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Oaktree Realtors review: Poor property management!

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I hired Oaktree to manage my SF residence, an out of state owner over a 4 year period. They contracted to have annual reports with video and walk through to assure property maintenance. This never happened. They never informed me of tenants moving out and advertised "For Rent" with no knowledge. Family members in the area reported the For rent sign. The home was left in a disaster state. Tons of trash, doors stolen and reckless damage. The damage cost in excess of $10,000. When requests were made to show proof of inspections, none were on file. Poor communication, service and accountability. They never made an attempt to protect my property or go after tenants to recover costs of damage. I would never use them again or refer their service what so ever. How companies like this stay in business is beyond me.

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Oct 13, 2009 5:44 pm EDT

Janet Taylor said: "The home was left in a disaster state. Tons of trash, doors stolen and reckless damage."

The reality is that Oak Tree Realtors are “bottom feeders” when it comes to the quality tenants they attract. Consider for a moment their “non-refundable” cleaning fee. The fact that there is no return of this fee means that the type of tenant who would take care of the property is penalized by their fastidiousness. That "non-refundable" fee is in effect, license for the renters to leave a property like a pig’s sty. Not only that, but the fact that the property has after time, suffered a succession of uncaring, unclean people, means that the property’s condition cannot but deteriorate due to the cycle.

There is no reason to expect theft from your home, nor should you expect to suffer “reckless damage” in any event, but the fact that your home was left with trash and in filthy condition is a consequence of your having done business with such bottom feeders. I’ll’ bet you shopped for the cheapest price and settled for Oak Tree.

For the record, I do rent. I have looked at Oak Tree offerings and found them to be the type of properties one would expect to be owned by slumlords. Their rents are too high for the market, the properties are generally low quality and their pet deposits are the highest in the industry.

I prefer to rent from individuals who do not insulate themselves from their tenants by using property management companies. I keep a clean home, pay my rent on time and leave them in the same condition upon vacating as I found them. I could not in good conscience pay for cleaning, knowing that the company will most likely pocket the money for the job I have both paid for and completed myself.

Property management companies such as Oak Tree do not attract anything but poor quality renters, who by their payment of non-refundable cleaning fees, have paid for the right to leave your home filthy and trash filled.