Newcastle Homes FriscoBad Customer Service


Sometimes companies don't work well for everyone. We would be in the percentage where Newcastle Homes did NOT work for us. We expected amazing customer service, after all, they are a 'custom' builder. However, our experience was disturbing. It may seem like a good thing to work directly with the owner and his spouse, but when the volume of business increases, you can't really expect to get your needs or expectations met. Our experience was this: Newcastle Homes in Frisco, Texas, were snobs who were inconsistent with their customer policies and they 'picked' and 'chose' who they wanted to work with. It was NOT equal opportunity, so if you don't mind being discriminated against, go with them. But, if you're simply a hardworking American family who desires to build a nice home and therefore expect excellent service in return for the extreme money you're exchanging for the product, this is NOT the business you want to deal with. Take your money to a builder you can give you the attention you need AND provide you with a nice home.

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