Northern Power GroupFraud and scam


Bill Rego of Norther Power Group is a Con Artist! He did work on our home, and seemed to be very nice and accommodating. But after the first week, we had problems. His workers, when they did show up were unskilled, boozers and drug fiends. He kept telling us he would replace them, but never did.

He kept telling us he needed money to have materials delivered. We paid him, and they never were delivered. And then made excuses for the next few weeks, and then just disappeared. We had to totally rip down and redo every thing he and his company did. I did some research and he is not licensed in Ma or RI. And has many leins, judgments against him. DO NOT, let him near your home. He has more stories than a library, and is just a CROOK!

The gut next store had him work on his house at the same time, and also got ripped off. He even offered to hire him and pay him big bucks to help him manage his company, just to stop him from reporting him. I have found 2 other local homeowners who he has also ripped off.

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