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Sep 18, 2014

I DID read the details of the terms on the website... 1) the 3 day trial - you are NEVER going to get your reward. You have to enter address info and receive a letter in the MAIL to verify said address... this takes longer than the 3 day trial. So, I decided, as I was already starting to... / Unauthorized withdrawal of 60. 00

Aug 19, 2014

Hi Sixty pounds was taken from my account without authorization after visiting the above website. They offered certain items for a £1 each, this is when i gave my details to purchase them They proceeded to take £60.00 instead of the £2.00 stated on their web page Their website offer/prize popped up... / Unauthorized credit card charges

Jul 21, 2014 has taken a total of $215.00 from our credit card without authorization, 1 charge for 1.00 2 charges within a credit card statement for $107.00 each We did not respond to a Internet ad We did not receive an email confirming the one dollar charge When we call and write the company... / Cannot cancel trial subscription - can't log on to their web site to do that

Jun 24, 2014

After signing for a trial membership with this Internet outfit, I tried, within the allotted three days to cancel this trial membership before being charged $99 for a full month subscription, I find that I cannot access their web site in any way today. Nor do I have a phone number to reach... / Want to cancel subscription

Jun 11, 2014

I tried for a tablet, but I DO NOT have that kind of money so since it has been less than the trial period, I want to cancel this subscription and want no more from this site. My e-mail I used was Lisa.[protected] / no prize and illegal cc charge

Jun 09, 2014

received email asking me to fill out a customer survey for Walmart and stating that I woul receive an Android tablet with Wi-Fi for $1.00 I filled out the survey and was taken to who took my credit card info, promising to charge only the $1.00 they initially said they would... / Fake charge and no prize

May 18, 2014

I saw the ad of the website This website offered to fill survey and got prizes for it. I filled survey and I needed to pay only $3 in order to get my prize, but after that they charged me for $89.99. I sent them many emails, but no reply. All their ads and surveys are...