Netflixnetflix canada taking off supernatural on october 13


Hi Netflix Canada, IF YOU CAN READ THIS! I was gonna write a letter of complaint to you guys, but seeing as you guys don't offer a mailing address, I'll have to do it from here!

I was first shown Supernatural at the age of 11 or 12, I stopped watching it, then began watching it again when I was 20. I am very upset that you are taking Supernatural off of your site due to licensing rights. Why couldn't have renewed them? There are going to be plenty of Canadian fans peed off and complaining to you about this, I DEFINITELY won't be the only one!

This show has created many friendships and has helped people through hard times. For me, it has made me feel not so crazy about believing in the Paranormal. For you to take a show down that helped people and created friendships is absolutely wrong. Considering the fact that you would've still be making tons of money off the show because there are A LOT of fans of Supernatural in Canada.

Could you PLEASE reconsider renewing the licensing rights for the show? I've been waiting ALL YEAR for season 13 to air on Netflix! Please don't make me wait any longer!

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