Netsanet Lemuliability or conformation of the information

N Aug 18, 2018

Dear sir,
My name is Netsanet Lemu Bekele, I got an email from UNDP that I won the grant award and will be delighted to me by the above mentioned company.
I would like to know is it true or not. For refugees I posted the email I got from the courier company
Many thanks in advance!

Starlink Global Courier Company
Corporate Headquarters
United Kingdom
Welcome to Starlink Logistics Courier. Your Parcel from UNDP Grant Donation has been verified and approved for delivery to your designated address..
Starlink Logistics is a global courier services company offering cheap shipping services across the global world and. Working with some of the world's largest Couriers including UPS, Hermes and Parcel force, Starlink Logistics can help you send a parcel to 240 countries worldwide. Due to Starlink Logistics reputation online, huge popularity and volume of orders handled, we are able to secure big-name express delivery services at a discount.

Starlink Logistics Express is the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable shipping solutions to and from 240 countries and territories across the globe. Starlink Logistics is committed to excellence and outstanding customer service which ensures the delivery of approximately 1.2 million packages per day around the world.

We the management of Starlink Logistics want to formerly and officially inform you that we are in possession of your Parcel from UNDP Grant Donation.

Below is the content of items will receive from the UNDP Grant Donation.

Your charity/donation document include:-
1. Certified Cheque Valued £ 1, 100, 000.00 Great British Pounds - GBP.
2. Clear Source Of Funds Certificate (Certified By International Monetary Fund).
3. Letter Of Affidavit Of Claims From UK Royal Court of Justice (Duly Signed By The Legal Attorney)

Your Application Details
All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Your Full Name *
Your E-Mail Address *
Your Postcode/Zip *
Your Destination Country *
Your Destination City *
Your Direct/Personal Cell Number *
Your Complete Address *
Your Scanned Copy Of Drivers License Or International Passport *

Select shipping option:

Note that Charity/Donation Winners are expected to choose One from our Two (2) International Cheque Courier Service options we offer to enable us instruct you on how to make payment before dispatch of your winning parcel to you on your home address.. — Option 1: By Mail Box — Duration: 3 - 4 Working Days
Calculated Cost: $695 USD

Meaning: This is a normal delivery of your charity/donation cheque to your country and you will be contacted by us for pick up when your parcel arrives your destination. — Option 2: Diplomatic Courier — Duration: 1 - 2 Working Days
Calculated Cost: $975 USD

Meaning: This process of shipment means that our Diplomatic Delivery Officer will be assigned to deliver your cheque to you and will also assist you in cashing your charity/Donation cheque in the bank.

A diplomatic courier is an official who transports diplomatic bags as sanctioned under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Couriers are granted diplomatic immunity and are thereby protected by the receiving state from arrest and detention when performing their work.

We await your prompt response with your details and your Courier Option Chosen so that we can send you payment instruction.

Warm Regards,

Starlink Global Courier Company
Email: [protected]
Dr. Williams Johnson
General Dispatch Manager

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