Nixa Police Departmentunlawful traffic stops

K Aug 12, 2018

In the wee hours of the morning on 7/4/18, I was stopped by the Nixa police for, supposedly, my tag light being out. I received a citation for another traffic violation which the officer would have never known without inventing some excuse for stopping me. Being a former pilot I can guarantee all of my lights work fine. I am from Arkansas and buy older cars to fix up and sell. I had 2 people who took me home that night verify that all of my lights worked, especially the famous tag light. After a little research this seems to be an issue that Nixa PD will invent some reason to stop a person. I know Missouri's reputation for illegal drugs is well known throughout the U.S. Had the officer used the reason that they were doing random stops, even though they can be a civil issue but not with me, then I would not be writing this. They did not have to invent some out and out lie to stop me. It my day and time the truth went a long way. Now what Nixa PD has done is set themselves up for a big lawsuit. The citation can be thrown out and I will back my attorneys off. As it stands now, I am about to file the lawsuit. There are 3 other witnesses that examined the tag light for me that very same evening, all law enforcement people.

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