Nikemarketing ad with colin kaepernick

M Sep 06, 2018 Review updated:

We have been foot and clothing wear Nike customers for 40+ years for our varied athletic activities, for ourselves and our son and daughter's athletics.

We are appalled that Nike would use Mr. Kaepernick in the context being presented. If a successful, notable athlete were desired, it would simply have been a MUCH better approach to use someone like Pat Tillman, wouldn't it?? ...Especially when using the phrases of "Believe in something. Even it means losing everything!!"...

You have made an egregious mistake for your company and brand, for attempting to edify a player who disrespects things America stands for... Shameful...

We and our athletic family will not purchase another Nike item, period. Marv, MSG, USAR(RET), and Karen Anderson. 2425 Forest Primeval Rd, St Germain, Wi.


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    Mary Lawler Sep 08, 2018

    Please make a commercial and have colin kneel for his righteous cause only to jump back up in sign of respect... he needs to be a role model to future generations. Please show them his brain fart ostracized the country and, especially the people who really believed in something and, really lost everything by the lost of life. Also, I was recently released from a mental hospital and, very upset at "crazy" This man respects noone. I have loved nike and will boycott until they showcase the rehabilitation of this vigilante! There were many nike products at the thrift store...

    Mary Hamilton, Havertown, Pa

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  • Ka
    Karen J Ford Sep 08, 2018

    Any business who chooses an unpatriotic malcontent who used this stunt to save his career does not deserve any business from Americans. Kaepernick has sacrificed nothing compaired to my fellow veterans who gave all, including their lives in some cases. This they did to serve their country which they love. The National Anthem the our glorious flag mean everything to proud Americans and its should be respected by all who live within our borders for the freedom and opportunities this country gives them. You should have used Pat Tillman in your ad. A fine athlete who did sacrifice everything! I have purchased Nike products for over 40 years. My family will no longer purchase any of your products as we do not support companies that supports hate - and that is what Kaepernick represents.

    Karen J. Ford

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  • Ji
    Jim Bourne Sep 09, 2018

    Nathan Hale, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Pat Tillman. They sacrificed everything. Will never buy NIKE again.

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