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NatureberryUnauthorised Charge

On the 14th August i had $118.64 debited from my credit card account, i under no circumstances authorised this payment. It was in relation to a purchase i made for Acai Burn tablets and was getting this as a free trial so have no idea where this came from. Has anyone else heard of this, as I am very annoyed with this.


  • Dr
    droczniak Aug 18, 2009

    The same thing is happening to me. I called my Mastercard and they say there is nothing they can do about it as I have to cancel the order myself with the companies. Of course there is no valid phone number to do this so every month I can expect to see charges on my account for something I don't want nor have I received. I have a charge fro VIV3 for 133.85 and for Natureberry for $55.27.

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  • Sg
    s gibbins Aug 19, 2009

    yes this has happened to me as well, twice the 28th July and the 13th August, i've spoken to the company asking for a refund but they say it going to take a week if not longer, in english pounds they have taken £288.22 its disgusting scammers i fear

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  • An
    annierad Aug 19, 2009

    Hi, the same has happened to me in south Africa but I used the UK as my order point. I luckily still had my confirmation e-mail and found these numbers and managed to cancel - Toll Free [protected] and Int (+44) [protected].

    I didn't have my account number but the lady found me by using my surname. Hope this helps.

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  • Mi
    miriam wenham Aug 20, 2009

    Hi the same thing has happened to me! I am in Australia and can not get in contact with them. I dont have any products from them! How an i goinig to stop these scamming ###.
    Im not happy about it.

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  • Me
    MelissaOB Aug 20, 2009

    Hi, the same thing has happened to me, yesterday they took Aus $148.01 from my account and I'm sooo mad.

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  • Mp
    mprm Aug 21, 2009

    Hello, I also have the same problem. I am in Canada, but I do not think I got a confirmation e-mail from them. Does anyone have a phone number for Canada? Thank you.

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  • Ma
    marguerite11 Aug 22, 2009

    I have also had the same problem as everyone else here. I managed to cancel the life cleanse but Viv3 lab deny any knowledge of natureberry. I have phoned my credit card and they have sent me a form to try to get my money back. I have also asked them not to honour this charge again.
    Don't know what else to do.


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  • Sj
    Sjaver Aug 24, 2009

    Since last Saturday the same unpleasant experience in The Netherlands. 3 or 4 weeks ago I ordered a risk free trial for Life Cleanse and AcaiBerry Detox. No charge, only 2 times non refundable fee of €3.95 for handling and shipping costs.
    Now they collect via my Visa card 2 times $ 118, 63. Today I spoke with them and they referred to their ´terms and conditions´ mentioned in very small letters at the bottom of their webpage. The offer is a 15 days trial and you have to cancel the transaction within the 15 days, as they say.
    Not during entering the ´risk free´ order, not in their confirmation and not at their invoice they mentioned the 15 day period and a collection of $ 118, 63 after that period. So I have sent them now an email with a claim for immediately (within 2 weeks) refund of the total amount.


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  • Hv
    H Valdes Aug 24, 2009

    It's bad enough that they took £73.85 from my account twice plus a £3.00 fee, but I've just found out that this will be on-going every month. I suggest everyone make sure to cancel this account ASAP and thanks to annierad, I phoned the number you gave us [protected] and with a load of persuasion managed to cancel mine but he was not going to give in about me receiving a refund, that was going to be impossible.

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  • Ld
    L Donnelly Aug 24, 2009

    Hi the same thing happenes to me, 2 lots of £74 been takenand my bank said not a lot the can do. thanks for the number about to try and get this stopped, cant belive it happened.

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  • Ni
    nilgu mehmet Aug 24, 2009

    cant beleive it ordered one lot of acai berry tabs they came few days later received a bank statement telling me im overdrawn i had to pay bank charges, then today i received another lot of tabs i did'nt even order this company looks as though they have helped themselves to my cash that i dont even have in the bank and now i am going to be charged bank charges again, this seems as though it could be an ongoing problem

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  • Ec
    E Cruse Aug 24, 2009

    Same thing has happened to me today.£73.85 has been taken from my bank a/c without my authority.I used my debit card and now I find I cant stop it happening again, and will have to try to get the money back from these blatant thieves.By the sound of the comments from other consumers who have been taken for a ride, getting a refund is damn near impossible.E Cruse.

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  • Mo
    moumaki Aug 27, 2009

    Hi, I too have just been charged AUD 145.00 by NatureBerry for something I never authorised. I strongly recommend to everyone to cancel their credit cards to avoid any future charges. These people are scam artists and will continue to charge your credit card. My bank has recommended I try to recover the money directly from NatureBerry. You can contact them on the following phone numbers: Toll Free UK - [protected] or International number - (+44) [protected] or email [email protected]

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  • Bl
    bluelulu Aug 27, 2009

    Good day from Canada,

    I also ordered Acai Berry and Life Cleanse FREE SAMPLES. Of course, I had to pay the shipment and had to give my credit card number. I received the sample with no instruction at all. A week or so later, I received two other padded enveloppes containing, I suppose, the same products. I simply wrote RETURN TO SENDER and that's it. I did not even have time to use the sample which now, I don't even want to try.

    Today, I received my credit card bill and I am billed:
    VIV3 (2 times X 134.59$) = 269.38$
    Focuscleanse = 130.97$
    Natureberry = 130.97$
    TOTAL: 531.32$ for something I DID NOT ORDER OR WANT and that I RETURNED without opening.

    I am outraged and if anyone has a phone number where I can call to cancell this "takeover" of my credit card, I sure would appreciate.

    Thank you
    [email protected]

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  • Ca
    castaways Aug 27, 2009

    who ever put the Hello and contact our complaints department what a joke just went onto the web page you left and did a live chat and have been told nothing to do with contact natureberry. This is fraud and natureberry are a joke

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  • Bi
    Binger Aug 28, 2009

    To bluelulu.

    The phone number is [protected]. This is in England, so there is a time difference. The office is open from 8-5. I managed to get hold of them after I was scammed. I could not get my money back as I canceled later than 15 days after the first order date (free trial). It turns out that the money you are paying is for the "free" trial and not for another lot of pills. In "terms and conditions" which are very well hidden on the bottom of the page and which I had not read prior to ordering, it also states that if you are not satisfied with the product you have 30 days to get your money back. I phoned them again, but the guy (Peter) said that I could not be refunded since I had not stated in the first call that I was not satisfied. I told him that I was saying that now and he "would look into it" - fat chance! Anyway I have cancelled my account and hopefully won't get more unpleasant surprises. Visa has promised to disbute the charges, but I don't know if they will be successful. I will be canceling my visa card after I know.
    When you cancel be sue to get a cancelation number and the name of the person you speak to. Good luck! I want to wring these people's neck!

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  • Gt
    G. Turla Aug 29, 2009

    On the 26th August i had $119.02 debited from my credit card account, i under no circumstances authorised this payment. It was in relation to a purchase i made for Acai Burn tablets and was getting this as a free trial so have no idea where this came from. I'm trying to block the payment thru my Bank Branch Office but I don't know if I will succeded! Anyway they are really ###!

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  • Gt
    G. Turla Aug 29, 2009

    VIV3 Company involved.
    On the 28th August i had $5.93+5.93 debited from my credit card account for Acai Burn tablets for trial purpose. Then on 26th August, i had $119.02+199.02 debited again from my credit card account I under no circumstances authorised this payment. It was in relation to the first purchase I made to get this as a free trial so have no idea where this came from. Reading the other complains I will try the last chance to solve the problem. I will go to my Bank branch office and try to block the paymento to these ###.

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  • Su
    Sue Klosinski Sep 09, 2009

    I too have been 'ripped off'. Just opened my credit card statement to find I have been charged $118.63 (£74.17) for a 'free' sample. Thanks to all you above who gave the phone number but I have also been told that this is non refundable. I have cancelled my credit card to make sure the ### don't sting me again
    I asked the guy on the phone if this company was legitamate or just a con to rip everyone off.

    Sue Klosinski

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  • Ha
    Hat-Stand Sep 10, 2009

    I have had £74.97 taken twice from my credit card. The telelphone number on the customer servivce section is [protected]. Although this is a UK number it went through to the US I think. I have got through and cancelled everything with them. It took two attempts but it is done. They found my account under my email address.

    They also said that the trial is for the Trial Products not anythign else and that you need to phone them within 15 days to get them free. I have the trading company in the UK coming up as Trading Planet Ltd.

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  • Mh
    m.herbert Sep 13, 2009

    after recieving my trial of Acaiburn and paying for this using my credit card, i have since been charged the following:
    12/08/09 £73.91
    12/08/09 £73.91
    27/08/09 £75.28
    27/08/09 £75.28
    I have no idea why ? i have not recieved anything apart from my free trial because if i had i would of put a stop to this scam weeks ago.My bank said they will block my account however i am still having to pay what has allready been debited.

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  • Hj
    HJB Sep 13, 2009

    They originally took 2 x £3.70 from our current account (debit cards) for the tablets, which was fine. But I have just checked my bank statement and they have now taken 2 x £75 unauthorised from our account?!!! Hilary UK

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  • Su
    Sunny Wilson Sep 14, 2009

    How can you return to get a refund do to their scam when you haven't received the product in the first place.
    Sunny Wilson

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  • Ga
    Gary Lewis Sep 14, 2009

    Hi, These people are theives. All of these websites are designed to be mis-leading.

    This is the one that burned me:

    If you read the fine print in the 'Terms and Conditions', the purchaser (YOU & I) does agree to be billed and to receive an on going subscription of pills. They say you have to 'cancel' your order to stop the pills being sent and billing to your credit card. They say you can email them but there is no email address. There is a phone number in the UK to call also. (not going to call them)

    Anyway, I have cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one so they can not bill me anymore.

    As I cannot contact them they can now go to hell.

    I ADVISE EVERYONE TO CANCEL YOUR CARD AND RE-oDER A NEW ONE. This way they can not bill you anymore.


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  • Fi
    Fivestar Sep 14, 2009

    What are bunch of ###!! I have been sucked in like everyone else and it disgusts me that they can do ### like this to people. I am now organising to cancel my credit cards because of this ###. They will pay for this!!

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  • Ml
    m.lowdon Sep 15, 2009

    Iam a single mum wi to kids i have saved and saved to treat my kids to a holliday and spend sum preshes time with them iv geting back to a bank staitment telling me ov all transactions out ov my account ( card payment to natureberry 27th aug £72.73 ) and a one to ( vitalityclean on the 27th aug for £72.73 ) i wasnt even in this cuntry i did not authorise these payments how can these poeple well no sorry ### jst help them selfs to others cash like that i havent even used the pills as i have cancer and have bean advised not to even think about taken them dont these ### no that times are hard for most now adays and i bet there liven the high life well alls i can say is wot go's around cum's around

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  • Ha
    hals Sep 15, 2009

    I am just about pulling my hair out!! I did not even order the trial version of anything and I have had $118.63 x 2 taken from my bank a/c from company calling themselves viv3 and natureberry !! I was in the process of being taken in by all the hype on a acai berry web page, had put my details in the appropriate columns then saw the small print at bottom of page, (about being tied into regular amounts of money being taken).. because of this i never submitted the order and navigated away.. so I was amazed when these amounts were taken, obviously my details were being copied as i typed them in!! after a lot of hassle i have contacted the company who tell me they have no record of me whatsoever, thats because i never ordered anything from them.. have spoken to them e-mailed them, sent them copy proof of transactions, and now they say that because .com does not follow viv3 on my statement they are not the company, on my statement it says viv3 I know of no other company by that name!! can anyone enlighten me?? oh and when i spoke to someone at viv3 they admitted they also go under the name of natureberry! so would account for the other transaction taken from my ac for same amount..

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  • Ve
    Very very Angry Sep 15, 2009

    It seems to be happening to a lot of people so you 'd think the law in the UK would do something about it wouldn't you...

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  • If
    i f s Sep 17, 2009

    I'm just another victim of this scam. I keep asking myself how intelligent people like all my fellow sufferers can fall for such dubious offers-but we do. I've been charged three times without having ordered anything after the free offer and subsequently cancelled my credit card. I will not be falling for any more of their tricks.

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  • Lf
    lfv Sep 17, 2009

    I also fell for this sick joke. Will never fall for something like this every again. These are sick ### that need to be charged and hope their pictures are displayed. It would make a great dart board. Hope they do get caught and get their criminal record (probably already have one)!

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  • Ya
    yarni Sep 18, 2009

    The same thing happened to me was a sucker to order free trial packs then got these extra charges a few weeks latter of $145.12 from natureberry and wellbhealth a charge of $98.44 .As I haven't even opened these packs I am going to try and return them in hope I will get my credit card credited.
    Haven't even told my husband yet I am so angry that I was taken for a sucker and never dreamed that this sort of thing could happen. I won't be ordering any think else off the the internet ever again.I have learnt the hard way.I will be ringing the bank and see what I can do.

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  • Na
    NatalieSEengland Sep 19, 2009


    have had much the same experiences as everyone else, did not see the terms and conditions on first look on site when ordering free trial, did look as was warey about leaving my credit card details with them as I am with all sites on internet payment sites, they took 2 lots of £74 out of account on same day, it seems from checking statement recieved today. rang and complained on number provided by another complainer above account cancelled but no refund, their colon cleanse DOES NOT WORK and informed them of this, but female on phone ignored statement and referred me back to terms and conditions, also stated that no other product recieved since these transactions, she then explained that this charge was for the bottles we had recieved in the free trial!!! so not only are they FRAUDULANT THIEVES they are OVERPRICED and overated fraudulant theives as acai berries (Juice and capsules) and aloe vera (which are the main ingredients to colon cleanser) are available for a whole lot less than that from you local health food store.

    It would be interesting to see exactly how much of their product is the real thing - anyone out there with the know-how to do this

    Natalie from SE England

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  • Pr
    Priscilla59 Sep 22, 2009

    Had to cancel my bank card and have it re-issued after they charged my account $49.38 . They could not tell me where I agreed to this charge, they just said when I agreed to the "free" trials of tooth whitener, I also agreed to the $49.38. They cannot charge my account again ...SCAMMERS

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  • Fr
    Franny8 Sep 23, 2009

    At least I'm not alone in being scammed by these unethical creeps. I was charged $9.21 (New Zealand ) by VIV3 for what I assumed was the packing and postage cost of the 'free" sample of LifeCleanse. That was expected, but on the same statement was a charge of $180.35 for absolutely nothing at all! I kept thinking that I must have ordered a product from Natureberry that I just couldn't recall, and kept waiting for something to arrive. Nothing did! Of course if I'd used my little grey cells, I would have immediately realised that I would NEVER pay such a large sum for ANY health product. Then I received another Lifecleanse (unordered!) which I didn't open and immediately returned to them. A friend in England rang them for me and demanded a refund on my credit card, but despite the fact that they got their product back in 5 days from New Zealand, today's credit card statement shows that they have still charged me $176.62!! I'm about to contact the credit card crew, and hope like hell that they can help me out. The loss of $357 is truly horrible. I wonder how these people sleep at nights.


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  • Pr
    pradosco Sep 25, 2009

    Hi I just had the same thing happen to me. I have no idea who natureberry and Focuscleanse are I did not order anything or agree to buy anything from these companies. I order the one time no obligation free sample of Acai Berry Detox+ for 3.95 for the shipping. they too bill me twice for this transaction. I am also receiving 2 charges of 131.93 CND on my credit card. I have tried to call the number of the company [protected] (Natureberry)mon-friday like the recorded messages asks you to and there is never anyone there. The other number that appears on my Credid card is [protected](Focuscleanse) is no longer in service. I contacted my credit card company to inform them of this fraudulent activity and they have cancelled my credit card to stop this company from billing me. They are now in the process of doing an investigation and stated that they will be refunding the amts until this problem is resolved. How can these companies get away with this! Why is there no consumer protection on scams like this. These companies will just change there names and continue on scamming people. I can not even find the same product I purchased for 3.95 online anywhere. I hope this advise helps.
    I am a victim of SCAM too!!!

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  • Da
    dawn sheryl Sep 27, 2009

    to call these people ### is to kind i could think of alot of other names for them they are ripping people off and causing alot of stress for everyone they are lucky that they are not in new zealand which is where i am cause i would be paying them a visit. thanks for ph. no. i will try to contact them

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  • Fr
    Fran McLaughlin Sep 29, 2009

    Unathorised transactions being deducted from my account!

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  • Ri
    Rita J Smith Oct 05, 2009

    I unfortunately have also been caught by the same crowd. Thanks for the contact information above. I managed to get hold of a person who could barely speak English. I advised him that I had not authorised any deductions from my card nor had I recieved any correspondence from them advising me of their intention to deduct further money from me. He has assured me that he has cancelled my "order" and I will no longer receive any more products from them. What products?? I have also cancelled my credit card. Surely there is something that can be done about this mob? I have got the bank looking into it but I am not too sure if they will come up with anything. There goes AU$560!

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  • Ma
    macky Oct 05, 2009

    Thanks for this information it has been helpful, although l think may have been ripped off this transaction occurred on the 3rd oct under a dermasolutions. did speak to someone on phone no [protected] however they claimed the trail samples cost $119.02 and the were not going to give me a refund. have tried to cancel on my card still waiting for the out come.

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  • Je
    JEA09 Oct 13, 2009

    They have taken over £70 from my account too. Free trial my ### the scammers!!! I can't stress enough about this I saw the ad on hotmail ive also emailed them. I'm in the U.K what is the best contact number and has anyone actually had direct debits stopped and money back? I mean its just ridiculous.

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