New York Health and Services Corporationmarina noble and ara khachatryan - shoplifters, trolls, libelers, serial killers, isis agents

Y Jan 04, 2020 Review updated:

Marina Zaven Mkhitaryan "Jackie O" Noble, fake md, fake mph, is severely obese and borderline mentally ill. Her daughters are autistic and psychotic and her husband is an impotent alcoholic cretin. A sexually hyperactive lesbian, she stalks attractive women (like Naira) on an hourly basis to quench her perverse desires. Her only real "friends" in the world is that ladyboy Ara Khachatryan and that gorilla Karine Martirosyan... Such a pathetic situation... Pray for her!


Fenya Khachatryan

Belmont, MA, US


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      Jan 10, 2020

    I'm sexually unsatisfied. I need help. Find a giant dildo to shut my fired-up [censored]ing urges.

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      Jan 11, 2020

    Above is composed by a malignant psychopath Naira Renualt, formerly Matevosyan, residing in Atlanta GA. This person was sued for libel, and she is contempt to court. This person falsifies, lies, libels successful professionals, denies her own psychiatric conditions. Here is the record of Naira's shoplifting in 2012. She claims that others are shoplifters, basically everybody she knows, a reflection of her own crimes, her feelings, her misfortune. Everybody is sick, criminal, prostitite, liar, fraudster including lawyers, court reporters and judges/ their family members according to this psychopath woman. You can search "atlanta judge" and see her posts in this very are her shoplifting charges below

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      Jan 11, 2020

    @Naira Renaul Are you still receiving psychiatric medications for your schizophrenia, Ara Khachatryan? Your treatment sucks.

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      Jan 11, 2020

    @Naira Renaul You can't even spell two words. Let me find grammar classes for you:

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      Jan 15, 2020

    Keep suffering, Ara. Troll Complaints Board and Facebook... It's what gives us hope :-) :-) :-)

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      Jan 16, 2020

    Naira Matevosyan, also known as Naira Renault (former MD from Armenia) Naira claims that her child, now 17, is from Elias Carayannis

    Here is Naira's shoplifting charges attached. There must be several more, but she knows how to manipulate with courts or expired charges. She also knows how to blame her 17 years old child, who has mental issues when she is caught in shoplifting.

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      12h ago

    @Charev Qez You know that's fake, right? LMAO.

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