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Yokohama City
Japan - 232-0064

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Ninkipal Company Complaints & Reviews

Ninkipal Company / car never received

May 20, 2019

anyone want to buy anything from this company need to know they about to be victims of a scam. Please contact me if you need to on 00447879996605. I will tell you how they will scam your money. Only reason I am doing this so that no one else suffers like me . Mr Felix is a fraudster...

Ninkipal Company / did not receive car that was fully paid for nor am I getting any calls or messages from this company (mr. felix)

Jun 17, 2018

Ive been looking for a car to import to my country and i found the ideal one on your website, so i made an inquiry about the car and got messaged from one Mr. JONAH FELIX. I found out the necessary details and he ensured me i will get my car, so i went and made full payment for a DUALIS...

Ninkipal Company / haven't received car after paying

Jun 03, 2018

Ive deposited USD $10400 to Ninkipal co., ltd the agent being Mr. Jonah Felix since october 2017, at first before payment, i was getting messages and calls but after the deposit all of that stopped. Now im not getting any information from this company and i am at a big loss with the amount...

Jonah Felix Ninkipal Co., Ltd Address: Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-Shi Minami-Ku Bessho 1-3-14 Kamiooka 204 Japan 232-0064 Tel: +81-45-334-8238 / never received the vehicle I purchased in auction - ninkipal co., ltd

Nov 01, 2017

Jonah Felix Ninkipal Co., Ltd Address: Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Minami-ku Bessho 1-3-14 Kamiooka 204 Japan 232-0064 Tel: +81-45-334-8238 I created an account with you on 24th March 2017 with intention to buy cars, since then I started bidding but I couldn't win until I told you that I...