Nubodi / Colon CureTerrible service!


I ordered the sample bottle and was supposed to be given 14 days to cancel further shipment. In less than 14 days, my checking account was debited for an additional shipment which was supposed to be a 45 day supply. I then received another 30 day supply instead. After numerous attempts to talk to someone on the phone, I was allowed to leave a message. I asked them to cancel further shipments and either send the 15 day supply that I had payed for or refund the entire amount. Instead, my account has again been debited for another 45 day supply when I have just started on the second bottle.


  • Na
    Nancy Davis Feb 05, 2008

    I ordered this product, trusting that their guarantee would be honored. It's called colon cure,If you don't like the product you can call in and cancel auto shipment of this product. You have14 days to cancel. I received it on 1/22/08. The product hurt my stomach, on the 1/28/08 I called the company cancellation # 1-801-208-7485. Busy, busy and then the phone hangs up.

    I have made several attempts on 1/30/08, 1/31/08,2/01/08, 2/04/08 busy, no respond. How can you cancel if you can't get in contact with the company. Their number is always busy or not working properly. Consumers be aware of this company.

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  • Gl
    Glenda Spillman Feb 06, 2008

    I too have tried 1/4/2008 and 1/5/2008 and 1/6/2002 to contact someone at that number. I am toying with the idea of just canceling my credit card and having a new one issued for this reason.
    I did get an answer on the phone once but it was a recording telling me to call back that they were experiencing a high volume of callers. Well, I kept trying to call back and cannot get an answer. I am now trying to write to them and try to get a response.

    What else can I do?

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  • Br
    Brandy Fuller Feb 12, 2008

    I also ordered the trial and did not even receive it until the 14th day. I tried to cancel the same day, when I discovered it was on an autoshipment but was unable to get anyone on the phone. The company was then closed all weekend and I was finally able to cancel on Monday morning. That same morning I saw the funds had been taken out of my bank on Saturday - while they were closed and before my trial period was up. I have since been trying to contact the company and have not been able to.... BEWARE!!! By the way, the product did not work.

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  • Em
    Emily Seelig Feb 13, 2008

    I cannot believe that there are more people than myself running into this problem. I called and left a VM with this company asking to be cancelled the day after I ordered the free trial. I had read the fine print saying there was a 14 day period where I would be able to cancel without paying the $84.00 to keep recieveing the product and was concerned. Everyday after I called and either recieved a lines are busy recording, a busy signal or was put on hold while there was a count down of how many people were in front of me waiting to be talked to. Once I reached the prompt that I was next in line, I was hung up on, this happened four more times, I am still unsure what to do at this point there seems to be no contact information for this annonymous company of fraudulent people.

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  • Da
    Dainah Kent Feb 15, 2008

    I too have been scammed with this Nubodi company. First of all, I placed and order online on 1/24/08 and it stated that my free trial offer will be sent with just $3.95 for shipping and handling. That was the amount I was looking for to come out of my account. However, on 2/11/08 I saw a debit on my account in the amount of $89.31. I still have not received anything from this company. I have tried to call but like all the others I cannot reach a soul. I already closed my debit card and will be receiving a new number and i filed a fraudulent withdrawal complaint with my bank. It is so sad that there are so many scams out there that take advantage of so many people. I hope that all who have made this purchase take the same steps I did in getting this resolved. As I mentioned, I haven't received anything yet!

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  • Mi
    michelle Feb 20, 2008

    I had the same thing happen. Did you ever get through? Did they charge you again after that initial $87 + dollars?

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  • Bl
    Blissangel Mar 10, 2008

    Me too!! I can't believe there are this many complaints about this company!!!! And how people can work for these companies knowing that they are scamming people!!!

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  • Da
    David Montgomery Apr 23, 2008

    This company is a total rip off. Is there a lawyer out there looking for a good class action suit?

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  • Wc
    w.c.betts Jun 01, 2008

    Nubodi colon cure is a bogus product advertised on the internet. They have ripped off many many people. Sample product did nothing to my colon but constipate me. Tried to send back the unopened bottle for a refund. They don`t give refunds. They charged my debit card 5 minutes after i said i want to cancel, 90.00 dollars. I had to canceled my card and get a new number.

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  • Sh
    Shana Brooks Jun 02, 2008

    I ordered the trial bottle and got it 17 days later, and yes, on the 14th day my bank account had been debited $89.13. Unlike the others, I was able to get someone on the phone (#801-208-7485). I called 3 times and talked to 3 diffrent people. The 3rd and final thing I was told was that they put an authorization on my account to be refunded, BUT I must wait to receive the monthly supply bottle, and at my own expense, ship it back to them with a tracking #. Not to mention, the long distance phone charges I'll have to pay, as it was not a 1-800 #! I'm thinking about contacting a national news chain to expose these scammers!

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  • Di
    disbelievedandstressedout Jun 03, 2008

    PEOPLE!!! what is up with this company! I also ordered the free trial on my debit card; not for myself but for my mother and was fine with the #3.95 charge. Well, my mom recieved the free sample and not even a week later there is a $89.31 charge on my account. What the F? I've been having problems with them for about 2 months. I finally got a tracking for the returned package from my Post office and have emailed them the scanned sheet and a very long letter about how upsetting their people are. At one point I asked to talk to a manager and they told me one wasn't available!! Again, what the F? Something needs to be done about this. This is ridiculous. Above all the product didn't even work!!

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  • Te
    teres64 Jun 11, 2008

    I did get thur I was on hold for 25min and finly got a real person and a confirmation number. I did get my cc to credit back the charges for 2 bottles and yes it is a rip off and they do not tell you about how much the monthly cost is.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Jun 12, 2008

    On 2/08 I ordered the sample $3.95. I was so worried about getting the future monthly charges, I called and cancelled my order before I even picked up the product sample from my P.O. box. On 2/20, I spoke to a man for 7 minutes and cancelled everything. And to be certain, I called back immediately to make sure I was truly "cancelled", and it was confirmed. My account was officially "closed" in their system, and no shipments were pending to be sent.

    Yet one month later (March 2008), much to my dismay, I was charged $89.31 anyways. So I called them, but hung up thinking I would rather deal with this problem through my bank. My bank did a chargeback and I thought it was over. Not a chance.

    Then, in April, I got charged another $89.31. And again, I had my bank issue another chargeback. I decided to call Colon Cure and ask why they kept charging me for this product when I clearly cancelled two months ago. I spoke to a very rude man who informed me the account had never been cancelled at all. I told him many times within our 10-minute conversation that I did indeed call and cancel. Further, I made him aware that I had only received the $3.95 sample... so why has my account been deducted two $89.31 charges for something I never received? He told me to send back the product, if and when I received anything.

    Coincidentally, I did receive a box within a few days after I spoke to him. I never opened it. Instead, I took it right up to the customer service desk at the United States Postal Office. She crossed out my name and wrote in big bold letters "RETURN TO SENDER". I initialed the box and off it went, back to the company. Once again, I thought this nightmare had ended.

    Now, my bank is reversing these two $89.31 chargebacks. And when I called my bank to ask why, they told me I never called in the time allowed to cancel. I absolutely DID, and I have the phone records to prove it (February). The bank also informed me that Colon Cure gave them 2 tracking numbers that proved I received the product. So I took the initiative to actually track these "shipments" myself (since my bank didn't care to do the leg work). The first tracking number was for the $3.95 sample; the 2nd was for the returned box! I have accepted nothing but the $3.95 sample box, yet they are getting away with charging me almost $190 for one box that was sent back and another that never arrived at all! Further, they answered the chargeback case with just two tracking numbers, not three! And the first tracking number has nothing to do with these two $89 charges, as it was the initial $3.95 sample only. The other tracking number given I never received, as it was unopened and instantly returned to the sender. They answered the chargeback complaint with one tracking number that was not related and another tracking number that never even left the post office.

    I do not have either $89.31 shipment from this company, only the $3.95 sample. They obviously did NOT cancel my account when I called back in February (and confirmed immediately after). Rather, they continued to charge me. I immediately returned the ONE box that did arrive (as instructed by Colon Cure in April). They answered my chargeback complaints with bogus tracking numbers and my bank failed to recognize this, reversing the charges back to the company. Therefore, Colon Cure has officially stolen both unauthorized $90 charges and I have neither of those two shipments. Further, they have "no signature on file"... as I certainly never signed anything. I had closed my account months before! And of course, I did an internet search yesterday and found dozens of rip-off complaints by this company!

    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau... as I am far from done with this. I want a full refund and I want this company shut down.

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  • Jo
    John J Cislo Jun 21, 2008

    My complaint is the same as all the others.
    These people operate in three States, FL, UT and NV
    Billing from UT and shipping from Fl yet they all
    use the same phone number

    This situation begs for a Class Action suite.

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  • Th
    THEODORE R PEARL Jun 24, 2008

    I sent an e-mail for a free trial of this company's Colon Cure. This did not say anything about charging my credit card except fir the 14.00 trial. As of this date they have charged my credit card for two months at 89.00. I thing this purely fraud. I have called several times to no avail.

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  • Ch
    charleen Jul 01, 2008

    I had the same problem. But I finally got thru to some one and he has assured me it is cancelled. I had to change my bank card number . Hopefully I will no longer recieve anymore problems.

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  • Ge
    George Jul 15, 2008

    I don't how my wife got in touch with these people. Anyway our account has just been charged $89.31 a week ago. I been trying to reach them but to no avail. Their # is from Utah and it keeps ringing no answer or they hang up. I will be filing a complaint with the Better bussiness Bureau and FTC as soon as possible and I will see if the bank can reverse the charge. Buyer beware!

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  • Ka
    karen leblanc Jul 16, 2008

    This company scammed me too. I contacted the BBB as well. I canceled my order 3 days after I received the trial. They sent out a bottle anyway and i received it 2 days after i canceled. what happened to the 14 day trial? I was told to send it back and get a tracking number and call them back. I did but it took a very long time to get through. I'm going to my bank in the morning to make sure they do not let any more payments get charged. This company is disgusting and I want my money and this company shut down. The owner should be charged and should go to prison for this.

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  • Be
    Bettina Hehe Aug 29, 2008

    I agree, I ordered their product about a year ago when I lived in California, not only did I NOT get the product in the mail, but when I cancelled they had already hit my account for two months $83 and change times two. Luckily I was able to report to my bank that I had not authorized the charges and my bank took that to battle, and reversed the charges for me. What a scam!

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  • Di
    Diane Sep 20, 2008

    I also ordered the free sample at $3.95 no problem. I then called and canceled the trail offer they still charged my account for $89.31. I called and spoke to a rude man who hung up on me. I then called right back they said I had to send back the package certified mail which I did got the tracking number as they told me to called them they said they wouldn't do anything until they recieved the package. I have since made over 8 calls and they just keep saying my account has been processed and it will be 14 days until Isee my money I told them it took them less then an hour to take my money why do I have to wait. So far it has been a month and no money back yet. They are a rude and corrupt company. I would never deal with them again. Also upon recieving the sample it wasn't as they had advertised on the web. I also asked for a manager and it seems that this company has none. I will keep on this as many honest people are getting ripped off by them.

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  • Br
    Bryandi Oct 01, 2008

    I'm currently going through the exact same problem as everyone else with this company first it was the 3.95 I canceled and I charged 89.31 and then I just checked my account and there is a 8.91 charge and I really think they meant to charge the 89.31 again so I will be cancelling my card also, Oh and if anyone knows about a class action lawsuit or have any idea how we can shut them down please post it because with this many complaints there has to be something we can do about this Freaking situation good bye and good luck to all.

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  • Te
    Ted Oct 28, 2008

    Companies engaging in such fraudulant tactics should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law-- and those who elect to engage in such fraud should be delt with by the authorities.
    Where is our government to protect us against such avaricious fraudulant conduct? Why can't our system cleanse itself from these leeches?
    This is a shame to even exist in our "civilized" society!

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  • Di
    disappointed Feb 04, 2009

    As well as everyone else... I ordered the stupid pills! Before I got them I had a charge on my account for 89.31 that I didn't recognize... I went to the bank and they told me what it was for and gave me a number to call and cancel... In front of the bank manager I called from my cell phone (on speaker phone). And they heard them hang up on me 3 times & heard the 4th time when I demanded to talk to a manager they refused... At that point the manager changed my card number and credited my account back all of what they took out... Remember this is all BEFORE I got the pills in the mail!!!
    They won't cancel any accounts! No matter what you try or who you talk to.. Someone else told me that a "manager" talked to her from the company saying they were gonna cancel and never did!

    So everyone please be careful... These people are cons!

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  • Ap
    aprilmarie21 Apr 15, 2009

    I went through the same process as everyone else...ordered the trial sample online, got charged $3.95, tried to cancel before being charged again, but was charged $89.31. When I called (and finally got through ) to someone, I was told to sent the "unwanted" bottle back. I decided to keep it and never reversed the charges...I chalked it up to my stupidity for trying something that sounded to good to be true.

    But here's part two: Has anyone noticed if the directions or nutritional information is different on the bottles? I noticed it, and I also noticed the expiration and (I'm assumin) lot numbers are the same even though I received the bottles a month apart.

    Sounds fishy to me! Just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to how much of a scam this really is.

    Just as others have mentioned, if there is anytime of class action suit, please post any information here!

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