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I have finally listened to the RUDEST so called professional person while on the telephone. Her name is Cheryl Torelson, she works for the Springfield, MO NCO office. I called this woman concerning an outstanding debt of a client of mine. To make a long story short, she turned the entire situation to being my fault (which is untrue because I found out about this outstanding debt 3 days ago), became very smart-ellick with me, screamed at me, & that's when I hung up the telephone!
110% awful!!!


  • Nc
    ncosux Dec 12, 2009

    That last name is Torkelson.

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  • Im
    Ima consumer Feb 04, 2010

    I really dont feel you know what your talking about. I have had a debt in that office for 5 years and Cheryl has worked with me during that time. If you felt she was rude it was your end not hers.

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  • Fe
    fess Mar 09, 2011

    I have had the same problem. My original debt was with Ozark Anesthesia. They refused to work with me although I mailed them a partial payment 90 days after surgery. The received the payment but they turned me over to Cheryl. She has been rude condescending, and hateful since day one. She is now trying to convince me I owe two bills with OA which is no true since I never had more than one surgery.
    Other agencies and health care providers are receiving my payments with courtesy and tact and are glad to get them. I was also making payment to Cox collections which now is defunct so they turned it over to Cheryl. She is receiving regular payments from me but still continues to call and harass. I do not trust her and have no faith in anything she has told me. She has no integrity in my opinion and will do anything to get a buck. I would like to know how to get in touch wiht her boss. I will be calling OA and Cox in the following weeks to complain.

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  • Al
    alcida Mar 30, 2011

    i just got a call from nco. i owe money. ya wanna know what? i just paid them ALOT of money and asked them if it was all going to be paid if i paid all that amount. they said, "yes, after this it will be all paid up" so that is what i paid. now they "found" some more bills for me to owe all of the sudden. old bills. i know that they had to have had them then, but wanted to wait to get more money at a later date. i called them again, they told me that it is all recorded. REALLY? i want the recordings to take to a lawyer. they are con-artist. rudest people i have EVER dealt with. EVER!!! i just am glad that i dont have to deal with them on a regular basis. i bet their family cant stand them at home. i bet their kids and pets are scared of them when they get home. spouses probably has nerve problems due to their problems at home because of them. unhappy, and sad people.
    rude, i tell you!! mean and rude!! i called them to handle the payment to pay it all off and they treated me like i was dog crap. now i have no money to offer them. they should have taken it all when i had the money. this is my public notice to them... i now charge $1000.00 per second for answering my phone and talking to them about my debts. so if NCO financial in springfield mo calls me again, or leaves a message the charge begins at answer and continues until finished. this is my public notice. 1/30/11.

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  • Ch
    Christina N Sep 08, 2011

    Yes, this has been my experience as well. This lady is rude and speaks to you in a condescending manner. She is impatient and unkind. One of the worst experiences I've had with a debt collector.

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  • Vl
    VL Ward Oct 21, 2011

    I talked to Cheryl today and she was very helpful clearing up my credit. She even prevented a few things from hitting my CBR. I think all of you that are complaining about her just don't want to deal with your issues. I had no idea I had so much outstanding. I have moved several times and had forgotten about the bills. She sent me validation, she was knowledgeable, friendly and kind. I honestly don't know what the peoples problem is. Shes a nice person. One of the nicest in that office.

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  • Si
    simplyliving Nov 21, 2011

    Well, I don't know what her name was but I had a pmt arrangement set up with Cox first and then NCO and when I took over the finances when my husband moved to TX for a job, I noticed that the NCO pmt hadn't been deducted for a couple months. This concerned me so I called them. WOW!! Immediately I was awful and was treated with such disrespect and hatefulness. I was shocked so asked if I could speak with someone else making the point that II had called them so why was I being attacked. She said that the bills were going on my credit report on the 26th and that I needed to pay them off now. We were trying to buy a house in TX so II didn't want this but was honestly surprised to find this out. I did talk to someone else and she worked with me, however, they did put them on my c.r. and it dropped our credit below the acceptable level. We had been building our credit after a business failure for so long and so it was very discouraging to say the least. The problem had been that they could only do the automatic pmt for 6 months but I thought it was for a year so didn't even think about it. We had changed phone companies so they couldn't get hold of me so assumed I was not returning their calls. It was a very bad experience and for those of us that really are trying to make pmts and didn't declare bankruptcy it is a kick in the teeth. It would have been so much easier if we had since now our credit is ruined any way. Someday it will be their turn to be trying to explain. What goes around comes around. Only I feel sorry for them when it does.

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  • Ju
    Justsayin8721 Sep 12, 2012

    I actually JUST got off the phone with Cheryl. I'm a 21 year old who called the hospital about a bill I had recieved and made payment on six months ago but hadn't heard anything from them since. Their billing office told me that my bill had been sent to NCO. So I called and tried to make sure that I had a payment arrangement set up, so that it wouldn't be sent to deferment; she had the AUDACITY to yell at me because I couldn't pay more that I'm already paying at the moment. She then accused me of getting more imaginary debts sent to their office and asked if I was only going to pay $100 a month then too. It's now September 12th. They apparently RECIEVED my account on the 3rd, and I have yet to recieve anything from them. So why, Cheryl, are you accusing me of not paying my bills when I'm calling you BEFORE hearing anything from you? I afterward spoke to my account Admin, Shane Morris, who is truly wonderful and vvery graciously listened to me cry for 10 minutes about the vicious ###. Then agreed that I probably can't afford more than $100/mo. Thanks Shane, I know. Also, if medical billing companies would all bill the same, this wouldn't happen. I was very sick at the beggining of the year and had several doctors appointments, was hospitalized, and had surgery. If there was even just one bill for every facility I was in instead of a bill for every needle they poked me with, doctor that glanced at me, or drug they gave me, I wouldn't have lost track of which bills had/hadn't been paid SINCE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

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