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they sucker people into paying $25o to weed out uninterested people. guarantee 80% people funding. they said my interview was inspiring and could not wait to business with me. my business proposal was outstanding and no reason to be turned down ater waiting and waiting calling and emailing hundreds of times they finally said i didnt ask for enough money and that they would be willing to provide 25% after i find another fund lender. but they told me if they couldnt fund me the whole thing they have other sister funders that would fund for me now all of a sudden i have to find funding. it is a total scam they need to be shut down before they scam others. they lie and never call you back. i very upset and someone needs to stop this. they are ripping people off and needs to stop


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      Jul 03, 2009

    Sherry –

    It is not that uncommon for an Investor or Lender Organization to only be willing to fund part of your funding. This is to reduce risk in an investment portfolio of loans and investments. In addition, it also insures the economical feasibility of your business to have all the necessary funds in place before you execute your business plan.

    Given the current banking climate, maybe you should be grateful that one investor organization found value in your business opportunity and is willing to participate.

    Respectfully…. you obviously don’t have any other lender or investors, which raises questions and doesn’t speak well for the real validity of your business opportunity.

    Just one lady's opinion!

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