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Retro Fitness / I complain about rude and unprofessional behavior

Aug 01, 2019

I called Retro Fitness regarding an overcharging to this location and the representative who's name was "Andrew" pick up the phone talked as like he does not care. I have been with this location for 5 month and they charged me 3 times annual fee. He hang up on me 4 times. I think someone......

Dunkin Donuts / managers treat employees bad

Jun 01, 2015

My son friend work at this location until last week, the manager of this location threat him so bad make him feel he's no body the situation when so bad make my friend son try to commit suicide, he is at the hospital, because this manager and the worst is when we make a complain they......

Car Wash / unfair pricing

Nov 30, 2013

Prices for various car wash service options are posted outside and inside. Specifically fill service is listed as $10.39 with a $1.00 extra for 4x4's or SUV's. I selected full service bit as charged $12.72. Didn't understand why so I approached the cashier. She said that any......

Pep Boys Of Pisacataway, NJ / overcharging

Nov 22, 2013

Found I was overcharged for a serpentine belt (belt costs $11.11 and I was charged $55.48). It takes about 15/20 min to change the belt, I was charged $93.60. Also look out for added fees...the Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty, this was added to the bill without my knowledge. They......

Pep Boys Piscataway, NJ / do not get your car serviced here


0 Stars!!! I had $1500 worth of maintenance done on my Integra. 3000 miles later, my car started overheating ridiculously, and then would not start. Turns out the "technician" installed my timing belt with the wrong timing and almost blew my engine. Needless to say, I was not taking my car......

Dunkin Donuts / harassment


Today is 3/24/2010.. I just got fired.. reason complaints is beacause im new just started working 3 days now i was getting trained.. the manager is egyptian he just picks on me yells constantly.. he smacks my hand just calls me rude names.. when they ask a combo meal on the menu you have......