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Ning holds themselves out as a platform in which anyone can create their own social network. They've advertised that member data belongs to the network creators, that they don't police the content on sites using the service because they 'Believe in freedom.' that we can have access to our sites files, content, and code. All of these assertions are LIES.

Since signing up and creating a ning network in 2007, i've seen each and every one of these policies reversed. I, the network creator and owner of my site, can not access my own sites FILES. Ning blocks all access. I've witnessed thousands of social networks victimized by Ning when they decided to shut down networks who's content they deemed to be adult, costing countless amounts of money and time.

Ning recently decided to form, a competing social network site which is completely furnished with members they 'Borrowed' from all of the websites who use the ning platform. YOU may have a profile on and not even know it. If you joined a site which uses Ning, your profile data, along with all of the social networking sites you belong to are publicly available! Ning also allows 'Cross-Network Invites' which means anyone can join my site, gather as many friends as possible and can invite them all to join their ning-run website. These invites are sent directly to my users email inbox!!! My site is BOMBARDED by spam invites which has caused my reputation great harm.

Now, the kicker- If you want to leave Ning, YOU CAN'T! Well, YOU can but your members and their data stay with Ning and will continue to show on Ning only provides a .csv file with members name and profile info for us to export ..though they've advertised that we can take our site data anytime we want, we can NOT have our members avators, photos, videos, forum, blog posts, etc. Being a client of Ning has cost me GREATLY.

My site is being held hostage. If I stay, I continue to compromise my sites member data, sharing it with ning, and allow the bombardment of spam emails to continue. If I leave, I will loose all of my member data, while Ning keeps them all!!! EVERYTHING I've just written is true, and can easily be verified by simple google searches. I am willing to provide all of the proof to anyone who wishes.


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      Sep 01, 2009

    i've lost $30, 000 building what I thought was "MY" social network only to have my member database stolen by If I leave ning, as i want to, i will loose all of my important data such as videos, photos, friend connections, etc. That data stays with ning.

    i cant believe that there isnt a lawsuit filed yet

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      Sep 03, 2009

    Hello, We lost almost $80, 000 (eighty thousand) with the ning SCAM on "our" networks. Folks, if you want to open a social network of your own, RUN from ning. They cleverly promise lots of things, then totally renege on all of it, as well as STEAL all your members, your content, hold your entire network HOSTAGE, and expose all your member info to every other ning network, all without your consent.

    NING is a fraudulent SCAM! The company is astoundingly arrogant; they almost think they can screw people over with impunity.

    After seeing how many other ning victims are out there, I believe a flurry of lawsuits is imminent in nings future. I also expect a class action v. ning.

    Please contact me at [protected], as we are positively going to have a law firm send ning a demand package to recoup our losses. If they refuse to settle, we are absolutely suing ning and the founders, gina and marc. We can all exchange info on proceeding v. ning the huge deceptive scam.

    I am GD sure getting our money back. I did not blow $80, 000 and 2 years of my life helping marc andresson get richer! This is NO drill...

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  •   Jul 05, 2010

    I feel your pain even though I have never spent any money! I have my own site and am a member of Dozens. Most have closed due to their greed!
    I received my first ever notice, they will start to charge on July 20th. 2010. Also, I can't seem to login to contact them in any way! After reading this post, I realize what this is all about? MONEY! I only go to three sites today! I was Banned from the ASPCA site for talking about this!
    My Doomed Site has dropped down to 40 members! Many are well known people from You Tube... Perhaps a Video is in order?

    What they did was very wrong! I will help in any way! Rad

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      Jul 22, 2010

    I would like to know how to complain to Ning about one of the groups that is defaming me. I tried to get a refund for DVD's that the owner offers a 60 day money back guarantee and he put on his ning page that I have charges against me for internet fraud and bootlegging. That is a bold faced lie! Who do I complain to for this! This guy is a fraud! I sent the DVD's back and he still has my money! I've filed a complaint with Paypal, and now this guy is spreading lies about me.

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      Aug 10, 2010

    Ning have recently forced existing free networks to either make the change to premium accounts or migrate their networks elsewhere.

    For those of us that have changed to the new premium accounts, many are finding that Ning are failing to honor the commitments that they have made in cases of Premium Support, Payments, and many other issues with regard to problems with features of their networks.

    As a result many Network Creators are left feeling frustrated at the lack of response to Ning in solving their issues.

    Ning asks for understanding whilst they work through the migration of Ning Networks before they say they will address Network Creators problems.

    Regardless of this and problems that Ning might currently have through their reduction in employees, they should not have introduced their new plans without the ability to support and resolve Network Creators problems.

    The migration of Ning Networks should have nothing to do with the Support and Features that Network Creators were promised.

    What a ripoff!

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      Jan 04, 2011

    I just called Ning at 11:55 p.m. CDT and I told them I have the paperwork completed for a lawsuit and I am prepared to e-file or take it to the court and file it.

    I suggest that people send complaints to the AG's office in their state as well as California and to contact the news media in their area. If they are trading on the stock exchange. May I suggest filing fraud complaints with the SEC and the FCC?

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      Jan 05, 2011

    I signed up with Ning about months ago. For 2 months now I have sent NUMEROUS emails and even phoned (& of course had to leave a message) to cancel my account. They NEVER reply. They continue billing my paypal every couple of weeks for $19.95. I even had paypal do an investigation and got my money back. But after about a week, Ning billed me AGAIN!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER USE THIS SCAM!!!

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      May 31, 2011

    Ning Sucks! I hate them and we need to file a class action Law suit against them.

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  •   Dec 16, 2011

    I also cannot cancel my account before paying what they say I own to them.
    Meanwhile, my network is deactivated and they keep adding to my bill.
    Now I know not to trust them. My case is explained at
    Will it help if we try contacting [protected] or via twitter to @wyclef ?

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  •   Jan 13, 2012

    I had a site there with some famous You Tube people! They now know what jerks they are too! I talked with some loser over the phone and told him what a worthless life he had! I deleted the hundreds of videos and all the pictures before I deleted the site. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me on the internet! It started FREE, they kept saying it would stay FREE! Then they started this Bandwidth crap, which lead to 50 dollars a Month! They should all be in Jail!
    WE made them! then they threw us all in the trash!

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      Jan 21, 2012

    File a complaint against with the AG's office. Since there are multiple complaints and some involving thousands of $$$$$$$$$ a request to do a systemic investigation to the California AG's office might just bring these arrogant criminals down to their knees.

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      Dec 31, 2012


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      Dec 31, 2012

    I am searching about too..If they have complaints..its similar with too.

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      Apr 26, 2013

    I have had ning site for four years but have seen horrendous changes and charges in the last 2 and am in the process of leaving. The nail in the coffin was their customer service which is arrogant, patronising and thats only if you're lucky enough to actually get a reply. Despite the saga of having to move, I just cant stay with this appalling company any longer. My advise having been with them for a long time is to stay well away.

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      Feb 28, 2015

    They haven't responded to support claims since july of 2014!!! I only just signed up for a free trial, now I realize I'm gonna have to disputer any future charge from them if they don't cancel my network!

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      May 13, 2016

    RUn from NING and run fast. This place is the biggest mistake of my life. It has destroyed my business it's down so much. The customer service and tech support should just be chickens or monkeys ... I could then at least train them to push the right buttons. Honestly they have been the worst people to work with.. or should I say for.. because they basically steal your contacts and hold them hostage by not allowing you to move without major loss. Don't use this company. You WILL be so sorry!

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