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New World MoversScam and theft


NEW WORLD Movers - SCAM!!! Do not use this company. I got a quote for $595. Extremely proximate move of apartments (not too much stuff). I even told them I had stairs and there was a walkway (which $300 was later tacked on for). The movers did OK, but as they were moving (they arrived 2 hours late), one of them rushed me through paperwork to sign without explaining it and I never recieved copies of the paperwork. I was already all packed up with my wn materials and thought I would be all set. i also had extra boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape, all unused.

So the movers used $140 blankets they reuse on every customer, wrap my furniture like mummies with $4 rolls of tape (various half used rolls of tape discarded everywhere). They used a $250 carton (a cardboard box to move a $200 dining room table). my girlfriend asked them to take the CPU printer and they put it in a bigger box, which costs $20. Somehow an extra 2 hours of driving time was tacked on. They broke an overhead light and tried to hide it also.

So they pulled the typical stop work with my stuff and held me hostage for $2100. I just paid 2 months rent so my account was spent. i had to go to the bank and move money around a bunch of accounts to get my stuff.

But I am powerless because I signed the paperwork although it is very unfair. I have planned the move for months based on this moving company. I had to vacate my apartment and be in my new one. I had no choice, the movers were late, adding to the urgency. They never gave me copies of the PW either which I dont think is legal.


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    Adam Aug 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, my name is Adam, president and owner of New World Movers. I was alerted to this report by a potential customer who considered canceling his move after reading this complaint. I convinced him otherwise as I hope I can do the same for anyone else reading this.

    The person who wrote this complaint is not, nor ever was a customer of New World Movers. The NJ attorney general's office, Division of consumer affairs, public movers and warehousemen is the only government entity that license and oversees public movers in the state of NJ. I not only recommend but strongly urge that you call them and you will see that we have 0(zero) complaints, that’s due the fact that the board of public movers unlike certain internet websites actually verifies each complaint to make sure it is legitimate. Another place to get accurate info is the BBB.ORG although not as thorough as the board of public movers they too verify each complaint and we have no complaints there either.

    The person who wrote this fictitious complaint against our company is another moving company owner who is trying to ruin the good name of his competitors, I am fully aware of who this individual is but will refrain form mentioning his name as this would not only be morally wrong and unethical but a disgusting business practice.

    I hope I have answered some of your concerns, should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office staff or any of the agencies I have mentioned.

    On a last note, if this response does not ease your mind regarding using our services please still call or contact the BBB or the Board of public movers to verify the complaint history of any company you do choose. I know the person who wrote this report has a horrific record and stands to only lose more business by writing this.

    Thank you
    New World Movers

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  • Cm
    C.M. Sep 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I just used this company last week and when I looked them up didn't find anything but after the move I really searched the web and as I thought there was negative feedback about this company. DO NOT USE THIS CO. IT IS A TRUE SCAM! This previous customer is right the owner is a liar and is trying to cover for himself. There are also other complaints if you google it. Three men showed up at my 2 bedroom apartment. Two little Mexicans that stank and the foreman. They were very ghetto looking and unprofessional. Didn't speak much english. They packed first and they took their sweet old time. I had enforced to the company that I didn't have much stuff and that I need the move completely done by their minimum which was said to be 4 hrs. at $320. This is another issue, I had spoken to Adam and asked if there would be any hidden charges for transportation or packing supplies. He stated no because I was local there wouldn't be one. He said our wrapping blankets are provided you just have to pay for the tape. So, I went and bought my own tape. I also asked don't you need to come to my home and write up an estimate and he said no you have a small place, just tell me the contents. So, he said no problem and promised me that it would be no more than that.

    Then the foreman charged my husband extra charges for the blankets and transportation. Plus, wrapping on a mattress which was $20 without my consent when he knew I didn't want to pay extra for anything. So, the foreman 80% of the move was on his cell phone talking to his girlfriend and not working. He forgot his toolbox and was waiting around for me to locate one from one from our neighbors; wasting time. Also, he was going in and out of the bathroom. More time being wasted. The move was a disaster. Alot of my belongings weren't able to be brought because we were running out of time so me and my husband had to do multiple trips in our cars to bring the rest. My new bedroom set is damaged, has dents and chips on it, my bedroom lamp was knocked down during the move and was bent, my son's bed frame was broken. I am highly upset, and will call the Better Business Bureau and will take this to a higher level if not taken care of by the insurance company. When I called Adam during the move he said he was away and it was the holiday and would look over the contract and call me. He never called me back. I called the next day and he said he still hadn't looked over the contract because QUOTE "He was sick" and would call me tomorrow. So, now again no call and stated he would mail me a claim form and that I had to do everything together, the claim and any over charge. So, he changed his story around. I will be filing a claim form and if no action I will contact my cousin who is a Judge, and will be calling my lawyer to go to court. To save yourself a headache do no use them. I think they use different company names and their moving truck said it was from Paterson, NJ.

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  • Wh
    whitelightertrev Jun 02, 2009

    I called and got an estimate for moving a 1 bedroom apartment one town over (about 2 miles total travel). I was quoted 3.5 hours of work at $75 dollars an hour, all packing materials, milage, gas, insurance, 2 men, and a truck included. Just to be double sure, I ask for an in person estimate. They agree and set me up an appointment.

    Estimate Appointment Time - No one shows up. No one calls. I have to call the company the next day to find out what happened. By this time I have not received any confirmation email or phone calls. I'm told I'll get an email by the next day with my estimate.

    Next Day - No email.

    Two days later (the day before the move) I call the company again. Apparently they've lost my paperwork and have to take all my information again, but they assure me that I have a booking. Still no email. Later that evening I call again and finally get an email when I ask that they send me one while I am on the phone with them. Unfortunately the email is useless and only states that I have a booking for the next day 2pm-3pm. No estimates. >_<

    Moving Day. 3pm. No movers, no phone call. I call the company and there are some problem with a previous move. "the movers will be there by 4:30". 4:45pm No movers, no phone call. I have to call the company AGAIN.

    Finally the truck and 2 men show up at 6pm. Four hours after my booking time. However, not the men who were supposed to do my move. And thus I have to fill out paperwork and give all my information for a THIRD time. The movers themselves are pleasant enough people. I have no complaints regarding them. It is only the company that I have problems with. Come time to pay, I find out that I've been charged 6 dollars per blanket used and that the minimum hour requirement is suddenly 4 instead of three. The result is that my original estimate of 300 dollars becomes a much larger amount of 480. I'm in the middle of a move and money is tight, I didn't plan on spending an extra 200 dollars on a this move. I call the owner who "graciously" makes the pads 1/2 price and takes of sales tax, since I am paying in cash. The result is 450 instead of 480. &_&

    After the weekend, I return to my office to find my notes that I made while getting estimates and confirm my suspicion of the 3 hour minimum and the promises of packing materials being included. I call the company to try and at least get a refund on the extra time I paid for and shouldn't have. "the contracts from the weekend aren't in yet, I'll call you back", but I never get one back. I call again the next day and get put on hold..and eventually hung up on.

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  • Jy
    jyg Jul 06, 2009

    I just used this company last week and I agree that this company is a total scam. I asked about the prices for packing materials because I had bought some already and Adam actually advised me not to purchase anymore and that his rates were reasonable. Those "reasonable" rates were $10-30 per box. A total rip-off. If you want to use this company, they do have the best rates per hour, but make sure to have all the packing materials you need and then some because they will make you sign an agreement that they are not liable for anything they have not packed themselves. I even had a fair amount of bubble wrap, and the bubble head movers packed the bubble wrap and then proceeded to charge me $200 in bubble wrap alone! On top of that, they use the crappiest boxes possible. That's why they have to use tons of tape around the boxes, and then they will charge you $4.50 a roll for that as well.

    Adam should be ashamed of himself for running a company with absolutely no integrity. But I am certain that the way he is doing business will not give it any longevity. Because I will certainly let everyone I know to never use New World Movers. And there are certainly others complaining about this scam of a company as well...

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  • Mi
    Mike_Voorhees Aug 01, 2009

    My name is Mike and I contracted NWM to move me from one apartment to the other, about 6 miles away. You may ask the reason I contracted with NWM, especially I did read all of the negative press ahead of time. The main reason is that my experience with NWM was excellent, that is until the day of moving.

    Before jumping to conclusions let me just say that I was moved and the job was done excellently. Yes, I was charged for blankets, rolls of tape, and plastic wrap and the price-per-hour was $10 more than what NWM had quoted. However, NWM did not do the move. Another moving company did who is affiliated in some way with NWM.

    Since my contract was not with NWM I will avoid the common pitfalls of criticising NWM about their contracted service. I had not signed a contract with NWM and therefore my comments are strictly within the context of move day.

    What I Learned:
    NWM is a very small company with just one or two trucks. It is unclear whether they have paid labor employees on staff or go through 3rd party for labor. I can only assume that they contract through 3rd parties because the quoted rate I received was $80/hour inclusive of 3-men and a truck - and - with the cost of workman's comp insurance, taxes and insurance for the labor, I wonder whether that rate would cover the costs and fuel.

    What happened on the move day
    I was told on Thursday, 7/30/2009 that I should expect the truck and three men at my door by 8:00am on 8/1/2009.

    8:00am came and went and I called NWM and spoke with Adam about when the movers and truck would be arriving. Adam mentioned difficulties with the truck having not been unloaded from the previous move and there were issues with the "yard" not releasing the truck unless the contents were removed. He also mentioned that the issue was to the exent that their lawyer(s) were involved.

    Ok, I wasn't born yesterday and as a projet manager for some 30 years my sense of risk/issue mitigation antennae were on high alert. Initially I was not very happy and that was communicated loud and clear to Adam. We talked a few times between 9-11 and I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, especially when Adam said that he had a crew on the way to move me out.

    I asked again about the rate and incidentials and when he mentioned that he had no idea, I cancelled the move.

    At 12:00pm, my fiance called and said the movers were at the (old) apartment and would I like to speak with them.

    The first thing I needed to discover was wether they were with NWM. They were not.

    And as reported earlier, the move was costlier than I had planned but in the end worked out great. The two guys who moved us were professional, quick and careful. I didn't mind paying the extra for the tape and blankets and I'll tell you why.

    In between the last call with NWM and when the "other" movers arrived, I called around and got quotes from all of the local movers in my area who were also on Angie's List...the next nearest quote would have cost me $350 more. Everyone who quoted significantly more did not charge for tape, blankets, and wrapping.

    In conclusion, Adam of NWM set me up with the crew who eventually moved me. For that I am grateful because it went well.

    What I didn't like was that NWM had not called me at first realization that there was a problem or initiated phone calls. Adam missed the opportunity to tell me "hey" we can't do it but I've hooked you up with a company that can and they'll be there and do the job. He never said that the new company had no affiliation with NWM. Perhaps I didn't give him the chance because I was very upset that he couldn't tell me the rate his "crew" were going to charge. I assumed that "his" crew were employees or people contracted directly with NWM.

    Adam, if you are reading this it would be very helpful to your customers in the future to understand the difference between NWM doing the move and you asking other companies to help you out when there are issues that prevent NWM from completing a move. I know that you called into a dispatcher about your truck(s) at 9am which tells me that you are not in direct control of your own assets. That was concerning to me and I believe very risky as a way to run business. Thanks again for hooking me up with the other company. I did call you and left a message too.

    Voorhees, NJ

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  • Pi
    pissed Woman Sep 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I read this before. I am such a ### for hiring them. All my furniture was damaged plus I got charged 3 times the amount my estimate was!!!

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  • Sh
    Shayna1017 Sep 15, 2009

    We all know that moving can be very stressful. I beg to differ with the above comments about New World Movers. I recently booked a move for my four bedroom house. My family was moving into a new house and we really needed a company to be efficient and take their time. Not only were the girls in the office extremely nice and professional, the actual movers were very respectful and went the extra mile to get the move done. I would recommend this moving company to anyone who needs a professional move done. Its such a shame people complain for nothing.

    - Tony, Lodi New Jersey

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  • Al
    aleksa Sep 15, 2009

    We had 2 days from HELL using this company. They are crooks. The movers were 5 (five!) hours late!!! Outrageous. I had to call and call and call before they arrived. Some woman named Mayra spoke to me on the phone said "they had a problem with their truck" - apparently that happens a lot to them.
    They were supposed to come at 11 - no one showed up. Then Mayra said they will come round 12:30 pm - still no one. I had to call her again and she said 2 pm - no one. At 2:30 I wanted to cancel my move but she stated that "the movers are on their way" and I can't do that.
    Finally at 3:45 the movers showed. Our new building has a policy that all moves should be made between 9 am and 5 pm. I told them that and I was assured that we will get moved by 5.
    We got 5 men instead of the 3 we hare requested. And they insisted that we pay them more because of that. They were all short and skinny and didn't even speak much English. They wanted to charge us $250 for "packing materials" for 4 pieces of furniture - for used blankets and tape. Also $200 for "elevator fee" and what not. They informed us about this when all our things were in the truck already. We refused to pay the extra charges that we didn't know about. Finally they took off with our belongings. We spoke to the manager ADAM who cursed and screamed at us... and even hang up the phone?! What kind of manager really does that.
    We ended up having to sleep on the floor! And we had to pay over $300 more than expected. TERRIBLE MOVERS AND MANAGEMENT.

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  • Je
    Jeanette Silva Nov 30, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints, 100 percent. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. It's a scam and Adam, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. You are a pathetic piece of ###. You'll be out of business soon, I'm sure of it. Don't you know better by now... dishonesty doesn't pay, reputation is everything. Idiot.

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  • Co
    cody50 Dec 17, 2009

    This dirt-bag "company" MUST be shut down. They are nothing but sleazy con-artists. They estimated my move to be $400-$500, ( a move 2 miles away)...then jacked it up to $1, 500 before I cancelled them right on the spot and ordered them to take the 20 boxes OFF their truck. I am sure they would have jacked it to over $1, 800 if I werent I fighter and an expert witness in court with numerous attorney and judge friendships.
    They refused to unload my boxes, holding them HOSTAGE, I called the POLICE, they didnt care and neither did the punk "supervisor" I could tell that he had been through this game many times before and knew it was a civil matter. He wanted $250 Cash to take my boxes off...I told him he could KEEP my boxes and stick it. He comes back to my door after probably calling his boss (Adam), saying he will return the boxes back to my apt, that he didnt want to fill out a report at his office and store them. I was born and bred in NYC and am familiar with this breed of ###, and I smelt them as soon as I opened my door that morning, but being under stress just to move, I gave these dirtbags the benefit of the doubt. My first mistake. RUN from these fools. Its a bait and swithch scam. All REAL movers use blankets to cover your goods and DONT charge for it, its part of doing the move. Its like a carpenter charging you for the hammer and nails?? How absurd. I pity the poor and elderly who are victimized by these ###. My blood boils, and I was one of the lucky ones to escape their evil claws. IMAGINE...these "people" (PIGS) wake up every morning, and thats THEIR SCAM people. GOD has a special place for all of them.ould accept 7

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  • Ga
    Gary N Feb 13, 2010

    I used New World Movers on 2/13/10 and I am now seeking legal Counsel against the company. I will spare you many of the details as they are pretty well documented above. I had a very small move for which I was given the estimate of $210. I asked the women who called several times about the inclusion of driving time and she said as long as it was under the 3hours that the quote was based on that it would be included. The whole move took 2 hours and 30 minutes. Needless to say I was charged $534. There were charges for distance from the elevator and an hour plus of drive time tacked on. Apparently they charge you fro drive team even after they leave.

    In all honesty the movers themselves were quite good. Worked fast and did a good job. It is the management that is criminal. Well they tried to extort the wrong person as I work for a major law firm. I have already contacted several lawyers in the firm and I will be pursuing legal action. While I know it is not a lot of money I hope to show these scam artists that they can not bully everyone.

    I highly recommend that you do not use this company.

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  • Pa
    past experience Feb 22, 2010

    I sent an email to NWM over the weekend, asking to be contacted to get an estimate for my move. I work nights, and I understand that most people don't think about this so I sometimes get calls in the morning. But this morning at 8am I woke up to answer my phone and it was a rep from NWM calling to discuss my move. When I asked the sales rep why she called to early on a Sunday morning, she replied, "it's not Sunday, it's Monday, but whatever." She was was Monday and I made a mistake because I was half asleep. However, she was completely indifferent (borderline rude) when I told her she woke me up, and that calling people before 9am isn't good customer service. I've moved enough times to learn that bad moving companies start with the way the sales reps handle the preliminary conversations/quotes/etc. I told her I wouldn't be using NWM and asked her not to call me again. I was curious about the company, because I had a hunch they might have a bad reputation. Sure enough, I googled them and found this complaint board. I'm so sorry that everyone had a bad experience...I've been in your shoes and it's costly and stressful. I used ALL STAR MOVING AND STORAGE the last time I moved, and they were awesome. Finished the job in half an hour under the quote, allowed them to use my tape and boxes (so no extra charges), and didn't break anything. Over the weekend I entertained the idea of getting quotes from other moving companies, but the unpleasant phone call from NWM this morning was enough to remind me what dealing with a scam moving company was like. So, I'm sticking with All Star again this time. They moved my small two bedroom apartment for just over $300 the last time, and I got a similar quote this time. If you're reading these complaints because you're thinking about using NWM...DON'T DO IT!! Con Artist moving companies make your life hell, and essentially rob you of money you shouldn't have to spend.

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  • Hu
    hunter2010 Mar 01, 2010


    What everyone is saying is the truth. The owner Adam is a liar and should be forced to shut down by the government. What he does is no different from a con artist. We were quoted $70 an hour for 3 men, everything included except for packing materials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap...If you speak with the phone rep Kim do not trust a word she says. She told me blankets were included in the price, which I had saved in an email. The day of the move, the front man said that the blankets were $6 each. I pulled up the email and he had to call his manager to let him know what had happened. Needless to say, after this argument he told me that they were going to include the blankets but charge me $75 per flight of stairs per man. Which would have come out to over $900 plus $250 per stop. When I booked this I explained to the girl Kim that we had to make an extra stop to drop something off, and she told me not to worry it wont be extra "you are just paying by the hour."

    To sum this disaster up, my husband and I were expecting to pay around $500. Before they even started the extras (for stairs and stops) were over $1, 500. We told them to leave and that we did not want there services. We lucked out because we were not forced to move out that day so we had some time to find an honest mover. I think if we weren't as lucky as the rest of the people who posted comments, we probably would have ended up paying well over $2, 500.

    If you need a good honest mover, this is the name of the guy we used:

    A-Way Express, INC...the owner Igor is very nice and came to my house with in an hour to give me an estimate. Our total for the move was $500 and we gave him a big tip included in that price. If you are interested this is his contact info: [protected] or [protected].

    Just to let you know this all happened on Sunday Feb 28, 2010. NWM showed up at 8:45am, we told them to go to hell at 9:30am, called A-Way Express, Inc at 11:30am to do an estimate, and by 5:00pm we had hired an honest mover to do our move the next day. Today is March 1, 2010 and Igor showed up at our apartment at 8:00am. My husband is currently with him at the second stop as I type. It feels great to know that we are not getting ripped off by those jerks at NWM.

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  • Mi
    Mike_Voorhees Mar 19, 2010

    New World Movers follow-up.

    Holy cow, since my last encounter with NWM (posted above) there have been a few more complaints on this board mostly saying the same thing about the company.

    I thought that I would add a couple of points:

    When you are searching for a reputable mover, plan well in advance. Very few movers will be able to hook you up at the last minute for a "reasonable" price.

    Get written quotes ahead of time. Normally, moving companies only need to know the number of rooms, special requirements (piano, flights of stairs, parking). Some will recommend that a salesperson come out and view the move ahead of the quote (this is a good thing), but rare. I didn't get a written quote and its no wonder I the negative experience with NWM.

    Cost - I don't want to be rude to anyone but if it's too good to be true, have someone wake your brain up, because it's too good to be true. Think about this:

    * Minimum wage is $7.25 x # of helpers = basic labor cost.
    * Add to that insurance, and administrative overhead and you're looking to pay least $15/hour per helper.
    * The average move is going to take about 5 hours.
    * Most companies quote 7 hours because they need to cover labor costs from the time the truck leaves their compound
    * By law, workers need to take breaks and if the move is in the middle of the summer, more breaks are needed for water.
    * Then there is the cost of fuel, truck insurance, etc ...
    * Reputable movers will not overtly charge you for tape, blankets, etc. They probably bake it into the cost but it is never a huge part of the cost. Just think about it. Go to Costco and price a case of movers tape; $54.20 and for a 3 bedroom move, only about half of that would be needed.

    Fast = $$$$ Did I mention plan well ahead, if you can. Shop around. Go see the company if they are nearby and get recommendations. I recommend (2010) that if you are moving a 3 bedroom apartment within 20 miles, plan on paying something near $650 (basic labor alone for 3 helpers = $315)

    Someone above mentioned being able to tell a company by the way customer service is on the phone. In general, very true. So if you get some rude behavor over the phone it can mean a number of things, but mostly, whoever is driving the ship doesn't care about customer service.

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  • So
    Sonceree Apr 17, 2010

    NEVER USE THEM!!! I decided to use New World Movers and it was the worst mistake I ever Made. Jennifer who is the office manager is rude, ignorant, and totally unprofessional.New World Movers moved 1 queen bed, 1 night stand, 1 dresser and 1 mirror. I was given a quote of $240.00. They showed up 2 hours late and the driver went over the contract and then proceeded to tell me about all te additional cost which was never metioned in my conversations with jennifer. I was told that there was no charge for transportation...a lie!!! they charge me for them to go back. They charge a rental fee for carboard box to cover my mirror at a cost of $25.00 and you don't keep the box...rental for blankets at $6.00 a piece which were filthy and disgusting...charges for steps and .75 cents and a host of other the end of the day, my cost which I thought was going to $240.00 was a whopping $798.00. New World movers totally misrepresented themselves and the associated cost with doing a move. When I called to discuss with Jennifer, she was nasty and lied about what she told me and was unwilling to work with me...Beware!!! Don't use them!!!

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  • So
    Sonceree Apr 17, 2010

    NEVER USE THEM!!! I decided to use New World Movers and it was the worst mistake I ever Made. Jennifer who is the office manager is rude, ignorant, and totally unprofessional.New World Movers moved 1 queen bed, 1 night stand, 1 dresser and 1 mirror. I was given a quote of $240.00. They showed up 2 hours late and the driver went over the contract and then proceeded to tell me about all te additional cost which was never metioned in my conversations with jennifer. I was told that there was no charge for transportation...a lie!!! they charge me for them to go back. They charge a rental fee for carboard box to cover my mirror at a cost of $25.00 and you don't keep the box...rental for blankets at $6.00 a piece which were filthy and disgusting...charges for steps and .75 cents and a host of other the end of the day, my cost which I thought was going to $240.00 was a whopping $798.00. New World movers totally misrepresented themselves and the associated cost with doing a move. When I called to discuss with Jennifer, she was nasty and lied about what she told me and was unwilling to work with me...Beware!!! Don't use them!!!

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  • Mz
    MzWoods Sep 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To anyone reading this who I have not already tried to contact:

    My name is Betty and I also recently had a run-in with this company which is now called Moving & Relocation, Inc. After a bit of internet digging (the power of anger!) I was able to track that this company has had at least 3 different names (New World Movers, A Professional Movers and now Moving & Relocation, Inc) while gradually changing addresses/phone numbers and DBA numbers.

    I was given a phone estimate of $240 and by the end of the move I was told I needed to pay $1315! I was also called a liar when I spoke with Jennifer the "owner" and ended up having to pay the $1315 as a ransom to get my stuff off the truck!

    After doing some research I found someone who is looking to do a class action lawsuit and there are already 2 other people she has been in contact with who are ready to submit complaints to a judge (maybe more by the time you are reading this). I would hope you can also add your complaint to the list because I think it is only fair that we get our money back and that this company ceases to exist (and stops being slick by changing names and phone numbers!) Please email Brooke at [protected] or you can email myself ([protected] as well. At the very least make sure you report this company (and it's iterations) on every website you can and report it to the BBB. I hope to hear from you!

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  • Do
    DONTUSENWM Oct 18, 2010

    I use to work for this company, along with another girl who i will not reveal her name but we were forced to lie, cheat, scam and ripp off people. The owner of this company is a "little" wise guy who thinks he is slick. Mind you he changes his name from time to time thinking he is some type of mobster. Adam or David which ever name he choses to answer by is a crook. His father also owns a moving company who went into a law suit and changed their name to a professional movers they also go by moving and relocation. The "manager" who is in charge there is a complete degenerate. She is low class and tricks people and the owner that she is a good person, when she is really evil- she uses a fake name as well. TRUST ME I USE TO WORK THERE DO NOT USE THESE PHONY PEOPLE THEY ARE A SCAM. EVERYONE START REPORTING THESE HORRIBLE UNTRUST WORTHY PEOPLE. YOUR GOING DOWN "ADAM". GOOD LUCK.

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  • So
    sonHoward Oct 24, 2011

    I used this company as well, and I agree with everyone...THEY ARE A SCAM!!! I called and got an estimate to move 1 bedroom set. I was told they don't charge for driving...that was a lie...they charged me for mileage back...they have ridiculous charges for blankets that they use all the time, they charge riduculous amounts for tape...they even charged me $25.00 for a piece of cardboard to cover a mirror and then kept it!!!. I was told it would be 200 dollars to move this bedroom set...well after they got my stuff on the truck and before they unload it, I was given the amount of $832.00 to pay. DONOT USE THEM!!!

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