us a female cat, we told her we'd have the money on the 1oth of this month for the kitten, she agreed to hold, on the 10th we had the money, my wife emailed her and told her she was still in the hospital and she had the money, we got a ok that 's great response. We then emailed on the 18th no response then a few days later resent another response and got an "oh your wife wanted a female and I only have males left' now i have to tell my wife, who had been down since her lymphoma diagnoses the 2 weeks ago, that the one thing she has been looking forward to is gone. Now I have to tell my girls that the one thing giving them something to look forward to is gone. We were hoping to have a kittten waiting for my wife when we got home, she wanted a cat she could show on her good days (not seriously into showing but she likes to have that as a social time for her when she's strong enough to get out once in awhile) . She had a intent to sell contract and did not honor it. Now i have to find a way to break it to my family and watch them fall apart again as things have been for the past few weeks. She was so lazy she couldn't even say hey how are things etc no she sold to the highest bidder without regard to the family she'd been talking to on a regular basis since august and we'd offered her a portion of the money several times. I have the emails and I plan to talk to an atty about this. It may not get my wife her kitten, but at least she'll learn a lesson. And yes, we saved all the emails, we always do just in case things are a scam, like this was. We had a great home for this kitty, my wife is home 24/7 due to her illenss, we are a home of cat lovers and animal lovers, my wife went on ebay and bought the cat clothes a wrought iron kitty bed and food dishes. She was excited and at some point today, I'm going to have to break the news to her and it's literally killing me. Really killing me. She keeps coming up with emails she states we sent, fact of the matter is we offered her a deposit she knew we wanted the cat, we were in contact she sold to the highest bidder

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