NSI Red Yeast Rice - 600 mg.product has different appearance


I've ordered Red Yeast Rice from Vitacost for several years. The last shipment I received was remarkably different in appearance. I received this email from the customer service rep. My instincts still tell me that this is not red yeast rice. Is there anyway I can see the lot number testing that was done?

Your question to us:
You have said that it is very dark more like black pepper with lighter tan colored specks, and are concerned since it is so different than the older formulation we used to have. It is OK to use?
Our answer!
Red yeast rice raw material varies in color, so when it is encapsulated the colors can be different from previous batches. This lot number was tested and meets all the characteristics of the product.
We hope that this has answered your questions.
If you have any other product questions, please feel free to contact our customer service staff once again…….have a good day!
"Peter Oliphant" <[protected]>


  • Vi
    Vitacost Jul 30, 2012

    I would be more than happy to check and see if I can obtain those details for you! Please email me the lot number in question as I don't have the information you provided to the initial rep at this time. You can email me that lot number as well as the product number at [email protected] and I will get that for you ASAP!

    Catherine C.
    Social Media CSR

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