O2Purbox mod trial kits


How can you people look in a mirror and not puke? I called the number advertised on tv I went to the web site
As you had claimed you were giving free box mods for only the cost of shipping and I fill out the form and wait but to my surprise I received 2 bottles of juice instead so I call and was instructed to redo my form and so I fill it out again and at the final stage I was rejected because I did not want to subscribe to your club thus expecting that this would be the end of it but to yet another surprise I get an alert on my debit card of a 25 dollar debit to my account and then a notice from o2pur that an order had been filled for a large bottle of juice and a coil and was being shipped to me

Now I ask you why was I rejected for the free mod box but was sent a coil and large bottle of juice that I had not ordered
What the hell am I gonna put the dam juice in and what the hell would I want with a coil?
This is a scam and I will make a lot of noise about this and will not rest until I see you prosecuted and shut down
Shame on you I had to close my bank account and now my direct deposit is messed up, a big inconvenience to me because of your shady practices
I will post this on every available place I can to expose you and make you accountable, a class action law suite
Is the minimal form of justice

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