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I made a reservation for three people on a Delta flight, and received confirmation emails from Delta. However, I received check-in reminders from Northwest AND Delta, making me think that I accidentally booked the flights twice. I clicked on links in each of the emails and they led me to 2 DIFFERENT flight confirmation numbers, and 2 DIFFERENT flight numbers, one on Delta and one on Northwest. I freaked out a bit more. I know that Delta and Northwest were in the process of a merger so I called them and they sweetly told me that all that info was indeed for EXACTLY the same flight. I tried to convince them that this was very confusing and more than a little anxiety provoking but they didn't see it as a problem. I called a few more phone numbers that they told me to call to formally complain, but alas, each number was the 'wrong' one to do this, so I am just complaining here on


  •   Mar 05, 2008
    Northwest Airlines - Awful airlines!
    Northwest Airlines
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    My first ever journey with NWA came out to be a bitter experience. Let me just narrate the story in short. I started from Seoul to Detroit by NWA flight on 18th of Feb 2017. the ticket was booked few weeks in advance with all iterinary and meal preferences confirmed. After flight took off Incheon airport, the flight attendant came with polite smile and told me your meal is confirmed. And she wished me a good flight. But to my wonder when actual food came with VGML label and my name on tray, what i found inside the tray there was full bowl of Chicken which was later confirmed by same attendant. though the label was confirming food to be VGML. Attendant said she doesn't have any replacement for this, however she tried to help me with food from business class which again was not vegetarian. My journey was 15 hours long and such careless treatment and that too my first ever journey with NWA, i got shocked. To put more salt on my wound she offered me vouchers of 10$ , so that I can go and eat after 15 hours of flight, till then I was expected to remain starved.

    With this experience I have decided never to travel by NWA again in my life. I often use European , gulf or other wonderful Asian airlines like SIA, cathay, Asiana. It made me feel that these north American based airlines are just pathetic as I heard in terms of customer service. On top of that she didn't give me any feedback form and advised me to go and check website to login my comments.

    Vegetarians please beware that you are not in good hands if you ever want to travel by NWA for long haul flights. other observations I made in terms of dirty restrooms, aged attendants, limited food, limited drinks(that too if you pay separate for drinks), broken headphones. of course the leased smiles on the faces were bit of air in desert.

    Hope such airlines do wonderful business by ripping off their customers who has little or least respect for vegetarians. Would you like to travel by NWA after reading by terrible experience. Good bye NWA, you don't get my business, I would take normal Asia or Europe based airlines who treat me as normal passenger with respect.

    Finally after lot of trouble and miserable journey after 2 weeks I got a reply from their customer service and she said this concern has been forwarded to director food service. This airline is a big joke specially when you fly over different continents. Please steer clear from this airlines, else you will loose your peace of mind plus you will starve, probably you might get some vouchers as compensation of your starvation and lip service from their customer service agents. I feel these kind of airlines cannot be competent and hence their business. It makes them one of worst airline to fly.

    Vegetarian just be alert that they would call your meal preferences as very special dietary need, as you don't eat dead animals however you may be vegetarian from your birth which is nothing special. This airline is hardly educated enough to even respect vegetarian customers. They don't deserve our business.
    Just avoid by all means if you do not want too loose your peace of mind.

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      May 09, 2008
    Northwest Airlines - over weight lugage charges
    KLM under Northwest airlines
    Aguadilla PR
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    In 2017 i planed trip to europe, purchase tikets on line, Aguadilla to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Prague, separately, because i was planinng to spend 2 weeks in Amsterdam on my way back.
    In Aguadilla I was charged $85 for ower weight, by Continental airlines. When I try to check in Amsterdam for my flight to Prague, the flight was with KLM, I was told by the young lady, that I have to pay Euro 1100.00 for my overweight or leave lugage behind. I was feeling bad from the long trip, and see no hep, so i did charget to my Visa, $1300.00, the charge.
    Later i was tod that plane was just comuter flight. When I returned home I send letter to northwest airlines., comaining about this. Nortwest did return letter that al was done right and I have no reason to complain.
    I like to worn all travelers from this problem. When you are on the airport by yoursef, they do what ever thay can to get money from you.

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  •   Jul 17, 2008
    Northwest Airlines - NWA would not make any effort contact the agent who handled the original booking
    Northwest Airlines
    United States

    Called NWA for a bereavement fare. Agent quoted $419 and I booked the flight in good faith. Received email confirmation and fare listed was $728.

    Confirmation #3REP3S.

    Called NWA and after more than an hour on hold and talking to 4 different people including a supervisor I was told that the agent made an error and they would not offer me the lower fare. The only option was a slightly lower fare if I returned the following day or take a refund, take it or leave it.

    NWA would not make any effort contact the agent who handled the original booking.

    In following up with a travel agent I was able to find a slightly lower fare for the exact same itinerary, which NWA didn't take the time to check or offer me as an option.

    Apparently, they think that people who have suffered a death in the family just won't notice this bait and switch tactic and the increased fare.

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  •   Dec 01, 2008
    Northwest Airlines - Denied me a ticket
    Northwest Airlines
    7500 Airline Drive
    United States

    I bought a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Mumbai (India) via Amsterdam for Feb 12 2017. I missed my first flight from Chicago to Amsterdam due to a snowstorm in Chicago and traffic backups. So I spoke to the manager at Chicago. He informed me that for a $200 charge, I could use the ticket to fly from Chicago to Mumbai later. I bought a one way ticket on another airline to Mumbai and returned on KLM as previously planned.

    When I tried to redeem my one way ticket that I had not used from Chicago to Mumbai, KLM said that since my return ticket was already used up, the unused ticket that I thought I still had from Chicago to Mumbai was INVALID. The customer service representative on phone went on to add that "she didnt know how they let me board the return flight and I should be happy for it". Before getting on my return flight to Chicago, I had even called up the KLM office to reconfirm the ticket and they did so. If they care to check their phone records, they'll find this is true.

    They will not honour my ticket that I paid for, accept that it's the fault of someone who belongs to their airline in India and still refuse to do anything about it. This is much more serious than bad service. I am outraged at the service they have provided to me and at the customer service representative I spoke to on phone, who even yelled at me.

    It just makes me feel cheated that an airline so blatantly denies me what I paid for.

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      Jun 14, 2009
    Northwest Airlines - Beat out of tickets 3 times
    United States

    I have been jilted 3 different times by NORTHWEST... The first time I lived in Houston, TX. and booked a flight to Minnesota to attend a funeral.. Was sent to wrong airport at rush hour.Was given a voucher to use within one year. I was diagnosed with M.S. a while later. Needless to say I was jilted ... NO MONEY== NO FLIGHT..Again, bought ticket to fly from Minnesota to Beaumont, Texas to see a friend who was on death bed. Never made it... NO MONEY===NO FLIGHT.. A friend bought me a ticket to fly from Minnesota to Houston, TX. There was a bad SNOW STORM. I called the airline, to see if flight was still going. I has to drive 4 hours to get to airport. Was told to cancel and re-book. Which I did.. When I went to re-book, I was only given $99.00 off a flight... ONCE MORE NO MONEY++++NO FLIGHT...

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      Jul 29, 2009
    Northwest Airlines - No cust. service
    Northwest Airlines
    United States

    For the past 4 years my husband and I have been trying to plan a trip to italy, but due to ill parents were unable to do so. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to use my worldperks miles towards our trip. The receptionist at worldperks was very helpful and courteous. He was able to assign isle seats for both my husband and myself and gave me a choice of a return flight on the 17th or the 20th of October. I chose the 17th, and he said that if I changed my mind I could just call back. I called back within the day and changed the return date to the 20th. When I received our flight confirmations my husband had an assigned seat and I had none. When I wrote Northwest Airlines, they stated that when you change flights your seats are no longer guaranteed. Had I been informed of that I certainly would have made a different choice. She further stated that is designed to give you the best available seat choices. So let me see if I understand...I'm on a transatlantic flight, with no
    assigned seat, but I will have all these wonderful choices when I check in 24 hours before departure. Clearly NOrthwest Airlines is not in thee business of customer service!!!

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      Jul 29, 2009

    I've been trying to book a round trip flight from DTW to BOD; until November 18th it is possible to get Northwest Airlines 8113 operated by Air France -- AF 7625 from BOD to CDG, after that the co-branding disappears, only AF 7625 displays at 10;40AM.

    So I filled out the form at NW site--with a reply that says all the NW seats must be filled after the 18th; called customer care, same non-response. Emailed Northwest.[protected] with this reply:
    Thank you for contacting Customer Care.

    Matters of this nature are best handled by one of our International
    Reservations Sales Agents. You may contact them toll-free at
    [protected]. They will be happy to assist you.

    Again, Mr. Klein, thank you for writing. We hope to welcome you onboard
    a future Delta Air Lines flight.


    Michelle Mohr
    Customer Care
    Northwest/KLM/Delta Air Lines

    Northwest Airlines is now part of Delta Air Lines

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      Sep 10, 2009
    Northwest Airlines - FLIGHT ATTENDENT
    500 Shelton Beach rd
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On a flight from Memphis Tn to Mobile Al i ask the flight attendent for coffee, when she was passing out drinks she respondes, the coffee pot was broken, then i ask for hot tea she responded we don't have any. I and several other passingers commented she was just lazy-- Well thets what i was drinking and didn't have any trouble on the flight befor getting what i wanted to drink, whats the problem?? Also, i decided to do some coraspondencs and write some cards to my grandchildren, well the light wouldn't work, when i ask the flight att. about it she tried the light and said well it diesn't work does it, i ask to move to another seat where i could have a light, she told me i couldn't do that!! Well there were alot of empty seats, i think this flight att. had a problem. And it was a night flight so i did wan't a light on.

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      Dec 10, 2009
    Northwest Airlines - Awful experience
    Northwest Airlines
    United States

    I tired to book a new trip to Japan using the "World Perks" miles I had earned in the 90's with Northwest Orient I had over 20K miles. It is not yearly I can go to Japan but I am going this year so I called NWA to use my miles. I was told my miles were gone! They said they sent me a travel voucher in 1998 that was only valid for 1 year. Well I never remember getting a voucher and now my miles are gone and I am screwed. I called Northwest Oreint and was told too bad your miles are gone and there is nothing you can do about it. So flyers beware of mileage programs seems if you wait too long your screwed and out what you earned! Needles to say i will not fly with them again! Boo Hiss as far as I am concerned the Wolrd Perks Program should be called "World Piss" because thats what it amounts to!

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      Dec 14, 2009
    Northwest Airlines - Absolutely unacceptable customer service
    Northwest Airlines
    United States

    On a Scuba vacation to Florida, NWA lost my luggage with my scuba gear in it. I reported the lost immediately. I was lied to about the whereablouts of my luggage. They did not want to pay for rental of scuba euqipment, they were jerks about what I could spend even though all my clothes was in my luggage. I spent the 5 days without my luggage. They gave me $180 reimbursement. That's all! I called several times and sent emails and they do not respond!! I filed a reimbursement form after 5 days- I have not heard anything from NWA. It has been a month since they lost my luggage and I have not heard anything. That is absolutely unacceptable customer service. They lost my luggage.

    I am appalled at their behavior!

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