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The Pep Boys — problem with starter

So my car was taking some tries to finally start. Lights on the dashboard are working so I know it can't be the battery. I bring it to Pep Boys on Saturday. They substitute the battery. I stop on my way home for gas. Car doesn't start again. I return to Pep Boys. I leave the car......

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 29, 2019

AutoZone — customer service


Me and my wife have been waiting an hour or so just to purchase and change a car battery. So disorganized and very irrate due to the fact that all these customers who came in after us was taken care of. 3 employees from 10am to 11pm on 10/19/19 and 1 out of the 3 did not know how to change......

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 19, 2019

Bob's Discount Furniture — twin size mattress and protector


16851I recieved the delivery for twin size matress and protector last tuesday. Friday I found a bed bug. I payed it no mind since it was dead. Just thinking nothing about it. Me and my son 8months old slept on the bed for a nap. Trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. This morning I started......

Mattresses  · Oct 01, 2019

Marshalls — the customer service is by far rude and racist.

Made a stop at Marshalls to make an exchange. My mother was poorly assisted by a racist older woman named Stacee. While trying to exchange an item for another item of a larger sum, my mother used a gift card to pay the difference. Stacee printed out about 7 receipts in which you can tell......

Employees  · Sep 22, 2019

Sears Brands — home warranty

1/8/2018 * Update Information* On Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 We received our reimbursement check for the repairs paid by us for the boiler. The plumber called your office to seek authorization to replace the boiler and he was told we tried to get it repaired in 2016! We did not make any claims in......

Union Repair Services  · Jan 08, 2018

Shake A Paw — The puppies weren't healthy and one died

We purchased two puppies from Shake A Paw and the breeder seemed to be honest and reliable person. He said that all puppies have reputable parents and all were healthy, but when we delivered these puppies home. We presented one puppy to my parents and two days later my mum called me and......

1 comments Pets & Animals  · Jan 10, 2016 — new coffee machine hasn't been sent

My husband ordered coffee machine from the company 20 business days and he finally received the order, but the machine was wrong and defective as well. He spoke with the seller, who excused and told that they would easily change the machine. But 3 weeks have......

Consumer Electronics  · Aug 15, 2015 — they stopped to reply and I didn't get money back

We bought coffee machine from the company It was real disaster. I waited 4 weeks and heard some fake promises about the delivery. The seller found different excuses and blah-blah, when I asked where the order was. After 4 weeks of waiting and hearing his lies, I......

Online Shopping  · Jun 12, 2015 — the seller didn't return money back and their services weren't at high level at all

I ordered set of towels from the website The company is real scam, ‘coz they provided the confirmation info. But they have sent me wrong sizes of the towels. I returned the whole order back, but after that the seller informed me that my desired towels were......

Online Shopping  · Apr 29, 2015

Lifestation — No resolution after two reps

11/16/14 I would like to pay my annual payment based on my retirement/SS income per EFT/paper check to Lifestation. One rep gave me $311.41, then monthly $29.75, then quarterly $335.40., repeatedly. Second rep/supr repeatedly same info. And that LS MUST keep my checking info on their file......

Other  · Nov 16, 2014