Nordstrom Rack Niagara Falls Blvd Amherst NYpoor customer service


I went into the nordstrom rack store on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the amherst ny location. I went in the store to return a bag, the tag was attached and I had my receipt and I had both my cards that I paid for the item with. I paid $114.47 on my visa debit card, and I paid over $190 on my nordstrom credit card. All I wanted was for my item to be refunded in the same form of payment that I made at the time of purchase, and the blonde girl working the counter got very nasty with me. She was unknowledged and she didn't know how to refund me in the original form of payment that I made, then she called up some black girl to the counter and they were both staring at me and whispering back and fourth to eachother. The blonde girl then put a sensor on the bag that I was returning before she even did my return and when they didn't know how to refund both of my cards in the form of payment I made I told them I wanted my bag and my receipt back and she tried handing me the bag with the sensor still attached to it that she had put on it, and I told her to take the sensor off and give me my receipt and my plastic bag and both my debit and nordstrom card. I asked 3 times to speak to a manager and she claimed the manager was at lunch even though it was already almost 6pm, so I highly doubt she was at lunch. And the blonde girl claimed she was an assistant manager but yet she was unknowledged and didn't know how to do my transaction in my 2 forms of payment I made so I find it hard to believe she was anything higher than a sales girl. Then my mom who was sitting in the car ended up calling the store and asked to speak with a manager and the manager said oh yea bring it in no problem. Then after my mom got in the store she said the manager came out from the backroom and gave my mom an attitude then the black girl ended up calling 2 little rent a cop wannabe security guards that looked like they were about 20, it was a guy and girl with shirts labeled security on them, who then followed my mom out of the store and they stood outside gauking and staring at her while she walked back to the car. This whole experience was terrible and I will never spend another dime at this particular nordstrom rack. Maybe after I pay off my nordstrom credit card in full, I will shred my card and boycott shopping at any nordstrom stores anymore.

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