NPG Cable CompanyBilling

My bill is so confusing and after upgrading and moving I was told since I was upgrading I would not have to pay additional fees...On my bill were 2 installation fees totaling 38.95. THey only would refund $13.95. They said I didn't have to pay a security deposit but would have to pay an installation fee. THEN, my next bill the services raised $20.00 in cost, when I had a six month service of $49.95...and there was a security fee of $20, I called them and they had no explanation for the added $20 and wouldn't change it and said that I have to pay the security fee and I have no installation charges and that is why I have to pay a security and you always have to pay a security...THEY ARE RIDICULOUS AND I WILL BE CONTACTING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL ON THEM. If a person were to do this we would be charged with theft, conspiracy and whatever else...when a business does it isn't a crime! RIDICULOUS!

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