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I was staying at a very nice oceanfront resort in Myrtle Beach. I received a survey call about my stay and agreed to answer the questions. The representative was named Alexis and was very friendly and nice to me. She offered me a deal to come and listen to the Oceania Resorts timeshare presentation and look at their new resort.

In exchange for my time I was promised $100.00, 2 3 day / 2 night vacations at my choice of many locations, 6 casino passes, and 6 bowling alley passes. I explained that my boyfriend and son, age 2, were with me. Alexis stated this was not a problem. She stated my boyfriend could come as my guest.

So I agreed to go. I was told there was a room they could wait for me while I watched the presentation. We went the next day. I was actually interested in what they had to offer. I love to vacation at the ocean and had been to a timeshare once before several years ago and almost bought then.

We arrived and I sent my boyfriend and son to the 'kids room' to wait. I was asked 2 times if I was living with my boyfriend or if we were engaged. I explained that neither was the case and that it was my decision and my income that would determine what I chose to do.

I went in and after I had been present an hour I was asked to come out to and a woman - TONI COVERT, if that was her correct name, don't confuse her with a lady, told me I was disqualified.

I asked what she was talking about and she said my boyfriend was my fiance and he had not watched the presentation with me. I told her he was not my fiance and we were in no way engaged.

TONI COVERT was extremely rude to me and would not allow me to bring my boyfriend in to question what she was saying. I went outside and talked to him and he told me she had asked him if he was engaged to someone and he told her no he was with me.

I went back inside and asked to speak to the manager. She informed me she was the front desk manager. I asked to speak to her superior and she told me there was no one else I could speak to.

I asked Ms. Covert why she was lying to me and refusing to let me finish the presentation and she said she had the final choice and I had to leave.

Needless to say I did not receive any of their 'offers' and did not even have a chance to consider ownership.

TONI COVERT is one of the rudest, most unprofessional people I have ever had the experience to meet and I have met a lot of professional people in my life as I work for state government in another state.

I would highly recommend you not consider Oceania Resorts after the experience I had with them. They were rude and Ms. Covert the rudest of all. I have never been treated so badly in any of my experiences.

So I am a single mother, was not the president's mother a single mother. Don't sterotype me and expect me not to file a formal compliant. I am surprised this company makes any sales.

OCEANIA RESORTS AND TONI COVERT are a RIP OFF. Don't give them the time of day or your business.

Oh - and my representative in the presentation told us about this website and said their company had no reports, surprise - I found one as soon as I searched. Well, now there are two.

Beware of this RIP OFF.

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  • I am currently experiencing the same situation. Last year late summer, I was offered the 2 & 3 day vacations, bowling passes, portraits, tickets to an event, etc. and would only need to pay $286 (I think) for the 3 day/two night stay in a 2 bedroom at Grande Shores (a hotel my family has stayed with for years). It seemed like a pretty good deal, so we bought and I booked for July 24, 2010. When I spoke to extended family and found out we could vacation together if I went on July 30th, I called and changed the reservation--even received the revised confirmation. I was then called by Cindy early this year and told that I could not stay at the Grande Shores but would instead be moved to another hotel. When I protested, she told me that they were allowed to change the hotel if they wanted as it stated in my paperwork. I told her that was unacceptable because of the plans we had made and, after arguing for 10 minutes, she agreed that we would be "taken care of". I asked it that meant we could have our original hotel and she said yes. I just called the Grande Shores last week and, guess what? We do have that hotel, but for the original date of July 24th (that we can't use). I have now been frantically trying to reach them for 5 days. There was one return phone message left late yesterday while we were out and I have been unable to get through the entire day and evening. I will keep you posted as to the outcome.

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  • Ts
    T. Stedman May 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was supposed to be going this weekend 5/22/10 and in my agreement can change the date one time. I have family coming that was not planned back in January when I bought it for 149.99. Now I can't get thru on any phone lines, nobody returns calls. There isn't even a live person that will answer at the actual hotel, Towers on the Grove. I'm really wondering if I actually even have reservations there. I've made at least 50 calls, about 45 that actually got thru to someone at Oceania. THey say they are getting 1500 calls a day. Now I can see why, they are all complaints.

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  • Je
    Jennifer9618 Aug 21, 2009

    As far as the timeshare deed with no resolution, she did recieve her deed. I have dealt with Oceania for years and very happy with doing buisness with them. I guess everyone can't be happy, there are always people who complain about anything. They have saved me tons of money with wonderful vacations to talk about and share with family and friends. Sometimes it's easier to say negative things instead of nice things. I have always been treated with respect and courtesy from that group and recommend anyone doing buisness with them.

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  • Ge
    Gerald e Jun 23, 2009

    They are all sizzle and no steak!!!

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  • Dg
    DG. Jun 10, 2009

    This is for the Oceania Resorts time share/Platinum vacation club offer.

    I went to the meeting today with my wife and the plan they sell, in my opinion, is a rip off. I would not waste my time going. The info thy quoted us included a 16.9% interest rate for the financing.

    They also used the line with us that we could stay anywhere on the 4th of July as well. Finally they tried to get us with a last minute deal to hold this amazing deal for us for 15 months and all we needed to do was to prepay about $1500 to stay at MB next year. The $1500 was for a 1 room efficiency and we are paying just over that now for a 3 bedroom condo. They were not up front about the accommodations and that was what sent us running.

    The above represents my opinion only.

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  • Kn
    kntoles Jun 06, 2009

    here is my complaint:

    On May 3rd, 2009 I received a phone call from Oceana Resorts. I was told that the conversation was recorded. I was offered a 3-day, 2-night stay at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach for $99.00. The requirement was that I would need to attended a 90-minute seminar at the Seaside resort which is beachfront on North Myrtle Beach. At that time, I would also be given $25.00 cash. I was told there is an open reservation and I would need to book 7-10 days in advance. Also, I was told that because the salesperson has a couple left, I was given 2 bonus vacations, each 3 days/2 night at any of the 25 resorts, and I had 1 year to use. I was told repeatedly that I could book my vacation at the Hilton any time between “now and 7/13/09”. I was told there were no black out dates and if I wanted to stay on the 4th of July, I could. I was given a pre-paid claim # as E0502MB. I was then called back by the supervisor, Thomas Childress who confirmed the same details previously provided by the initial salesperson. On Friday, 5/8/09, I called the Reservation Dept. to book the vacation for May 23rd-25th and spoke to Heather. Heather told me that this weekend was booked up and that is one of the holidays that customers of this promotion was not able to book on. I explained that I was told by the sales person and the Supervisor that there are no black-out dates, and if I wanted to stay on the 4th of July, I could. Heather proceeded to tell me that the 4th of July was also one of those dates customers of this promotion was not able to book on. Heather stated that she would have the Supervisor listen to the tapes, and if I was indeed told this, I could be considered for a refund. I was told that I would know something on Monday, 5/11/09. On Tuesday, 5/12/09, I had still not heard from the company, so I called and spoke to Heather. Heather said that the tapes came in on Monday, and the Supervisor would know something by “tomorrow morning” (5/13/09). On 5/14/09, after still not hearing from the company, I again called and spoke to Heather. Heather said that Thomas Childress listens to the tapes and she would call him at home, and he would call me between 5 and 9pm. If he doesn’t call, I needed to call Heather back on Friday after 9:30am. I finally received a call from Mr. Childress on Saturday, 5/16/09. Mr. Childress explained that the 23rd-25th of May was not being booked because there was water damage at the Hilton and they had to book customers at the resort that weekend and it was full. I was then offered an extension to the vacation to December 31st, 2009. I was in a drive-thru line with my daughter so I asked Mr. Childress if I could discuss it with my husband and call him back. Mr. Childress said I could call him back on Tuesday, 5/19/09. I was unable to call him on Tuesday so I called him on Wednesday, 5/20/09. Mr. Childress was not in, so again I spoke to Heather. I explained that I would prefer a refund as I have had to rebook for 5/23-25/09 and did not want to go on another vacation due to leave from work. Heather said that Mr. Childress handles the refunds, and she would give him the message. Mr. Childress called me back on 5/21/09. He began asking questions about when I booked. I told him I called on 5/8/09 to book for May 23rd-25th. He began telling me that “common sense would tell you that dates fill up and you should book 2 months in advance”. I asked Mr. Childress to not speak to me that way. Mr. Childress began raising his voice and discussing my common sense. While Mr. Childress was yelling, I told him I just want my refund, and I am hanging up. Mr. Childress said I needed to give him my credit card # for the refund. I was skeptical to give Mr. Childress who had just belittled me my credit card #, so I asked that he put it on the same credit card that he took it off of. Mr. Childress said that the Reservation Dept. had that number and he would have to get them to do it. I said that would be great, thank you, and hung up. On Tuesday, 6/2/09, I still had not received my refund, so I called the Sales Dept. and spoke to Mr. Childress. Mr. Childress said that he turned that over to the Reservation Dept., and it is out of his hands. On 6/4/09, I left a message with the Reservation Dept. about not receiving my refund, and I would like someone to call me back with the status. I received a call today, 6/5/09 from Heather with Reservations, who has told me that because on all paperwork, it says, “upon availability”, I would not be getting a refund. I explained I never received any paperwork. Heather confirmed my address and said she did send it to me. Again, I said I did not receive any paperwork. Heather said she even sent me an email. I explained I also never received an email. Heather confirmed my email and told me I should check my spam folder. Heather said she would re-send the email and the mailed paperwork. I requested a copy of the taped conversations between me and the company, I was told I could not have them. I was promised a refund and never received it.

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  • Kn
    kntoles Jun 06, 2009

    Oceana Resorts is rated F on BBB. I have also filed complaints with this company with the BBB, FTC and Hilton Hotels. Please be very careful when dealing with this company

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  • La
    L. Avery May 05, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please understand that Oceana Resorts and the one she is referring to Oceania Resorts is two entirely different companies. Oceana Resorts is a resort management company and Oceania Resorts is for Timeshares.

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  • Un
    Unclereeky Apr 14, 2009

    Whats the website? I have reservations at one of the Oceana Resorts in late August..I want to find out as much as I can before I get there?


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  • Tj
    TJH Apr 13, 2009

    I think you all are very childish. First off the lady that typed this article about TONI is a LIAR... When you take a timeshare presentation and you have a significate other statistically you wont buy without that other person present due to the nature of the beast, families just talk things over together before they can make any decisions like this, thus why the lady and her fiance both had to be present, in timeshare there are factors that make you qualify to take tours, must be married or cohab with something showing both names and the same address on them such as a checkbook or drivers licenses, or a single women, i know men sorry but statistically women love to vacation ment could usually care less, must make $50, 000 a year or more and have to sit for atleast a 90 min presentation. This man literally came in asking for his fiance and toni told him she was in the presentation after she stated she was SINGLE..Thats fraud and if you recieve gifts from a sales presentation on fraudulant information that is punishable by law, so would you rather be carted from kentucky in handcuffs or be honest tell the truth and stop being a broke moocher looking for free gifts. I know its lice to get free girfts but these sales people work for a living to, if your not gonna have an open mind whats the sence of wasting there time, what if I came into your work and wasted your time how would you feel? I know the whole circumstance that took place because I was the salesperson that she was sitting with when i asked her if she was single and she said YES and then her fiance and child show up 20 min into the presentation. Timeshare may not be the best way to go for BROKE people but if you like staying in nice places, with great amentities for very little money I would rush out and buy yourself one...So please tell the truth about your complaint rather then stretch it out and make your integrity fall through the roof...

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  • Nc
    NC Girl Apr 08, 2009

    I totally agree!! I was staying at a Myrtle Beach Hotel, when I received an unsolicited phone call stating the person was from "Guest Services" and asked me how I liked my stay in Myrtle Beach. Just for answering a few questions, I was promised "gifts" of a $100 check and 2 "vacations" with absolutely NO obligation (right!). All I needed to do was stop by the Oceania office to collect my gifts and I could be on my way. I overtly asked if this was a sales pitch and I was told no, all I was going to was an Open House. Against my better judgement, I decided to stop in.

    I was in no way told that this was going to be a presentation about Resort Time shares, however, when I walked in the door, I was asked to fill in paperwork with name address, occupation, marital status and how much money I earned (this part I refused to fill in). I was then taken back to a large room filled with other vacationers and sales people. Dan, the sales person assigned to me, started going through his overly practiced and fake-friendly sales pitch. When I didn't seem at all interested, he called in his "back up" a very large man I'll call Pete. Pete asked me straight out why I was here. I told him about the phone call to my room and how I was promised $100 and 2 "free" vacations for showing up. He said "didn't they tell you this was going to be a time share sales attempt". I stated "no, they did not". He then back-peddled and said "oh well, you see we hire a marketing team to call every hotel room in the area. Apparently, the marketing team did not tell you the truth."

    I simply stood up, called them a bunch of scammers and time-wasters, and strode out of the door. Shame on me for even giving them any consideration whatsoever.

    These idiots are very sneaky and will say anything to bring warm bodies through the door.

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