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Sh Oct 01, 2019

I am submitting a complaint regarding service that was performed on my vehicle that resulted in a failed transmission and thousands of dollars in maintenance fees. I have submitted a claim through NTB's third party ‘Segwick.' My claim was denied, which I will be appealing. The report provided by and the Honda dealership that my car was towed to when it broke down five days after NTB performed work on my vehicle, both show that my CVT transmission failed due to negligence of the NTB. The Honda dealer reports that the transmission plug was not returned, but laying on the transmission, causing the fluid to evaporate/leak out and ultimately causing the transmission to blow.

On the day my car was serviced, the oil was changed, battery changed, air filter checked, fluids topped off, etc. Five days later, on the way to a wedding, my car broke down. When calling to inform NTB, they insisted that they don't check transmission fluids. The transmission fluid plug was not replaced and I indeed, did not go under the hood. That is why I take my car to NTB.

I have been taking my car to NTB since I purchased it in dec 2014. It is a 2015 and has never given me issues, or missed a service check. My car was never in an accident and was in great shape when I took my car to NTB on telegraph rd in Virginia. I owned a Honda before purchasing this HONDA and it went for 300k miles before I decided to purchase this car, so for this car to fail on me for no reason I'd bazaar.

The fact that my claim has been denied, without satisfactory investigation or consideration and the fact that NTB is refusing to accept responsibility really frustrates me, especially since I've been a loyal customer for 5+ years. I've incurred thousands of dollars in service charges, Uber fees, rental car fees, etc and this has caused me to develop a distaste for NTB.

The Segwick representative was also unprofessional and very curt . She refused to call or provide her supervisor information.

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