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S Nov 14, 2019 Review updated:

Novartiz techventures gives a job for typing 1400 applications in 10 days. I will spend 7 hrs daily and do.. But my computer was gone crash so I told the admin that I cant do work they said ok but now their advocate call and said to pay the utility fees. So u should pay money... I'm a student I cant pay money.. Soo the advocate will send notice and they send they file a complaint about not paying money and all. Please help me. And teach them lesson soo that no one obeys them and waste their time and money...

  • Updated by samarth asangi · Nov 14, 2019

    sir I am a student I cant pay that amount and that is also is digital


  • Cm
    CMP OF UNIVERSE Nov 26, 2019

    same problem I face and today a lawyer call me to send 4700 to novartiz techventures account what should i have need to do now kindly help me

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  • Na
    nan_ce ta_lom Feb 04, 2020

    @CMP OF UNIVERSE Did you pay the amount

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