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We travelled from Frankfurt to new Delhi on dated 28 June 2019. By KU172. and KU383. when we reached newDelhi on dated 29 June 2019 at 6.21 am, we told by Kuwait officials that your luggage is left in Kuwait due to some reason, you submit claim. We did it. After two days... our luggage was sent by a person. When we checked our luggage, we surprised that one of the four bags.. was opened and hoverboard was missing... also four bed sheets missing from it. Asking the person.. he did not have any satisfactory answer. He talked to a person in Delhi... and asked us to talk. He said that this had been done by custom officials. our tag no. We're ku030641, 030614, 030677, 030662. we put it in
remarks column also. This gave shock to all of our family. It was so disgusting. pl enquire about it and arrest the culprits. And return our articles of worth cost app. 200 euro

Nortok E Scooter N6
Nortok E Scooter N6

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    PL gave response

Jul 06, 2019

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