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I am filing a complaint against This is a site that sells old TV series and sell them on DVDS. If one search Naxpmedia on google you will find yahoo questions the quality of DVDS on this site. One response was that the product was never received and possibly a fraudulent site. I am not poor so I figure to take a chance on a $45 purchase. After chatting on line with Naxpmedia I send them a money order. After 1.5 weeks of no reply I e-mail them since no one ever answer the phone. They wrote it is shipped via USPS. After another two full weeks of no items. I tried on-line chat but they shut off their on-line chat system. I e-mail and they wrote it has been "reshipped" via UPS and gave me a tracking number. I checked with UPS representative and they confirmed that no package was ever given to UPS nor was it ever picked up (see UPS e-mail below). The tracking number is bogus. I e-mail Naxpmedia and they deny any wrong doing and said they were not responsible for any "lost shipment". After more than one month I still have no product. Naxpmedia confuses the customer into thinking the shipping company is the blame for no delivery and keeps your money. I wish you would post this complaint on google search web next to Naxpmedia to warn others. If this is not a form of thief, I don't know what is. Thank you very much

Hsieh K.H.

Thank you for your tracking inquiry. Our records indicate that billing information was received for your package on 12/05/07. However, our systems do not show that the package was physically picked up from the shipper's location. To verify that your parcel was shipped as scheduled, please contact your shipper. The "Billing Information Received" tracking scan indicates that UPS has received electronic transmission of package data from the shipper. Sometimes the package is not actually given to UPS on the date the shipper processed the billing information. When this occurs, the scheduled delivery date is calculated from the date UPS actually took possession of the package.

Marla Moore
UPS Customer Service
Tracking Number: 1Z 55V 9Y7 [protected] 6
Type: Package
Status: Billing Information Received

Update by kai hok
Dec 13, 2007 12:00 am EST

This is Hsieh Kai Hok. I received my Third Watch DVDS on wednesday, 12/12/07 at 2:16pm arizona time after almost a month of delivery time. The DVDS are in good condition. Because I want to update my previous complaints as early as I can I did not inspect all discs. However, the several random discs that I played looked good. They worth the money I spent. I have 21 discs with about 6 episodes each and looked like I have all my episodes. Because of the 5 situations cited on Yahoo questions and the fact that I did not receive my order for about a month that I filed my first complaint. I honestly don't know whether I would have receive my discs had I not file the complaint. Under the academic system I would give the quality of the video a B+ and the service and delivery time a F ( which is the reason why I thought this company was bogus). Case closed. Merry christmas and happy new year. Hsieh Kai Hok

Update by kai hok
Dec 13, 2007 12:00 am EST

This is Hsieh Kai Hok. I received my Third Watch DVDS on wednesday, 12/12/07 at 2:16pm arizona time after almost a month of delivery time. The DVDS are in good condition. Because I want to update my previous complaints as early as I can I did not inspect all discs. However, the several random discs that I played looked good. They worth the money I spent. I have 21 discs with about 6 episodes each and looked like I have all my episodes. Because of the 5 situations cited on Yahoo questions and the fact that I did not receive my order for about a month that I filed my first complaint. I honestly don't know whether I would have receive my discs had I not file the complaint. Under the academic system I would give the quality of the video a B+ and the service and delivery time a F ( which is the reason why I thought this company was bogus). Case closed. Merry christmas and happy new year. Hsieh Kai Hok

Update by kai hok
Dec 13, 2007 8:24 pm EST

This is Hsieh Kai Hok. I received my Third Watch DVDS on wednesday, 12/12/07 at 2:16pm arizona time after almost a month of delivery time. The DVDS are in good condition. Because I want to update my previous complaints as early as I can I did not inspect all discs. However, the several random discs that I played looked good. They worth the money I spent. I have 21 discs with about 6 episodes each and looked like I have all my episodes. Because of the 5 situations cited on Yahoo questions and the fact that I did not receive my order for about a month that I filed my first complaint. I honestly don't know whether I would have receive my discs had I not file the complaint. Under the academic system I would give the quality of the video a B+ and the service and delivery time a F ( which is the reason why I thought this company was bogus). Case closed. Merry christmas and happy new year. Hsieh Kai Hok

Update by kai hok
Dec 11, 2007 7:11 pm EST

To all my friends who are suffering the same fate from naxpmedia:

I am 99.99% sure that had i not file my complaint the UPS tracking status would still be " Billing Information Received" which means no package with UPS...

Tuesday, 12/11/07, 8:10 pm Arizona time - NO package.

I post my UPS tracking number to verify my complaints, but I already knew this would also give Naxpmedia a chance to ..finally.. do the right thing, like shipping my order to discredit my story.

To all my friends. once I receive my DVDS I will update the condition and quality.

Just the facts. Hsieh Kai Hok

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Dec 29, 2007 12:00 am EST

I ordered the Boy Meets World Series DVD's on November 25th, and was billed shortly after. I was expecting them to arrive within the next two weeks, but after almost three weeks of still having not received anything, I got an email that said my order was being "reshipped" and got a UPS tracking number. I checked the website and I was understanding of their situation with switching shipping companies. Whatever.

So I checked the status of my item quite frequently, considering that they were supposed to be a Christmas gift and it was already December 13th. But for 11 days, the item's status was "billing information received." I eventually sent Naxpmedia an email requesting more information on the package, since it still hadn't been shipped. No response. Then I sent another email through my Naxpmedia account requesting an immediate refund of immediate arrival of my package. I only received the auto response email saying they received my email and would respond within two days. Still no response, but amazingly my item was shipped! Wow, so when I threaten a refund, my item gets sent?! I'm not one to go through the trouble of sending it back to the company, but I still wouldn't get the item before Christmas, like I'd hope even though I placed the order a month in advance.

On top of getting them 3 days late, on the website, it says that it come with 14 discs/seasons 1-7. First off, we only received 12 DVDs out of the supposed 14. And secondly, after sticking in the first DVD, everything seemed alright until we stuck the last DVD in and it only read Season 6 at the top. What a surprise, we didn't get a Season 7 DVD.

This company is a big scam, they don't respond to customers and don't know how to ship items you order but sure know how to take the money out of your account! Don't buy from them, the DVD quality isn't even that great for their prices.

Feb 08, 2008 12:00 am EST

I ordered the full set of Malcolm in the Middle DVD's on Dec 12 2007... My credit card was charged on Dec 13 2007... I received a bogus UPS shipping tracking number on Dec 24 2007... I have sent numerous emails... they rarely respond and then tell me they are behind due to the holidays, to wait, I will receive my order, they will send me a new tracking number, etc etc I wrote them again at the end of Jan to CANCEL THE ORDER... they have not nor have they responded to me... very unethical site... I will keep up with whatever I must do to get them closed down. I want my money back... I will soon dispute the credit card bill... who else should I notify about this scam site!

Jan 29, 2008 12:00 am EST

I ordered the complete season of the carol burnett show and friends and which they said they had in stock when i ordered this product on 1/28/07 not for a x-mas gift just something i wanted. I received a email on 1?19/08 saying the product was in backorder status and would take 3 weeks for this product to come in from hawaii. Funny thing is if you read the info about the company on the website whoever wrote the stuff surely is not from america.

Avoid this site and never order from them you will never get the product...

Jan 14, 2008 12:00 am EST

Wow! I wish I found this site before I ordered from these crooks! I ordered Third Watch and China Beach on Dec 15. My credit card was charged the same day. I received my bogus tracking # on Dec 24. I too call the phone number they had listed at all hours of the day and of course the center was always down. I also sent emails to get zero responses. I did make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be making a fraud complaint on my credit card. I'm just hoping to get my money back.

Jan 28, 2008 12:00 am EST

Order 2 dvd's Nov.24 2007... never shipped them, never refunded. Also they had BUY/SAFE logo on their site which is no longer on their site. I wrote BUY/SAFE and they asked if I bought a bond, (which there was no option for on Nax site) but they tried to look into it anyway and that's the only time Naxpmedia would email me back and lie about sending a refund. Naxpmedia is a fraud - they show their online chat as not available now which is just a hoax, when you call their number it is out of order- so there is no way to contact them except email... I am looking for any way to report them...

Jun 01, 2008 11:10 pm EDT

My daughter ordered "The Wonder Years" Collection for a Christmas gift, 2007 we have gotten the same "B.S." as everyone else has from this company. It's time something is done about this . This makes shopping online a absolute nightmare for everyone! Who are you going to order from online next year? Not me and certainly not my daughter, not next year, or any other year either! My advise to you NOT TO SHOP ON LINE! I WORK TOO HARD FOR MY MONEY! JUST TO GIVE IT AWAY TO A BUNCH OF THIEF'S, DON"T YOU?

Sep 12, 2008 10:48 pm EDT

I ordered the complete series of Malcolm in the Middle on DVD last November 2007. I was hoping to have it in time for Christmas. The following is an itemized list of my contacts with the company -

11/24/07 4:17 am – I received an e-mail confirmation of my order that I placed with
11/28/07 12:32 pm – I received an e-mail from stating that my order had shipped.
12/14/07 1:44 pm – I sent an e-mail asking the status of my shipment. I ordered on 11/24 and I still hadn’t received anything.
12/17/07 1:11 pm – I received a new tracking number from
12/22/07 1:51 pm – I sent an e-mail requesting an order update since it had been 20 business days since my initial order and the new tracking number only had “Billing Information Received” on No response.
12/26/07 12:12 pm – I sent an e-mail requesting a refund.
12/26/07 12:41 pm – I received a response from Mary in Customer Service at that I would be refunded.
12/28/07 8:29 pm – I sent an e-mail requesting that my refund be credited back to a different credit card number, since the card I used when I ordered the product was no longer active. No response.
1/2/08 10:31 am – I sent an e-mail asking when my refund would be processed and if the refund can be issued via check. No response.
1/4/08 9:35 am – I tried to call Naxpmedia customer service but it said their phone center was temporarily closed and to send an e-mail or utilize their live help on their website. I checked their website and it said that Live Help was unavailable and all my e-mails are ignored. No response.
1/8/08 5:03 pm – I sent another e-mail asking the status of my refund and why have my previous e-mails have gone ignored.
1/8/08 5:44 pm – I received an e-mail from Jennifer Holding from their customer service asking what my question was and my order number.
1/8/08 8:09 pm – I responded that I had requested a refund on December 26th and I was still waiting. I also stated that the original credit card I had used to make the purchase no longer worked and I would need the refund issued via a different credit card or check.
1/9/08 11:09 am – I received an e-mail from Jennifer stating they would check to see if I had received a refund and if I have received a refund, there’s nothing they can do. If not, then they would issue a check.
1/10/08 10:27 am – I receive an e-mail from Jennifer stating that my credit card had expired and I needed to provide a new expiration date in order to process the refund.
1/10/08 10:55 am – I responded that the card is no longer active due to the bank’s merger.
1/10/08 11:07 am – I received an e-mail from Jennifer stating they would issue the refund via check.
1/17/08 10:21 pm – I sent an e-mail asking if my refund has been issued.
1/18/08 9:33 am – I received an e-mail from Jennifer stating that the refund has not been issued and I will receive an e-mail when it is issued.

I never received a refund. I got sick of waiting so I went to my bank and disputed the item and received a full refund from my bank. If anyone else has been scammed by this company, you can dispute the item with your bank or credit card company and usually you'll get a refund. I'm still upset over the treatment I received from this company, but at least I got my money back. I just learned my lesson to purchase only from online companies I know.

Mar 17, 2008 8:17 am EDT

On 2/28/2008 I ordered the six disc set of third watch the TV series and never received it. Repeated calls and e-mails to the site gets no results. My charge card was charged the 58.24, this site is a rip off, how can they get away with this...

Mar 05, 2008 7:31 pm EST

These guys are crooks. Myself and many others have ordered dvd sets and have not received the items or been refunded our money. They have a 800 phone line that nobody ever answers and they have one customer service clerk (Mary Smith) that will return one or two emails and then stops communicating. They change address almost on a monthly basis. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS - They will steal your money and then ignore you.

Feb 19, 2008 11:19 am EST

I ordered the DVD set "The Nanny" from this company back in December 2007. The UPS company told me it supposedly was delivered to me on the 16th of January! This was on the 5th of February! And up till now las week, I still hadsn't received it! I finally cancelled the order about 10 days ago and am still waiting for them to reimburse me for the amount I paid! I know I'll never order from them again.

Jan 02, 2008 12:00 am EST

I ordered a DVD from NaxpMedia.Com and never received it. My complaints are consistent with all those posted on the site. I'm so frustrated at this point I plan to file a formal complaint with the BBB and have NaxpMedia.Com SHUT DOWN!

May 01, 2008 10:19 pm EDT

Got my DVD's a month later, They are bootlegged and do not play.

Jun 24, 2008 11:15 pm EDT

I have also been ripped off by I ordered China Beach from them back in January and got a UPS tracking number that never went any further then the billing contact. I NEVER got my DVDs and despite numerous efforts to contact them I got no contact at all. Phone calls were not answered, emails not answered. I wish I had nown of all these complaints beforeI ordered.

May 09, 2008 8:07 am EDT

hello, my name is danny
like many Of You i tried to contact naxpmedia both by phone and by e-mail before reading this for the last half hour i didn't know the names Of the people that worked there lol
i never talked to anyone nor did i Get a reply through an e-mail
(as of right now) 05-09-08 at 7:50am the website is no longer up i'm in the l. a. area i was Going to buy the nanny series but thanks to all the people that posted a complaint i will wait until
i look into Other sites that offer these Great deals

i am Sorry todd that Your Getting all these bad complaints but i really don't blame the people for being mad lol oh by the way
the same dvd's Of the nanny were being sold on ebay for $230.00 i don't know if anyone Or todd knew but i almost bought them for $230.00 but i found and wanted them for the price this site were selling them for but now thats not Going to happen

thank you all that have writing for making me aware of this site and all the problems you were having
it is sad that i'm not Going to Get my dvd's now i have to wait

bye, peace & be careful of what any of you buy


Apr 28, 2008 5:38 pm EDT

I ordered the Fraggle Rock set for my 5 year old daughter telling her how much I used to like it as a kid. We ordered it together paying $30.00 and counted down the days waiting for the shipment. After 6 weeks I began emailing repeatedly and only received the automated reply that they would contact me within 48 hours, which of course they never did. I found this site through myspace. Today I emailed myspace to complain and query how they could put such an aweful company on their advertising page.

Apr 03, 2008 1:51 pm EDT

I ordered Dvd's and now 3 mths later I haven't received them and they promised me a refund after I turned them into the BBB and I still haven't received that yet. They do not respond to my emails nor phone calls! What a rip off!

Apr 03, 2008 7:37 am EDT

We orderd the full third watch series in December of 2007 for $58.99 my credit card was billed twice for the amount of $58, 99 each time. The charges were posted 12-11-07 and we still have not recieved the dvd series I tried calling [protected] number and i keep getting a voice recorder stating the phone system is temporily down. I have sent numerouse ammounts of e-mails to and have not been contacted anyone from thier company, I still have copies of all the e-mails I have sent them. All I want is the money back or the dvds sent to my home, How can this company be allowed to do this can someone please respond to this. Thank you. Kevin O'Boyle

Mar 15, 2008 9:02 pm EDT


Mar 05, 2008 2:05 pm EST

I agree big time they just added another person to there list. Yes me to orderd the nanny some cds ddoes not work i have tried & tried we all need to turn them in to the better buessness bureu. If they are not going to make it right. It does sound like a scam.

Mar 04, 2008 2:58 pm EST

I just received an order for The Wonder Years Complete DVD set.
Unfortunately, wrapped in the Wonder Years DVD box and labels was actually Carol Burnett.

And if that wasn't slap in the face enough, it looked like it was recorded off the tv with an old vhs tape, then transfered to DVD.
This is the most blatant ripoff I've ever witnessed. How can they get away with this?

Feb 28, 2008 9:21 am EST


Feb 08, 2008 5:17 pm EST

I ordered from them Dec 12 full set of Malcolm in the Middle I am still waiting to receive this. I have sent their customer service many many emails.. they also gave me some bogus UPS shipping number on Dec 24th... the sad part is I ordered this as a Christmas present for my nephew and I am still waiting.

Feb 01, 2008 2:57 pm EST

This is unacceptable. I ordered boy meets world and doug from your website on jan. 4th. Seems like the only way you get your dvd's is if you post something here. I got a UPS tracking number 1Z55V9Y70393408985 and UPS said they haven't recieved the order. I want my money back or my dvd's in good condition.
SOMEONE NEEDS TO ANSWER the PHONE! Your website is Fraud. I am so upset! I really wanted those DVDs.

Jan 04, 2008 1:23 pm EST


I FINALLY did receive my order from Naxpmedia for the Boy Meets World complete series. Well, almost complete - the last season was not in the set even though the order said I would get seasons 1-7.

While the content of the DVD's is not bad, there are some minor issues that I have with the product: some of the chapters skip, and there is one episode that I can't even view to the end. Other than that, I would say the quality is very fair.

Naxpmedia, I am not sure what the hold up was for, but I would like to say that I am still missing a season of what I paid for. While I do appreciate the fact that I received my product, you owe it to your customers to be fair in giving them what they paid for. I am sure that your company was not prepared for the amount of requests that came in, but understand that when you are selling something to the general public at the price that you are, you will encounter many consumers who will take up the offer, especially since it is not available anywhere else.

Just a note it might help if your company responded to the consumer on time; it is one thing to be patient as you have stated, and another thing to feel you are being taken for one. As you can now see, bad news ALWAYS travels faster than good news so it might have done your company justice to act in a professional manner so as not to upset your customers.

I hope everyone either gets what they paid for or gets their money back. I hope that the issues posted on this website come out for the better for everyone involved.

Dec 27, 2007 4:04 pm EST

My sister and I ordered the tv series china beach on December09,2007. My sister bought this series for me as a CHRISTMAS PRESENT. her credit card was charged and guess what no dvds. I was given a tracking number that was just for billing and the item was never sent. After talking with UPS, I did a little researching and guess what china beach is not even available on dvd yet. This company is nothing but a scam. My husband and I contacted the better buisness bureau along with the Attorney Generals office where they are suppose to investigate this matter. We also contacted the fraud department at our bank.I really hope that this company will be caught and charged for scam and fraud. My advice for anybody out there do not order from these people, they are nothing but thieves.

LeeAnn Collins and Laurie Wadsworth

Dec 23, 2007 5:57 pm EST

You are correct thiefs do get caught at one point or another. But with todays technology it does not take long to catch on to a fraud or scam and shut it down. We are not thiefs or scammers. Of course we do not expect you to just believe us for our word, as any small company we became overwhelmed encountered some obstacles and are doing everything to overcome them. For those who were patienct we thank and if you read every complaint and not just the negative ones you will see they are happy with the product they recieved. And we would not simply be online if we were scamming since unlike many scams online that are located in foriegn countries where laws and politics make it harder to shut down sites , we are located in the US , where scams and fradualant sites are taken down rather quickly. Thank you for your time and we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season. And please remember , we try to provide an alternative choice to own your favorite series at an affordable price, even though I will admit our customer service is not what we would like it to be , your primary choice for shopping with us would have been more likely because of this. Most of us , do this to try to give something back we all have enjoyed when we were younger or simply would like our children to experience the quality shows we use to watch compared to what is out there today. We will learn from our mistakes and are in process of taking on new assitance to help prevent future unsatisfied customers. We are doing everything we can and working as quickly as we can to recover from our obstacles and bring you the product and service you have paid for. Again we do appreciate those who have been more than patient and we hope you find it was worth the investment and time, and we are taking as much of the feedback as we can to improve in these areas we need improvement.

Our most sincere appologizes for those we have inconvinienced , and our most sincere devotion to make it right.

Dec 21, 2007 12:00 pm EST

I too, have been going through the same ordeal as eveyrone else... my story is no different. Order my product on Oct 26th, was given the same bogus story about USPS not delivering some orders and they replaced my order with the "bogus" UPS one. I called UPS 6 or 7 times, and nothing ever came of it. The rep told me that because the company had not delivered the package to be sent out, that they can give out as many tracking numbers as they want to (especially if they are set up online with UPS to do this)... all they do is say they have a package that needs to go out and the next available tracking number in the queue is given to the user.

I took the advice of the rest and filed a complaint with the BBB of SE Florida; they handle the division in Miami, FL for where this Naxpmedia company "supposedly" exists. I sugges to everyone to do the same as well.

I may not be too concerned with getting my funds back, but more concerned with the fact that they are playing stupid games with innocent folks. It is sad and pathetic that individuals cannot go out and get real jobs; this is what their life has resorted to so they think that they can scam others in the process.

NAXPMEDIA I just want you to know that in the end you always get what you deserve, and you it will always nip you in the butt in the end. Have fun now stealing people's funds; it won't last long.

Thieves always get caught, one way or the other.

Dec 19, 2007 9:03 am EST

Well I finally received the Nanny DVD set on 12/18/07. They arrived in three cases that all say season 1. One of the discs marked disc 2 won't even load in the player. Although, the rest load, the quality of the picture is very poor and grainy. Not satisfied with this vendor.

Dec 17, 2007 11:11 am EST

I have had similar problems- I thought submitting an order on 12/3 was more than enough time to get the Nanny DVD in time for Christmas. Got a order shipped email on 12-8 and still no DVD. My daughter had asked for this item as her #1 Christmas gift and I am wondering everyday where the itme is. I am not happy about not receiving this producat and am now dismayed that it may never come with all the other similar complaints that I see posted here.
Sent the tapes before Christmas!

Dec 17, 2007 8:42 am EST

I have had the same problems trying to get a order I placed back in October and still havent received it yet, I tried calling the number given and it says no one can take your call every time I tried ,I sent many e-mails telling you I havent gotten my order .here it is six days before christmas and still no dvds my daughter is giong to be so diappointed, I have no tracking number you had my money two months ago still I have no dvds what are poeple suppose to think?
Debie Wimberly

Dec 17, 2007 8:17 am EST

I have also had same probems I ordered boy meets world way back in late October well you had my money over two months ago but still I have no product,I also tried calling the number several times it was always no one can take your call.I havent gotten any e-mail with no tracking number still waiting and its six mailing days before christmas yes I wuold say this is fraud,what easle would it be it should not take weeks to e-mail someone tracking info,I contacted you back at the end of Nov that I didnt have my oder yet,you replied saying you would send a replacement havent heard from you since then,I would surely think your taking advange of poeple and taking our money and sending us nothing in return.

Dec 15, 2007 1:20 am EST

I ordered boy meets world recently about 3 weeks ago and i never received a package and i tried calling them and same thing i get a recording that says no on is available to take your call good bye! I tried emailing them and they wont respond to that either so i guess i will also have to go to my bank and get my money back that way. I am so disappointed that i did not see this website before i ordered from them, what a messed up website they take your money and have no shame and never give you what you pay for, no one to talk to about it either!

Dec 13, 2007 8:17 pm EST

This evening I received my refund from Naxpmedia - the full amount for both orders. I'm not going to apologize for my reaction, and/or my complaints. Today there is so much scamming that it's really difficult to trust anyone or any company that you do business on the internet, that you don't know.

In my opinion, if your phone lines had worked, and I was able to talk to someone over the phone, whether it would be Todd, Mary or Jennifer - I think I wouldn't of complained liked I did on the boards, and felt more comfortable about the situation.

I want to thank you for honoring me my full refund, though I will send back the dvd you sent off because it's only right for you to have it bacik. When UPS comes by, I will refuse the order and it will come back to you.

I really think you should get your phone lines fixed, I honestly feel that your customers will feel alittle more at ease if they could talk to a customer service rep.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Robert W.

Dec 12, 2007 9:45 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Well I've decided I dont want the dvds and just want a refund. I have sent them an email requesting for one. I will wait and see how long that takes. I tried the chat thing but uhhhhh everyone's offline and no one on the phone. This is not the way to go about business. Naxpmedia has made a lot of people unhappy and if they are concerned about these complaints against them, they should've done things in a timely and orderly fashion!

Dec 12, 2007 2:33 am EST

Read carefully, for a time our lines were down completly due to a powerline. And due to us bieng understaffed we have only been able to provide limited phone support.
We have our facts straight.

There is noone scamming anyone here. We do appologize we have not been able to satisfy everyone in the manner they may like. but we do our best.

And if you have not recieved your order you are entitled to request for a refund,

Thank you again for your time , Safe and Happy Holidays to All.

Dec 11, 2007 9:16 pm EST

I had the same problem, no orders, and I place orders back on September 07, and still haven't received my orders - I gave up - these people are scamming us!

Dec 11, 2007 8:46 pm EST

Todd, I thought you told someone early that you had a bad thunderstorm and it knocked out your phone lines, and now you all are doing maintenance? People, they even can get the phone thing right, Todd Banks said this about the phone lines to Kristin, she had with him on live chat here's the link: /URL removed/

here's part of the live chat :

One moment please
: i have been trying to contact your company about it and haven't gotten any response or any one to answer the phones
: The phone system was struck down by a powerline we do appologize
: We recieved an email from you and are resending a replacement free of charge
: how long will that take?

and if you read up, he mentions they are short staff to answer phones! Which is Todd, phone lines struck down by power lines or short staffed? We want to know exactly why your phones don't work! Is it because you don't want to answer irrate calls from customers who didn't get their orders, but you took their money? I think I would shut down my phone lines and turn off my live chat b/c of being bombarded with irrate customers

Get your facts straight Todd!

Dec 11, 2007 8:13 pm EST

I got an email stating that I would get a refund, plus they would still send out my orders to me for free. I told them I just want my money back, they can keep their dvds. I mean it's too late - the damage is done doesn't understand that their working ethics, are horrible. If I was a customer service rep, I would of simiply sent out emails to people and explain the problem - but I had to find out by waiting, and waiting and waiting week after week. And I know that when you send packages off by UPS, you get a tracking number right away, though it may not be functional until 24 hours, but you ALWAYS get a tracking number, I know because I used to work with UPS - you just don't give UPS a package without getting a tracking number. I'm sorry, we are not stupid.

Well, I got an email from Jennifier Holdings about me complaining on the board - well Jennifer like I said in my email to you "facts are facts" I placed an order, you took my money, and I never received my order at all.

There are 2 tracking numbers here they give me - and the orders just sit ...

1Z 55V 9Y7 [protected] 2


look at the date stamped on it - it sits - though I don't want them now - you out there make the judgement call. Maybe in what Todd Banks is saying maybe true, maybe he's not telling the truth - we don't know - but we do know for one thing for sure - we don't have our orders, and they have our money.

Dec 11, 2007 5:22 pm EST

You consider , it work to toil for su customer? I known because im customer as 1yeare and always i have my ordene. I m surety naxmedia it not fraud.

Dec 11, 2007 4:54 pm EST

Customer Service hours are from 9-5pm Eastern Standard time, we have limited Phone staff, and are better equipped to provide service via email. We are a small company offering this product at the lowest price possible. Don't be so quick to judge us, We challange you to find another company who offers what we do at our prices and that doesnt have a busy phone line. Compare products and then research them the same way you have arrived here. Now for how long we have been in business and compared to the other sites not backed by buysafe, do not provide secure google checkout and can't match our prices. Now that does not mean you should have to sacrifice customer service, but we do ask you be patient with us , we were not equiped for the demand we have recieved and anyone who again would like to be patient we are doing everything to insure all orders new and old are delivered by Christmas , now anyone who is still suspicious and unsure , they are welcome to request a refund. We have no intention of taking anyone's money. We work very hard and charge very little to try to offer everyone something very hard to get anywhere else. And we love to hear when our customers enjoy the sets with friends and family, that is our motivation. Although it saddens us to hear when we can not satisfy all our customers , its part of any business, large or small. We try but we are limited to what we can do , and we are doing our best. We will soon be training some new Customer Service Reps and Production Members and hope to increase our service responce and turn around time.

As a Customer Care Representative I work with clients everyday to try to resolve any issues and concerns. Today we are so quick to doubt and express our minds , or like is said give them a "peace or our mind" Well I extend a piece of my heart to you customers for whom we provide this service for , and hope that despite everything that you have a wonderful and safe holiday season. And that you remember we work for a company , but we are people and customers just like yourselves.

We become fustrated when we can not do more . We become upset when something we can not control goes wrong. We feel ashamed when we make a mistake. We are happy when we are able to correct them.

We do our best to be professional and ask you bare with us. We are not a huge company , but we realize our responsibility to our customers and without you we would have no business.

Know in our defence , that we realize their have been a few issues , but we are doing and willing to do our best to resolve them as our resources allow.

Thank you for your time.