Nuvell / National Autodisfunctional


Take my word stay away from Nuvel Finance or National Auto Finance. They will sell your loan off to another company change your loan number and charge you late fees and rip you off big time. I finally figured I would just sell the car.I sold it and I sent (by overnitght air) in 1 payments by certified check of $12, 000.00 and 1 check by phone of $3, 997.00. When I called up to get a fax confirmation on the pay off of the account and a document that would have payoff and vin number for the buyer to see that with there check and mine the note was fulfilled. It turned into pure hell. Nuvell sent me to National Auto Finance, National Auto Finance sent me to JP Morgan Chase, JP Morgan Chase sent me to GMAC, GMAC sent me to a web site, The web site sent me back to National Auto Finance. All of these company looked up my information with the same account # and they all had employees that could barley speak english. I would almost swear that in 2 days of trying to get a document with pay off for the vehicle including the VIN# there was 1 lady that answerd GMAC call and Nationals call. I Still don't have the info. I'm sure I'll get charged all kind of fees from there unorganized buisness practices, or maybe they are very organized and just ripping us all off.

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