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OANVerizon phone bill scam

My mom found a weird service charge on her Verizon bill this month, for $9.51 being billed by OAN Services. OAN is listed on the bill as the clearinghouse for Cass Financial. Not knowing what this charge was, she called the number listed and found out that I had "ordered" an online storage system, which in fact I never did. She easily got them to cancel without the customer service rep even trying to talk her into keeping it. I called back myself and asked what website the online storage came from as I had never ordered it. I was told that the service is advertised on many websites so it's difficult to say, and I was given the web address for OAN. That's when I located this site after I Googled them. The whole thing seemed real shady to me, and I am hoping this problem has been solved. Check your bills! You never know.


  • Al
    Alex Mar 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    OAN charged about me $8 through Verizon bill for "operator assisted call" which was never made. I called OAN and first they did not want to credit the charge, but once I told them that googling "OAN fraud" brings up several hundred hits, they agreed. But I had to waste lots of time waiting for their operator to respond. From Verizon I learned that to way to prevent this kind of things is to ask Verizon not to provide billing services to a third party. By the way, in Verizon they've heard lots of complaints about OAN.

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  • Sj
    sjsthebean Jun 04, 2008
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    Telephone bill from Verizon, husband mentioned it had increased, AFTER he mailed the full payment. A review of the bill, by me, showed OAN Toll call of $5.39 plus *misc* chg of 1.65 and state tax of .36 for $7.50 total. I'd never heard of OAN. I called the tel number listed for OAN(Operator Assisted Network) and a person, informed me that *someone* used [protected] on May 5 to call for a business in Las Vegas, NV(What????) explaining that the business number was possibly not in used, and *someone*, as I said it wasn't us, must have seen the advertisement for OAN which would then locate the new number. NOT US. He is crediting the bill, and he had no knowledge of whether we'd been charged for this type charge before, he DIDN'T have that information.

    After reading previous posts I will do further research on this scam, IMHO

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  • Valerie Jul 02, 2008

    I'm writing because this company needs to be stopped. I received my bill in today's mail, and this is the first time I've ever seen this charge. The charge was for $14.95. Not that this charge will make me poor, but I have a long distance carrier with my current company.

    I would like to know how they can add a charge onto a bill that I never ordered any services from OAN. I will be contacting my phone company tomorrow, the BBB and possibly the FCC. I really don't know where to go from here, but this is ridiculous, and I for one, have had it with companies trying to take advantage of me.

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  • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

    I was charged $12.95 from this OAN so called service. I called my local phone company & complained. I needed to call OAN which I did. I was refunded the $12.95. I called my local phone service company and asked to have a BLOCK put on any add ons to my bill. They can do that and did so. I suggest that everyone do that because a few months before that I was charged by some ILD company. This is certainly an illegal & deceitful tactic by these rip off companies. PLEASE CALL YOUR PHONE CO. & ASK THEM TO BLOCK ADD ONS.

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  • An
    Anna Oct 10, 2008
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    I have talked to someone from this company before and I thought everything was taken care of. The charges that were on my account was to be waived and I still see a 13.22 charge on there. I want this removed and do not charge my account again. I know that these charges are not made because there was sites that were visited to make these charges.

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  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    So I saw their charges on my ATT bill and called them up immediately. They claimed we have subscribed their services by clicking one of them pop-up mail. I told them it's not true and what they did was freud. They said they would refund my $$ and stop the services.


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  • Ke
    Keith Oct 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had a similar problem with OAN adding a voice messenging mailbox setup fee to my verizon phone bill. I called verizon and all they did is transfer me to the OAN phone #. When I cancelled with OAN they said they will mail me a check refund. I demanded they credit my bill instead and informed them that what they did is fraud. They need to be stopped. Verizon reports to credit agencies and since I refuse to pay that portion of my bill (I was informed OAN credit will take 2 billing cycles) I'm afraid it will show up on my credit report as a late since the total bill wont be paid.

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  • Valerie Nov 20, 2008

    I tried to contact Juno Customer Services using Juno toll-free line. Was told Juno tech support would be charged at $1.95 per min.Juno was not able to help and said there would be no charge. Got switched to OAN and charged for 18 minutes, the length of time I was with Juno tech support @$2.76 per minute or $50.22. I disputed the charge by notifying Qwest and amt is to be removed. Have not heard from OAN.

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  • Il
    Illona Dec 24, 2008

    I was actually calling my phone company, for about the 7th or 8th time, for billing me more than they were supposed to. I have a bundle plan that seems to not show up on all my bills.

    It was the manager that I was talking to that asked me if I knew anything about the charges by OAN, GreenTree Inc. When I said no she first told me that she couldn't take those charges off & that I would need to call the 800 number to cancel the services & ask for a refund. After a few minutes the manager said that she would send the charges back to the company but that I would still need to call to cancel their services.

    When I called OAN they told me that I was the 1 who answered an E-mail & requested their services. She said that she would drop the charges & cancel my services. She also said that I supposedly signed up for an 800 number of my own & for voice mail services.

    I asked the woman from OAN why I would need an 800 or a separate service for voice mail when I already had unlimited long distance & voice mail on my phone. I also asked her if it made any sense that I knew nothing about having an 800 if I was the 1 who actually signed up. She repeated the E-mail address that I used to sign up but I told her that although I still have that address I don't use that address. She gave me my master E-mail address that I can not delete because it is the master account to my internet service, which I get through my phone company.

    I told her that even though I still have that account there is no way that I could have answered an E-mail where I ordered these services because I don't even use that account. I have been using a different E-mail address for awhile now.

    I don't know if this is a scam that all the different phone companies are in on but I was lucky enough to have gotten a manager that felt bad about all my billing problems over the last few months. She did first state that she did not have the power to take those charges off of my bill but then eventually said she was 'sending the charges back to the company'. Those were her exact words.

    Sadly, I don't remember the names of either person that I talked to. I honestly feel bad for the rest of you who haven't been able to get that money refunded to you. If nothing else the 800 number on your phone bill for this OAN company should help you cancel the services & future charges.

    I was lucky & found it after only 1 charge. If for some reason I get any more charges even after canceling the services & the phone company sending the charges back I will update this message.

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  • Mo
    moonlight Jan 31, 2009

    Just got my January bill form FairPoint Communications (Formerly Verizon) and a mysterious charge appeared from OAN - a $5.49 charge for directory assistance [protected] (directly dialed) for a total of $7.69. This was not authorized by anyone in this house, let alone the internet. I contacted OAN (via and registered my complaint. From the research in these postings, this is a highly suspiscious charge. I will be filing further complaints with the VT Attorney General, Fairpoint and the FCC if their solution is not satifactory. I will post their responses and my next steps. With all of the other choices of telephone carriers, wouldn't you think these companies (FairPoint, Verizon, AT&T) would be more careful with their customers?

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  • Fr
    Frexee Feb 27, 2009

    I also have a extra charge of 12.95 on my phone bill it shows up as an OAN and the charge is for said I had signed up for over the internet, which I never did.I wouldn't ever sign up for something like that.I did call them and it supposed to be taken off my bill.This is a load of crap, they know alot of people don't even look at their phone bill they just pay it, especially the elderly.My phone company is AT&T, they should know better!

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  • Ti
    TINA COPE Apr 13, 2009

    oan charging on phone bill unauthorized charges called company said taken care of they are still charging

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  • Ev
    Eve Apr 26, 2009

    I found charges on my phone bill from this company and I never ordered their services. I called them and talked to "Cynthia" who claimed I joined on 3-11-09. The charges on my bill were from 3-1-09 to 3-11-09, before they even claim I joined! She refused to do anything about it except she claims she closed the account, and she said she'll send my complaint to the supervisor. Yeah, sure. They have a rating with the Florida BBB of "F"! There are so many complaints about this company! Why aren't they closed down?

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  • Ho
    Hope1978 May 23, 2009

    I work for a telecommunications company and this company is one of many. It makes me sick as a consumer when I get these calls from my customers. PLEASE be extremely cautious when placing your number on the internet. You are agreeing to these things without even knowing it! Read disclosures of EVERYTHING before submitting!

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  • Li
    littledebbie8146 May 24, 2009

    This company has been charging me $48.65 month for something I have no knowledge of. I have never ordered anything from them and have never heard of them before. There are also charges from 2 other 'voicemail' companies: USBI & ILD. Both of those are for !$15.85 each. I was sondering why my phone bill got so high! I usually pay online and don't pay any attention to the bill. This is an outrage! They should not be able to do this.

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  • Do
    Donald VanZant May 24, 2009

    I had a similar situation appear on my telphone bill listing Voice Mail. I called AT&T and was told that it is called 'slamming'. I checked an 800 number on my bill listed with the voice mail charge. They had been charging me for nearly 6 months. After calling this company in Florida they agreed to refund the charges.

    Incidentally I have an answering machine and was never in need of Voice Mail. Check your phone bills every time and call up whenever you see a charge you don't recognize.

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  • Pe
    pepperpod Jul 02, 2009

    I too have been ripped off from this company! I was told my husband filled out something on the internet and they said he'd been sent e-mails that he could cancel in 72 hours. I asked why would he open up an e-mail from who he didn't recognize! This is a total rip off. They said it was for 411 services where I could locate restaraunts and directions. Outrageous. I can do this for free on teh internet.

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  • Me
    Meric Aug 14, 2009

    When I received my AT&T bill, I noticed it was higher than usual so when I looked, I saw it was a $15.00 charge from OAN. The bill stated that it was "Billed on Behalf of INSTANT 411, INC. Questions? Call [protected].07-15 INSTANT 411, INC-DIRECTORY ASST MO FEE14.95 Government Fees and Taxes 2.AL - State/Local Tax .90Total OAN Services, Inc. 15.85. First of all, the only service we get from AT&T is Intranet Services. We do not have a calling plan with them. So we would not be requiring OAN's services at all.

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  • Le
    leo4827 Sep 19, 2009

    I've got an OAN Services, inc. bill that I have to pay 13.79 and dont have a contract with them WHY DO I HAVE THIS on my bill
    i dont understand i need it removed

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  • Me
    Melinda Woliung Dec 06, 2009

    I have seen this site before. I am a single mother of two boys and can barely make ends meet now and this is the second or third month i have seen this on my bill. i have called and nothing has happened yet. I dont even own a computer, i just use a friends now and then

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  • Wi
    wildf76 Jan 23, 2010

    This company added charges to my phonebill without my knowlegde ot my knowing How they did it and they seem to be getting away with it . ATT is letting them add charges to anyones phonebill without thier knowledge as long as they have a phone number and a name !!

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  • Le
    L Eklund Jan 25, 2010

    I just received a $30 bill from OAN which I have never heard of on my local landline. Im very upset as out of a job and dont need the extra charges, how can I keep this from happening?

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  • Oa
    oan services Mar 03, 2010

    i am gettin false charges on my phone from oan servies for a voicemail that doesnt exist . how do i rid this company and others like it from my phone bill?

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  • Je
    jean j.ross Mar 10, 2010


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  • Me
    Menominee Mar 26, 2010

    Report any of these fraudulent problems by OAN to the FCC @ [protected]. They will help you file an official complaint and maybe get this company shut down and fined. I found a charge on my AT&T bill and this company insisted that I signed up, which I did not. A manager finally agreed to refund the two months' charges and discontinue my service with them. She actually e-mailed me a copy of what I was supposed to have signed up for electronically--they are calling it a letter of agency. My name, address and phone number are typed in on a computer format and my mother's maiden name says "Ramirez". However, my mother is 100% German with a 100% German name! Since I didn't believe that the OAN rep would actually take the charges off of my phone bill, I called AT&T and the rep was great! She took the charges off of my bill and gave me the number for the FCC to complain. She said that EVERY DAY each operator gets 15-20 calls complaining about this company's fraudulent activities!

    PLEASE do us all a favor and make an official complaint against OAN.

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