Newmarket Home Hardwareled light bulb

T Sep 12, 2018

Good afternoon,

I would like to make a complaint regarding return policy at Home Hardware store in Newmarket. I have bought many items from our local community store and have spent quite a bit of money there.

I purchased a light bulb last night and when I returned home I found the bulb was the incorrect size. I returned to the store the next morning to exchange the product with my receipt and the store manager indicated they could no returned it because the package had been opened. I then spoke with the owner and she indicated the same thing and that it was on the bottom of the receipt, which it was. I indicated I only wanted to exchange it. The owner still indicated it could not be exchanged. I understand because Home Hardware is privately owned it may be difficult to now resell this item; however, in business, because I am a self-employed individual as well, you have to "eat" the loss especially for a $38.00 product and when you're dealing with a good customer that is regular at your premises.

I will no longer be dealing with the Newmarket Home Hardware and wished to express my views and register my complaint.

Tracy O'Connor

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