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Natural Source Storesouth beach smile

I'm joining many other people complaining about this company.I was to receive a free trial of "South Beach Smile" teeth whitening product. I was billed for $6.95 shipping for this"free" product, but before I could even try the product, I was shipped another of the same item and billed $79.99. I have been calling their phone number listed to get a RMA number for a week now. Was on hold forever, the one time I actually got a real person, supposedly, their "server" was down.I was then told to call back in 24 hours, which I did, but still no answer. I left message as they offered to call me back asap...still no return call! At this time, I've left 3 messages asking them to call me so I can get the RMA number that they "require"before I can get a refund.I have not received any satisfaction from this company.I currently have a complaint in process with my bank because of these unauthorized charges to my credit card.
Do not order any "free trial offers" from this company. It appears to be the same company that called the teeth whitening product "Ivory Smile" as well as "South Beach Smile".


  • Vi
    ViciousPHB Aug 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was sucked in by this offer. I was charged less than $5.00 for my "free" kit, but soon afterward I recieved a bill for $79.99 and a strong letter telling mt the company had attmeted to bill my credit card several times with no success. I checked the ad several times and no where on the ad I looked at did it say anything about additional charges. If somewone out there is considering a suit, please let me know. I would like to be involved. I was fortunate not to have any other charges brought against my credit card, but I am still as mad as heel and do not want this reflected on my credit report. Thanks for listening.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Aug 17, 2016

    This company is a criminal scam! I got to the bank as soon as they opened and they told me we were not the only ones taken in by this company! The bank quickly cancelled our debit card and advised me to return the package as soon as it arrives and do not open even any mail from them but return to sender! (In spite of how NSS says you can't refuse a package.) Thankfully they had only taken out a few dollars, but I could have lost hundreds! Sparkle was the product I ordered. So my advice is to act quickly by getting to the bank since trying to phone them will only result in continual busy signals, being put on hold, hung up on, or no call backs.

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  • Jo
    Jodi, Natural Source Store Aug 12, 2016

    We are happy to hear that Mike was able to take care of your needs. We would also like to recommend that any time you place any type of order online or enter into any trials with any company, you read the terms and conditions in order to avoid any future frustration. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can help you with in the future.

    Thank you,
    Jodi Schulman
    Quality Control Specialist
    Natural Source Store

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  • Ma
    marcia Aug 12, 2016

    This company offered a free product trial only charging shipping costs.
    I didn't cancel during the 14 day window, so they kept sending their products to me and charging my debit card. The first charge was 79.99 and the next one was for 46.94.
    I called their phone number listed on their web site and after several tries, I did get through to a man (Michael Davis) who said he was a customer service supervisor.
    I wanted to cancel and return the latest package. He took care of my needs right away, but the return was subject to a 15% restocking fee and less the shipping costs. He offered to refund me 20.00 and I could keep the product. I took that offer. I told him that the company has a very poor reputation on the internet. He defended his company by explaining that spyware will redirect to his competitors, but they think it's his company. He was very nice and he sounded sincere. He offered me a 20% off any offer they have listed on the internet. He said they are trying to address the problems.

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  • Ol
    OLPamPam Sep 07, 2010

    I had the exact same excuse with the MC/Visa negotiations. I told them that was unacceptable and they were to send me a cheque. They said it was illegal for them to do that. I asked my credit card about that and they said that was ridiculous and it's not illegal at all.

    This company is no longer in business and will probably open again under another name, so be aware.

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  • Ol
    OLPamPam Sep 07, 2010

    I have had horrible dealings with Natural Source Store. I ordered a free trial of Cosmetyn too. I was almost positive I had read the fine print and did not see anything about extra charges, but when I went back to the site later, it was in the fine print (something like an $80 charge for the product). I phoned and complained that I just received the product (at the end of the trial period) and had no time to even try it before the time was up. They said that since I lived in Canada and it takes so long to get here, that they would only charge me $40 for the product and refund me the rest. Instead, they then charged an additional $40 to my credit card after already charging $80 and never refunded me the money. I called several times and got the run around every time. I went through my bank and they couldn't seem to do anything. I had even gone into my banking the first time when they charged me the $80 and went through a process online that basically indicated that the charge was not appropriate and that I did not want any more charges from this company, so I was surprised when they were still able to charge my card again.

    Anyways, I just called now and the # is no longer in service. What a scam. The thing that really bothers me is that the 2nd charge was basically stolen money. I did not authorize the charge and I did not get anything in return.

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  • Gu
    Guerane Jun 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so disgusted with this company. I don't know if it is the Natural Source Store or Lyderma, they go by two names. That is the first problem I have. I paid these people but still keep receiving emails from them that I owe them money and they are going to charge my credit card. It is at the level of harrassment now. I had about 5 emails just in the last two days from them, saying the same thing over and over. You can not reply to the email they send (or they say you can't). I do anyway. They tell you to call their customer service number to discuss the situation but they never answer the phone. The one time that I got through to someone he told me that he would take the charges off and I would not be charged again. GUESS WHAT! I just keep on getting emails. I am so sick of this company and the unprofessional way they conduct business. I will tell everyone how awful they are too deal with and not to be sucked into their scam by ordering from them.

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  • Fa
    Fademe May 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I say we (consumers) should have the right to place an ad in the very same newspapers they do. Where they (scammers) claim their product is, as know the ones? where they include testimonials?

    Well, if the consumer was able to read "our" testimonials as to the "scam" they are feeding us, right next to we not have the right to be "informed" BEFORE we consider a "scam"? Hence, we should all pool our monies and place such an ad...

    But no, for surely we would be infringing on "their" scammers's rights. What a world we live in "only" have a right to know it's a scam AFTER the, fact.

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  • Co
    Condios236 May 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am very upset over the lack of decent customer service! I received my "Free Trial" 2 days AFTER the trial period was over. When I call the customer service line - I have NEVER gotten an answer, I have left several messages and am assured I will get a return call back. NO ONE has EVER called - and I have yet to make contact with someone.

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  • Fo
    Forsent May 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received the products on Dec 20 afternoon and my initial order was on Dec 8 that means I only have two days for risk-free trial and not 14 days. If I can’t cancel my trial before Dec 22, there will start billing my Credit card on Dec 22 and every 30 days thereafter for $79.95 plus $4.95 S&H for each product-that’s mean they will bill me US$169.80 every 30 days for Sparkle and South Beach Brite. I regret I did not read the fine print before pressing “submit”; I definitely will not try their free trial if I know they will recur charge me. I had been misleading that NSS is offering me free samples; in fact it is only free trial.

    This is their trick to help themselves to take money out from you. In order to opt out the plan and not being charge on the products, all returned unopened products must postmarked 15 days from the date that the products originally ship. NSS do not accept any return shipments marked “Return to Sender”. All return items must clearly list the RMA number. The only way to obtain the RMA number is to contact the Customer Care Department @ [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting. The so call Customer Care number was just answering machine; I can't get hold of any customer care representative. Even the numbers for NSS Executive response team were also answering machines. Starting from Dec 15, I have already made 16 long distance calls to NSS and never have luck to speak to any customer care.

    I already contacted my credit card dispute department and faxed them all the supporting documents (emails and copy of complain letters which sent to NSS on Dec 15) indicating I am not able to contact any of the NSS customer care and most likely I am not able to cancel my trial on time. I have cancelled my old CC and my new card (with new number) will also be blocked until my further instruction. Thanks Annie Oakley for your kind concern.

    I have been spending days and nights to track Natural Source Store contact information. Thanks those good people who shared their painful experiences. By adding piece by piece I managed to e-mail [email protected] stating that I am not interest in their products and stopped NSS to enrol me to their automatic Home delivery Plan. I also request the RMA (return merchandise authorization) numbers so that I can mail them back the trial products. Thanks Steve Wilson.

    Finally, I got reply e-mail from Michael Morman ([email protected]) and got the two RMA numbers for returning the two stupid products. I have spent CAD$8.90 postage to return the untouched trial products to Natural Source Store, 4051 SW 47th Ave Suites 101 Davie, Florida 33314 on Dec 21.

    Due to my negligence, this unhappy experience had cost me over $50 (and hopeful no more) for getting nothing but stress and pain. What a big Christmas present to myself!

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  • Gr
    Gribert May 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company ought to be ashamed of itself. They offer what seems to be a free 14-day trial of the South Beach Brite Tooth Whitener, but in reality, they're just waiting for people to misunderstand their policy pertaining to the time allowed for the trial so that they can stick it to them for the full amount of $79.95. My wife and I are both retirees on a limited income, and unfortunately we were foolish enough to fall for their scam. The amount they've stolen from us really hurts. Please don't be taken in by their fraudulent practices.

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  • Ra
    Ravims Apr 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The products don't work, period, it's just snake oil and the way it's marketed is just a slick way to snag maney out of peoples accounts, granted part of the blame belongs to the people that order this crap, please read the fine print before you register your credit card accounts, nothing is free, the only way these shysters can make money is to trick unsuspecting, gulible people, they are something more disgusting than words can describe, it's only a matter of time before karma takes its natural course and the owners of this scam wind up in prison.

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  • Wh
    Whilly Apr 12, 2010

    They misrepresent what they are sending, the price and the return policy. They do not give you a "free trial" period as they advertise, they do not refund your money and they will continually take money from your account while they claim they are refunding the billing amount. Please, go to the web site that lists the complaints about this company, their billing practices and customer service before you order anything from them!

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  • Po
    Poole74 Mar 13, 2010

    I am looking for individuals who have been scammed by this company as I am working to file a law suit against them. I ordered the free trial on June 17th 2009 in which the terms that were given stated that the trial had a 21 day trial period. I canceled my trial on the 18th day; I was also charged later on the 18th day. I went back to the website in which I saw that the terms had changed to a 14 day trial; good thing I copied the terms on the day that I ordered the product. I called customer service who proceeded to tell me that the terms I had were old and that the 14 day terms had been in effect since the past 45+ days; I talked to someone in a higher department who states that the terms had recently changed but when I placed my order it was already programmed into the system to either charge me on the 15th day or the 22nd day; neither of it makes since if you do the math. Good thing that I did keep a copy when I placed that order as I am talking to a lawyer about the situation now. I think the company is dumb for the simple fact I know I have this case won but they will end up paying big time for something that they could have settled for a simple $79.95. I dont want to make my case more complicated as it is pretty simple now with all of my evidence but I am looking for other individuals who has also been scammed by this company. Please email me at [email protected] with your story and return email address so that I can also keep you posted on the results. I will also be able to mail you the original terms vs whats there now.

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  • Kl
    Klone Mar 10, 2010

    I purchase Cosmetyn and decided to opt out of the free trial period. I contacted them and confirmed that I opted out. I even received an email 6/25/09 indicating "This email is to confirm that you have been successfully canceled from receiving any further shipments and or billing from Natural Source Store ." On 7/1, I returned home from work to find ANOTHER delivery from Natural Source Store. I reviewed my credit card statement to find that they had charged my credit card 56.90 on 6/29-4 days after confirming that I would not be charged! When I called the contact number at Natural Source Store, I was told that my account was still active because they shipped me more product! I am now disputing the charge with my bank.

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  • Je
    jestrada Feb 24, 2010

    learn from your mistakes & dont be too nieve !!! if its too good to be true do some research and even then question your doubts until 100% sure!!!., i ordered 2 products from natural source store in the month of 12/2010 supposetly i was to pay for shipping only wich was less than $5.00 total for the 2 items (tooth whitener), so then i submitted the order gave them my credit card # of course, found out minutes later that i had actually gotten charged $79.99 for each product i immediately called them, & could not get a response finally after almost a half hour of waiting i spoke to a representative she told me not to worry because they were going to waive the retail price & by the end of the day they were going to charge me only shipping charges, well that day went by 2 days, 1 week & still no changes on my checking account., what i did next was to go to my bank & had my checking account cancelled & had my bank do an investigation & up to date is still on investigation!!! then they actually had the nerve to call my private cell# .please don"t fall for this deceiving scam !!!..., javier, in chicago, ill

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  • Ji
    jietan Feb 15, 2010

    Here comes another stupidest idiot victim of ordered the SBS free trial teeth whiten sample, but end up got charged for $79.99. thanks for chase stop the fraud, but since then got lots advertising calls all day during work, driving, day, night, endless nightmare. Tried to resolve the issue with their customer services, but got hang up twice, last they warn me if i don't pay the amount of $79.99 within 7 days, the next caller will be debt collector, the amount will be way over $79.99 then. anyone out there had the same experience with this company, please help.

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  • Fr
    Frances Wirtz Feb 10, 2010

    My story with this company is in the form of a word document. Possible to send as an attachment to an e-mail.

    Frances Wirtz
    [email protected]
    Armstrong, B.C., Canada

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  • De
    depskier Feb 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is scam. They charged me not only for the product, but also tacked on a gym membership and some other monthly dental service from a company in Ohio! I called and got a return authorization for my second shipment, however it has been over a month since they got the product sure to send returns certified mail with a return receipt requested so you can track the return, and still no credit on my credit card. I have called twice and been told they are working on it. The latest excuse was they were negotiating with MC/VISA and couldn't process any charges. I was told it should be resolved in another few weeks. I am contacting my credit card company and disputing the charge and informing them that this company is a scam and should be shut down!

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  • Ra
    Ray DiNardo Feb 01, 2010

    I paid the $ 4.95, the day after I recieved the bottle, I was charged $58.95 for the product, without my authorization, I called this co. and they refused to take the full bottle back or issue a refund...I'm filing a dispute with my credit card co. BUYER BEWARE, this is a classic BAIT-N-SWITCH move...

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  • Le
    LEARNED THE HARD WAY2 Jan 20, 2010







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  • Sn
    snooz Dec 27, 2009

    I foolishly signed up for the free offer on 12/21/09 (through the ad about a women using two types of whitening) and had the same experience with multiple unauthorized payments from my credit card... $79.98, two charges of $11.98, and $0.98.

    It was really odd from the get-go... almost 30 seconds after I'd signed up online, a woman called me to confirm and discuss the $11.98 entertainment book offer. Later that day, I checked my bank account online and discovered the other charges. I began calling Natural Source Store and found this page online. Jeez... I felt like such an idiot.

    I immediately canceled my credit card and got the number for my bank's fraud department. After a few days, MANY phone calls, some investigation, and small fits of rage, I was finally able to leave a voicemail for Natural Source Store. The message says that they'll call back in a couple of hours... well, it was more like 10 hours later, but I was glad to get the call. A man calling himself "Michael" (but who had a heavy Indian accent) spoke with me, but claimed to be completely ignorant of NSS's fraud. He said that he didn't even have the contact information for NSS or any of their representatives and that he was with a separate company that just confirmed orders. What a load of bull! I basically told him that he was full of ###, I knew it, and I would be filing a report with the authorities.

    Today is 12/27/09... I just checked my bank statement and the $79.98 charge is gone... but the others are still there. I'm calling the bank tomorrow to see what's going on with those.

    Good luck to everyone who is having problems with this company.

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  • Ch
    Christopher Auen Dec 23, 2009

    I want to explain something here, cause I was upset with this company also. I called and got the same message and kept pressing 2. finally got threw to the customer and they were very polite and agreeable. I had ordered two different products so the total charge was like 160.00 for just one month. I told them I did not know about the enrollment and they lowered the cost down to 20 dollars a month and canceled one of the products and they just gave to me free of charge. So I got two of there products, one month supply for 20 bucks. Keep trying to get through, its worth it. Merry Christmas !

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  • Ve
    Vellis Dec 23, 2009

    Tried to contact their customer care at [protected] to cancel their products within the 14 days no risk free trial period, the advertised customer care number was just a repeated recorded messages keep asking you to choice one of their menu without directing your call - what a waste of time and a waste of my long distance call charges!

    I tried to e-mail them and send them letter indicating I am not interest in their products anymore. Since I did not here bcak from them and have no way to contact them, Inevitably, I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop them keep billing me.

    My initial order for free trial on Sparkle and South Beach Brite Tooth Whitener was made on Dec 8, today is Dec 18 and I hadn't received any products from Natural Source Store .

    Two S & H charges had been already billed to my credit card on Dec 8 plus they charge me twice on membership fee as well (US$11.98 each).

    Please stay away from this company.

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  • Ma
    madvictim Dec 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is a post from ED Magedson – Founder of [redacted].
    Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E.

    According to the majority of victims interviewed by [redacted], those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: “we could not do anything for you” or “you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days”.

    If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges.

    Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on [redacted].com. And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent!

    Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get.

    And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state.

    Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the charge(s) to your account; no matter how long ago it was. Be sure to call the Media if necessary so you are telling the truth.

    If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics should still work. The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form.


    If the charge was to your credit card (not debit card, check card, or checking account), contact the credit card company as soon as possible to request a dispute form. Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months), but it is better to act right away. In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won't contest the disputed charge. In rare cases, credit card companies will review disputes, but refuse to reverse the charges. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here.

    Remember… Don't let them get you! Make sure they make the [redacted] .. The more Reports filed on a Company or individual, the more likely it is that the authorities, media and attorneys will want to take action.

    And good luck… Let us know how you do!

    ED Magedson – Founder [redacted].com Author of

    [redacted] PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280

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  • Br
    BrotherGriff Dec 22, 2009

    Here's another one...I have the same complaint as everyone else. However, I ordered my free trial on Friday and already have been billed all of the same charges as many others by Monday morning! I cannot get through to anyone yet, today is Tuesday. If any reps from this company are reading this, I have read your terms and conditions, it clearly states that you have a 14 day trial period and will be billed on the 15th is day 5 and I was billed on day 4...I may not be a math major, but this seems a little premature. I will not suffer the same fate as these other people. I want my money back! I suppose the fact that I only live 2 hours north of you should help, I would LOVE to put a face with a name...

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  • Re
    remdonna Dec 19, 2009

    I unfortunately have also have fallen into the WHITER TEETH TRAP. After a CNN report I decided to order my free trial of South Beach Dazzel White for $1.95 shipping and handling AND my free trial of South Beach Brite for $1.95 shipping and handling. I have not recieved either product. I HAVE RECEIVED A $1.00 charge and then once that cleared two charges for $78.95 . Total charges $165.00. I immediately called the phone number listed in Davie, Florida. Had to listen to a five minute advertisement for stretch mark removed then the automated system hangs up. 4 times. Ive already cancelled my cc card. CROOKS your lucky im in Pennsylvania and your in Florida. Id show you how we handle someone ripping you off around here. You might think your high and mighty now but you leave that office eventually. Hope you all get what you deserve you rotten crooks. Donna Pennsylvania

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  • Am
    American Boy Justice Dec 17, 2009

    I have been scammed by this company. And I am PISSED OFF. My advice is to call your bank right away. Tell them there are UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES. GET A NEW CARD RIGHT AWAY. MY BANK GOT MY MONEY BACK. This bunch has been out there for a while doing the same SCAM 100 different way. See for your self, and tell me you don’t see a pattern. Here is some information I have found on the internet surrounding this company, its officers, Senior employees, previous companies, current companies, known phone numbers, known addresses, public records, registered domain names, basically anything and everything I could find. And the story smells of a SCAM scheme to get people lured in with a free trial and steal their money. They have a return policy set up like a slot machine in Vegas. They use this return/cancel policy as a blanket to keep law enforcement from putting them in jail. But the Policy is too A Fraud and a Scam. Customer service is tied and expected to do what the Money Makers want, its not their fault. So don’t blame ole Jodi. She is probably just a regular girl that needs a job and is caught up in this mess. All I can say to her is get out if you have any dignity as a human. So enough said this is what I have found. Check out some of the sites. Research the products names and you will see they are all the same product. They just have had to change their names a hundred times!!!

    Alan Cohen
    David W. Hausdorff
    Henry Hausdorff
    Irma Hausdorff
    Debbie Sadeghi
    Frank Gusmano
    Bruce Cohen

    Country Associations: USA(Florida, Colorado, Utah, New York, Chicago) United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
    Product Suppliers: China, USA, Canada
    Business Nutrition/health, Retail, multi level marketing, importer
    Companies/aka/dba/Past/Present/addresses/products sold /SCAMS/domain names association with in one way or another …
    Natural Source Store
    4051 SW 47th Ave
    Suites 101 & 102
    Davie, Florida 33314
    Found this address was used once in an ad for Natural Source Stores
    6565 taft street Hollywood fl 33024
    2006 Yarmouth A
    Boca Raton, FL 33434

    SIC Code and Description
    5999, Miscellaneous Retail Stores, NEC
    NAICS Code and Description
    453998, All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (except Tobacco Stores)
    Agency: Broward County/Tax Collectors
    License Number: [protected]
    Status: Active
    Company ID: [protected]
    Telephone: [protected], [protected]
    South Beach Supplements LLC
    18205 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2213
    Aventura, FL 33160
    Telephone: [protected]
    Products- Male Enhancement, Glycogone Diabetic Formula
    3. Cosmetyn
    4. premium whites- [protected]
    5. Smilewhites Pro (latest scam)
    6. South Beach Brite (latest scam please look for yourself, look familiar?)
    7. Dazzle Smile- scam ran its course had to change the name of the product
    8. Celebrity smile- scam ran its course had to change the name of the product
    9. Premier whitening (Look Farmilar?)
    10. Dazzle smile Pro
    11. Alta white [protected]
    13. there’s some association here, not sure what
    14. Gold Coast Events –Shares same address as natural source store
    4051 SW 47th Ave Ste101
    Davie, FL 33314
    15. C-Stumpo Waterproofing of Florida, LLC
    18205 Biscayne Blvd Ste 2201 Aventura, FL 33160
    18. Metro MSI - Innovage - Metropolitan Management Systems- same address
    4051 S.W. 47 Ave Suite #101
    Davie Florida 33314

    21. EZDOZE
    South Beach Supplements LLC
    18205 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2213
    Aventura, FL 33180

    22. Brookstreet Securities- Same Address
    18205 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2213. Aventura, FL [protected]
    23. Benehke & Associates- same address
    24. Boca Business Council, Inc.

    25. Protect Your Children, Inc.
    26. Town & Country Title Guaranty of Hollywood
    6565 Taft St Ste 101- Found an ad for Natural Source Stores using this address
    Hollywood, FL 33024

    Letter from FDA: -this shows past deceptiveness
    Other scams I found that look a lot like these
    Miscellaneous related websites
    South Beach Smile — Free Trial Scam
    /URL removed/
    Natural Source Store — incorrect charges.html Source Store, LLC — cannot reach customer service to cancel membership removed/
    And there are about another 1000 complaints on the internet if you research all these other AKA’s and chameleon like business practices they have used in the past.
    Good luck! Let run these evil people off!!!

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  • My husband ordered this product on line of course thinking that he would get the product for only $1.95 shipping charge. We were charged $79.95. I flipped out when I saw the charge on my online banking. I made my husband call and he got frustrated and hung up on them because he had returned the product and they still didn't give us a refund. Today, I followed up and spent over 30 minutes arguing with "Joseph" on the phone about what a ripoff this deal is. He said he got flack frim his manager but he would only be able to resend us the product my husband returned in hopes of getting a refund. I am so mad about being taken advantage of. My husband obviously didn't read the "fine print". Has anyone received a refund from NSS SB Smile?

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 29, 2009

    Sounds like you need to call your bank and do a charge back!

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  • Kr
    Kristie B. Oct 29, 2009

    I ordered the same product of smile bright and dazzle white. The dazzle white was easy to return and they are suposed to be refunding me my 87.00, but smile bright was very rude and said they couldn't give me any kind of refund because I didn't call before my trial was up. I did call and like the others all I got was an answering machine which I left at least a dozen messages on and no return phone call. When I finally did get someone they told me well we didn't get the message. This company is a scam and a crock of crap. I am submitting a complaint to the better business bureau and to my credit card today. There has got to be something someone can do.

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  • Ko
    kossy Oct 19, 2009


    -1 Votes
  • Ci
    CINDY01 Sep 16, 2009


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  • Cw
    cws4o79 Aug 26, 2009

    Billed for something not ordered-have tried to cancel numerous times, but bills show up weeks after already thought was canceled

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  • Ed
    Edthebad Aug 14, 2009

    On 5/28/2009 I was looking for teeth whiteners online. This sight popped up with a risk free trial only pay shipping of $6.95. I entered my information and kept receiving a box pop up to sign up again with a live agent, which turns out to not be a live agent. Intuition kicked in and said this is not legit. Confirmation email was received that it did go through the next day. I called them on 5/29/09 to cancel any membership that was referenced in the email. Jeff advised that I did not need to call and cancel because it was trial and no further billing would take place. Well, 6/16/2009 I get a deduction from my bank account of $79.95. I call them and they advise they can credit me half the amount today and I can keep the product. I am not paying for a product I cancelled membership on the day after I ordered a trial and paid $6.95 for shipping. Marlene Rivera, the floor manager stated that I cannot get a full refund, but, I can get a 50% discount for the product that I did not authorize shipment of, but, she will forward my dispute to the General Manager whose name is Frank Gusmano. I have not heard from Mr. Gusmano.

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  • Jo
    Jodi, Natural Source Store Aug 04, 2009

    We would like you to know that we have read your complaint and appreciate your feedback. We post our terms and conditions on our website, email the terms and conditions and have the terms and conditions listed on our invoices. I am sorry that you chose not to read them. We do recommend that with any company, whether it be ours or anyone else, if you place an order online, to read the terms and conditions and make sure that you fully understand them prior to making a purchase. However, we would be more than happy to help you with your situation and would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you further about it. Our Executive Response Department at our corporate office is dedicated to addressing any customer issues. Please contact our Executive Response Department at [protected] during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM) so that we may be of further assistance.

    Thank you for choosing Natural Source Store,
    Executive Response Department
    Natural Source Store, LLC

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  • Ke
    Kevin Jul 18, 2009

    This company uses deceptive advertising to make people believe they are getting a free product sample for the price of shipping only then charges your credit card for full purchase price. We returned the second (unordered) shipment and have Post Office delivery confirmation. The company claims they did not receive the returned merchandise.

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  • Al
    Alex Jul 02, 2009

    On 5/28/2009 I was looking for teeth whiteners online. This sight popped up with a risk free trial only pay shipping of $6.95. I entered my information and kept receiving a box pop up to sign up again with a live agent, which turns out to not be a live agent. Intuition kicked in and said this is not legit. Confirmation email was received that it did go through the next day. I called them on 5/29/09 to cancel any membership that was referenced in the email. Jeff advised that I did not need to call and cancel because it was trial and no further billing would take place. Well, 6/16/2009 I get a deduction from my bank account of $79.95. I call them and they advise they can credit me half the amount today and I can keep the product. I am not paying for a product I cancelled membership on the day after I ordered a trial and paid $6.95 for shipping. Marlene Rivera, the floor manager stated that I cannot get a full refund, but, I can get a 50% discount for the product that I did not authorize shipment of, but, she will forward my dispute to the General Manager whose name is Frank Gusmano. I have not heard from Mr. Gusmano.

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  • Pi
    pipercat09 Jun 23, 2009

    As all of you above I was not only ripped off by this sad excuse for a company but the individual that claimed to be the Operations manager was loud and rude! Companies like this should be put out of business!!!

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  • Do
    don shelly May 27, 2009

    i dont know if my message went threw.if it did good .i tried to call many times but allways get a busy signal.i just want auto ship canceled and a rma # to return product i didnt authorize 1 was for 79.99&the other for 46.96 please help!

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