Nissan Thompson in Nashville TNcar loan

S Sep 01, 2018

I've just discovered I've been a victim of the "paperwork switch". I purchased a 2018 and agreed to payments for 60 mos. While my husband and I was waiting to sign the paperwork which the guy showed us had the deal that I agreed to. I got my first statement in the mail for a year longer than I originally agreed to. I then go back and get the sales and finance papers and there is an additional line typed in that I'll pay whatever NISSAN doesnt pay on my trade in. Which is not what I agreed to. I was told that my trade in was being paid off... Then I see 72 mos and that was not the amount I agreed up it was 60.. Now that I think back the guy kept saying his computer was slow and he just needed to make "copies" of the paperwork. Extra things were added in and lies were told to make the sale.. What goes around comes around to lying deceptive good for nothing dealers and dealerships. Now I see why tim campbell gets the best salesman award because he brings in the people and sacrifice them to the paperwork switch of the nissan finance scam. Please be aware of Nissan on Thompson lane in nashville tn they are liers.

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