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Natural Source Store, LLCcannot reach customer service to cancel membership

I ordered a free trial of the tooth whitener. When I tried to call and cancel the membership, the one and only phone number given either had a message or there was no answer (during business hours). Let it ring for 10 minutes one day!!! Have had monthly orders sent to me that are being charged to my credit card because I cannot cancel membership.


  • Pe
    peteee Feb 21, 2011

    alan cohen of this piece of [censor] company should have his BALLS cut off.

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  • Kl
    KLa29 May 26, 2010

    Natural Source Store is the biggest scam ever! Their products are crap, they trick their customers into a free trial, and they start charging your credit card $80+ monthly... I cancelled my credit card, returned all products and was promised a refund that I have still yet to see to this day. Their excuse is that since I cancelled my credit card, I need to file a disupte with the credit card company... which makes no sense whatsoever. PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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  • Aa
    Aai Apr 01, 2010

    I am also a victim too, when I called to cancel the product and called to get the RMA # if you return an order but the lady who answer the phone convince me to just keep the product, and pay for $49.95 and they will stop the order. But I receive a bill on the mail saying that I didn't cancel my order. This is such a scam, people we have to be careful especially with this kind of company who rip off people who are so innocent. I think "FREE TRIAL" is a big SCAM>>>never again...

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  • Ch
    cheffie Mar 13, 2010

    I to got this risk-free trial offer. Its BS. They need to be stopped. I got the charges, was told they would discount and even was threatened that If I didn't pay they would take me to collections. I only got it because it was on an NBC news page discussing what a great thing it was. Its all Rubish. More reasons why I will not do busness over the internet. If it sounds too good then it is an automatic Buyer Beware

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  • Jj
    jjyeng Mar 08, 2010


    I have had the same problem, and had to cancel my credit card account to stop the scam. However, I was charged for two additional months of $80.00 approx. before I found out the deceptive business practice of this ompany. Would some one tell me how he/she got the charges to credit card reversed or got refund from the company? Do you have the company's mailing address? Thank you.

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  • Ki
    KIMBO40 Jan 20, 2010

    This is ridiculous...I ordered the free trial and they "accidently" charged me another month after I canceled my membership. Everytime I call they tell me the wait time is longer and longer to get my refund..DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

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  • Da
    dawnmill Jan 19, 2010

    I have an identical story to all of the above that I have read. I too have been fighting for a refund that should never have been charged on the first place. I took Steve Wison's advice (his complaints are on this site) and sent an email to this Jodi lady. Here are the emails...

    On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 2:38 PM, <dawnmiller\> wrote:

    Hello Jodi,

    My name is Dawn miller. On 12/06/2009 a trial order of South Beach Acai was shipped out to me. Before that 14 day trial was over, I called to cancel but was only given the option of leaving a call back number for a representative to call me back. I never received that call. I have called several times. I recently saw that my bank was debited $58.95. Nowhere in the Acai literature did it mention that I would be charged $58.95 without my consent. I finally got through and spoke with a real person today but was told there is nothing I can do to get my money back. I also spoke with supervisor, Alex Sonduer, and he informed me that it wouldn't matter who I spoke with...nothing can be done. All I want is my money debited back into my account. Can you please help?

    Thank you, Dawn Miller

    Order ID: AJ4672-57757

    (And now a return email from Jodi)

    I am forwarding your email to our Director of Customer Service. His name is Frank G. and he should be getting back to you shortly. If you need to reach him his email address is [email protected] and his phone number is [protected] x314.

    Thank you,

    Quality Assurance Specialist
    Natural Source Store, LLC
    4051 SW 47th Avenue
    Suites 101-102
    Davie, Florida 33314
    [protected] x 307

    After a few minutes on the phone with Frank G., he gave me a refund number and told me to mailed the product back. He also said I might be charged a 15% processing fee which I said was unacceptable. He said he would do what he can do.
    So...I will mail it in tomorrow and see what happens. Hopefully I will get the full refund because I will accept nothing less. I gaurantee this will never happen to me again!

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  • Lc
    lchang55 Jan 19, 2010

    I am also a victim. I ordered on Jan 2nd and got a warning email from my credit card company for unauthorized charged. I called the credit card company telling them $1.95 was the only thing a I agreed to pay. I called the crappy company on Jan.4th, the very first business day I could contact them to make sure I won't get any un-authorized charge on my card. The woman answered the phone was very ambiguous. But she said they will call me if I don't call them.
    I didn't receive anything until Jan.16th, exactly when it should expire. Before I receive it I though I would never receive it. I was planning to call the credit card company to dispute the charge they placed on me.
    On Saturday and their customer service is closed. I called them today, Jan. 19th to cancel the trial. The woman insist the the trail period already passed. I was furious and told her I will fight until the end. Then she gave me a RMA number and I need to send the package back as soon as possible.
    I will cancel my credit card today so that I won't be getting additional charges.
    It is a very dangrous company and it should not exist.

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  • Ku
    Kujo2020 Jan 18, 2010


    I've just realzied I've been a a victim of this scam. I received almost the exact same charges. I'll be calling RBC tomorrow morning to dispute them. Have you had any luck contacting the company?

    7 Jan 2010 MDC*Lucent [protected] CA 97.65
    91.96 USD @ 1.0618

    26 Dec 2009 NSS*SB BRITE [protected] FL 84.90
    78.95 USD @ 1.0753
    24 Dec 2009 MDC*Brites [protected] CA 21.49
    19.99 USD @ 1.0750
    24 Dec 2009 MDC*lucent [protected] CA 96.75
    89.97 USD @ 1.0753
    11 Dec 2009 NSS*SBSmile [protected] FL 1.09
    1.00 USD @ 1.0900
    10 Dec 2009 MDC*Lucent [protected] CA 1.09
    1.00 USD @ 1.0900
    10 Dec 2009 MDC*lucent [protected] CA 1.08
    0.99 USD @ 1.0909
    10 Dec 2009 NSS*SB SMILE [protected] FL 1.03
    0.95 USD @ 1.0842

    I didn't receive the "free samples" until 4-6 weeks after completing the order, so I wouldn't have had the chance to cancel within the 14 days.

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  • Mt
    Mtl_queen Jan 17, 2010

    TOTALLY AGREE! I contacted my VISA RBC (montreal QC) and the other 3 rd parties that have been using my Visa account unauthorised! Such as;
    7 Jan 2010 MDC*Lucent [protected] CA 97.65

    1.00 USD @ 1.0800
    16 Dec 2009 BARGAIN DINING [protected] DE 13.04
    11.98 USD @ 1.0884
    16 Dec 2009 EVERYDAYS DISCOUNT [protected] DE 13.04
    11.98 USD @ 1.0884
    I've requested to VISA to cancel my card. They "claim" that the consumer will STILL be a able to force withdrawls from a "closed" account? If I had no funds in the account, they would not allow a transaction to pass for my benefit, it would be a USF ? So what's the difference? Because I allowed the first part and to my ERROR did not read the tiny fine print, makes it ok? This is a "legal" way of Fraud? If credit card companies are "apparently" fighting this issue, then why can't they help prevent any "unauthorized" transactions and using different company names? I suggested, I will tell them the 2 companies as it stands today, that i allow transactions from. Anyone else, please reject, hold, cancel etc until verifying with me? The answer again was NO.
    So far I lost $ 370.00!!! I am not willing to lose now and react later, I want to fix now!
    Any suggestions PLEASE?!!!

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  • Je
    Jeff Y Jan 11, 2010

    If you ordered with a credit card, contact them. They wont credit you for the shipping, but they will stop future charges to your account. I told them that I could not contact the companies. They told me that they would make note of the date that I tried to cancel and stop any future charges. I still have to monitor my account and call the card company when the charges come through. Also, you have to keep trying to get through to these companies. It takes time, but you can get through. The do shady things... The first time i got through they took me information, but as soon as I said cancel, they keep say they couldn't hear me and hung up. I did get them again and canceled. Now, I have to wait to see if, I mean what, they will charge to my account. Hopefully with all that I have done to stop this I hope I have min. the damage. I started the day after I order. Good luck to everyone that fell for this scam.
    Contact the office of the Attorney General of you state, the Better Business Bureau, and the small business association. These are scams simply because of the deception used to lure use us into this trap.

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  • Ka
    Kathy L Dec 29, 2009

    This is very awful! I too have been a victim! They tried to pull money from my account and whenever I tried to call, there was no answer for days! When I finally got in touch with one of the silly representatives, all they did was curse me out of my money and told me flat out I am stupid for trying to get my money back! These things are not right!

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  • Da
    David A Caldwell Dec 15, 2009

    I am another victim of this scam. Can't get through on the customer service line. I have asked my credit card company to change my card number and I am contesting these charges.

    David Caldwell in Beaumont, Texas

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  • Ho
    Hopefully helper Dec 09, 2009

    To contact the Natural Source Store try e-mailing them at >[email protected]< as they are Very comitted to coustomer satisfaction!

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  • Da
    Davcer Dec 07, 2009

    SCAM !!! Cannot get through on phone. On hold over 10 minutes when not busy and it is NOT toll free. Tried many times, finally got through. Don't want to give you RMA number even when get through - insist you must try the product, then call back, etc. Must return product within 14 days at own expense with RMA #. Otherwise charged $70 automatically. What legitimate business does this ???

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  • Da
    Davcer Dec 07, 2009

    SCAM !!! Must call to cancel, but CANNOT GET THROUGH on number given. Tried several times. Busy. When does ring, get put on hold for over 10 minutes and it's not toll free. If you can't cancel you get charged $70 every month. What kind of legitimate business uses these methods ? NONE.

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  • Sh
    shantrevia lowe Nov 28, 2009

    They took money out of my account in the amount of 49.99 and i didnt even recieve a product. I called for a refund which i am entitled to, and i am still waiting for my refund! CAN I HAVE MY MONEY PLEASE! its been like three weeks ago!

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  • Pi
    PissedMeOff Nov 17, 2009

    I made the same foolish mistake, I realized it about five seconds after I confirmed my $1.95 trial offer. I called them right back after reading this post and was told it was too late to cancel / stop the shipment. I told them to keep the $1.95 and the product and just don't send me anything. They said they could not do that. I also asked for a manager and was told there was not one there. I ordered on 11/10/09 and received the product on 11/16/09. they charged my credit card $1.95 and $48 and change on 11/10/09 even though I cancelled my credit card about 2 hours after contact with them. I sent the product back on 11/17/09 with the order# and the cancellation # written on the back of the package as they told me to. I'll wait and see what happens, I can't imagine it will be good.

    I did some checking around the internet and found the Natural Source Store LLC to be run by David, Henry and Irma Hausdorff along with Alan Cohen. They are also involved with other corporations (Dermaplex MD LLC, Cosmetyn LLC, Lyderma LLC, and AES14 LLC). David toots his own horn on his web page and attempts to be seem as a family guy, not the type you would think has no problem ripping us all off. If they don't make good on my $48 bucks I'll let you know.

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  • Lp
    LPierce Nov 17, 2009

    I saw this free trial offer in the NY Times on line and ordered it. I have been getting shipments and charges on my credit card. I feel scammed and tried calling the Natural Source Store but cannot get anyone which sounds like a blessing from what I read. I had to cancel my credit card and pay nearly $300 in charges. This had to stop, why does the New York Times let scam advertising appear in their newspaper?

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  • Bb
    B Bishop Nov 10, 2009

    THIS PLACE IS NOTHING BUT A RIP-OFF COMPANY. I ordered a simple sample of cream yesterday and then some loser Jamician-sounding guy calls me at my home last night, speaking about 100 miles a minute and advises me that I can pick from either a $25.00 Walmart giftcard or a $50.00 gas card. I said, "just for ordering a free sample?" and he said yes. I chose the gas card.

    Low and behold, later last evening I got an e-mail from the company confirming an account has been set up for me and that $11.95 will be charged to my credit card monthly???? What in the hell is this???? These people should be jailed for this scam.

    When I called this morning to inquire what in the hell was going on I spoke with a woman (and I use that term losely) named Tanisha. She gave me a cancellation confirmation number but when I asked that that they forward the confirmation of the cancellation to me in an e-mail, I was advised that they could not. Why I asked. She had no good answer. Considering they were the ones sending me an e-mail to advise of this account that I never set up in the first place, you would think they could send me one regarding cancellation...but no freaking way. I asked to speak with her supervisor and was told that she is a supervisor and that she does not have a supervisor above her. I asked if she owned the company then and she, of course, said no. God damned liars!
    I called back and got a Shannon on the phone. Shannon was equally stupid and ### and pretty much told me the same thing as the first skank and that I would have to contact "the company"Natural Source" in order to speak with someone. First I am writing this comment so others hopefully won't be so stupid like I was and order ANYTHING from the ###s.

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  • Jo
    Jolie Nov 04, 2009

    WARNING: This is a SCAM company. I read a testimonial on AOL and thought it was safe. Where was AOL? And Good luck reporting to AOL about a scam company.

    Tried calling several times but couldn't get through. Then saw the charges on my credit card. Charges PLURAL.. They tried to put on 2 orders of $84.90 each... a total of $169.80 (including shipping which they advertise would be free over $100 - but a minor point). Got a real number from the credit card company. I called the SCAM company and I offered to pay the return shipping to send back the unused and unopened product. But they refused to give me a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) NUMBER.

    $169.80 for what amounts to toothpaste!

    Disappointed to read BBB is not effective in stopping this scam. But where is our Government? After all these complaints where is law enforcement. Why hasn't this company had a visit from local governments in Florida. Is there a police force or a District Attorney office, or a Fraud Division in Davie, Florida?

    Take the advice in these messages and contact your credit card company ASAP.

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  • Om
    omg... Oct 09, 2009

    I just ordered... how can I cancel that order????

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  • Iv
    ivanawinn Sep 24, 2009

    I made the same mistake of ordering their teeth whitening trial (South Beach Brite). Right after I clicked to confirm my credit card info I realized that I had signed myself up for more trouble than good, so I immediately researched the hell out of them, and I came across this website during my search. I want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences on this website. If it were not for you guys, I could probably end up with a couple hundred dollars credit card bill!!!


    Anyways, to make the story short, I was so worried about hidden charges that I IMMEDIATELY called my credit card company and placed a hold on my card. All that was ever charged on my card was $1.95 USD. Now, my membership with them is cancelled. One advice to everyone, record every conversation you have with their customer representatives so that they can not go back on their words and also you can prove your due diligence. You must, of course, let them know that you are recording them otherwise your recording is illegal.

    BTW, I never had any problems getting through to their customer representatives. Also, I have never had to wait more than 2 minutes to get an answer.

    I hope things work out for you guys as well as it did for me.

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  • Ma
    Malish A Sep 24, 2009

    I dont understand how they are in business. Some one needs to stop this company. Its hard to get hold of anyone in their company and they charge your card for ever once they get hold of your number. I already called my bank and my police department about this fraud company. They are unbelievable.

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  • Ky
    KyleAsher Aug 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can't get ahold of Jodi or anybody else. I have left her numerous emails over the past week. Left her voicemails as well as others voicemails. What the hell! 79.95 plus 29.95!! So much money taken by these scammers

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  • Ti
    tickedoffinTX Jul 31, 2009

    I had a charge from this company, listed as NSS ACAI on my statement, for $6.95. I also had charges hit the same day from three other companies, two of which also appear to be a scam, CAPSTARDIET ( and Amino Skin Care based out of CA. The fourth company was American Utility and they appear to be legit. They told me this was a PayPal hack and that's how the thieves got my info. Anyway...I called all three of these companies, including Natural Source Store, to dispute the charges on Monday, July 27th. They assured me that the charge would be removed and that someone from their fraud department would contact me. As of today, neither has happened, so I called back. They told me to be patient. Then when I mentioned I already reported them to the FTC and to my bank, they said they could not do anything about the charges now, b/c the bank would have to represent me. Then she tells me they have a tracking # for a package that was supposedly sent out on Monday, but as of today, has no info. Hmm...


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  • Pe
    Petty Patricia Jul 23, 2009

    I am a victim of this company as well. Will never ever do business with this company again. I cancelled the order and I got billed again. I was on hold for long time and some one answered the phone and dropped the call. I am tired of waiting for this company. I filed a dispute today with my credit card company. Wish I saw these complaints before ordering their product. What a scam!!!

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  • El
    Ellen Lilly-Foreman Jul 17, 2009

    I now have found charges on my credit card that I did not authorize, will cancel card and attempt recovery of charges

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  • Ma
    Martha S Jul 06, 2009

    This is one of the worst company ever. I spoke with a girl today and she was very rude. They said they cannot give my refund and hang up on me. I asked her where she is and she said she is from Florida. I didnt see any terms when I purchased it other than a order form. I will not order it from them. Such a scam. Do not buy from them. Run away from Natural Source Store. I am calling my bank to dispute and will file a complaint with FTC.

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  • Jo
    Jon Brooder May 04, 2009

    I simply ordered what was represented as a sample teeth whitening product. Instead, I received a full package and was charged $79.95 on my credit card. Then, today, I received another package which I did not order or approve to be charged to my credit card. In trying to contact Natural Source I received a phone message saying that no one was available - end of message. I tried several other times with the same result. I then contacted my credit card company and asked them to put a hold on the current charge and told them I would return the product today, which I did. This is definitely a scam.

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  • Le
    Leslie Apr 30, 2009


    I had the same thing happen but I finally got a call from Jodi Schulman and she was very helpful and I got my money back as promise but only speaking with her. The phone # she gave for Natural Source Store [protected] EXT. 307 and she was nice and total me she hire new employess.

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  • Jo
    Jodi, Natural Source Store Apr 29, 2009

    We would like you to know that we have read your complaint and appreciate your feedback. We recently outsourced our customer service to India and have learned our lesson. This third-party customer service company was unable to perform at the levels we demand and as a result, we have moved 100% of our customer service operations back to the US. We would be more than happy to help you with your situation and would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you further about it. Our Executive Response Department at our corporate office is dedicated to addressing any customer issues that may have resulted from these issues. Please contact our Executive Response Department at [protected] during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM) so that we may be of further assistance.

    Thank you for choosing Natural Source Store,
    Tomer Sela, VP
    Executive Response Department
    Natural Source Store, LLC

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  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 28, 2009

    i think i will have to do the same as Zak and Jamie

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  • Za
    Zak Apr 27, 2009

    Oh yeah - And a complaint with the FTC.
    Ft. Collins, Co.

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  • Za
    Zak Apr 27, 2009

    No point in telling the same story... Again. Just filed a complaint with the BBB. I suggest everyone else do the same. We'll see if it gets me anywhere.
    Ft. Collins, Co.

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  • Ga
    Gabby Apr 26, 2009

    I ordered a risk free trial of their Cosmetyn cream on 2/27/09. I was supposed to have 21 days to try it and send it back if it didn't work. They didn't even ship the product until 3/5/09, and I then shipped it back on 3/24/09. I had no problem getting a hold of customer service to get an RMA number, however, the service I recieved was horrible! Thankfully I got a tracking number from the USPS when I shipped the product back, because they tried to tell me they never recieved it. And they charged me the full price of the product BEFORE the trial period was up. I called several times to get a refund- was promised that it would be in my account in 2-3 days on more than one occassion. Now here it is almost 2 months later and still no refund. I filed a complaint with the BBB. This company has an overall grade of "F" with the BBB. Wish I researched more before I "tried" their product! Now I'm out 179.90, and have nothing to show for it! I've been hung up on 3 times by their customer service department while trying to get a refund. And have spoken to two supervisors who have promised me my refund. This company is very fraudulent. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

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  • Ja
    Jamie Apr 22, 2009

    I was also a victim of this company. I ordered a trial of some lotion for $6.95 shipping and called to cancel multiple times with no answer. They ended up shipping me 2 more bottles of lotion and charging me $89.95 and $96.95 for them. I finally got through to CS and was told that they would cancel all future orders but would NOT refund me any money because my account was started with a free trial. I reported them to the BBB, FTC and IC3. This was last week and I just got a call saying that they were sorry that I was not satisfied and refunded ALL of my money. My advice to everyone dealing with this scamming company is to REPORT THEM! They will give you your money back!

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  • Pa
    Paul Griffin Apr 21, 2009

    Today I spoke to Jodi ( natural source store) on the phone. I explained what happened to me and she offered to refund me the full amount minus the shipping/handling and 15% restocking fee. Restocking fee? I also asked why they had treated so many people so badly. She said they made a mistake outsourcing their customer service (those wonderful people answering the phones in India). So I'm returning the unused product with the RMA number she gave me. Hopefully she holds up her end of the deal. Jodi was professional in the conversation. Thank you to Steve Wilson for informing everyone to Jodi's information. I hope this company continues to make ammends with everyone they've wronged. This was the first and last time I will ever purchase anything from the internet without doing a full background check. Now, Advanced Wellness Research is another story. They are the bottom of the barrel ###. There are no phone numbers that reach anywhere outside of India. The president of the company is a piece of ### named Nicolas Molina. He and his mother have been convicted of securities fraud and insider trading. The indian guy I spoke to on the phone whose name was "Sean" ( I didn't realize parents in India named their children Sean) told me it was against company policy to refund anybody for anything. Google advanced wellness research and scroll down to the Better Business Bureau rating and you can read about them.

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  • Ri
    Rigidman1 Apr 21, 2009

    I called information for a number when I didn't get an answer. The number is [protected]. I got an answering machine. My mouth broke out and my tongue swelled. I'm seriously considering suing them. I too called several times to stop the trial. I also tried emailing them without success. The email was returned as undeliverable. I contacted my bank and told them all this and that I did not authorize these charges. They closed my card and are sending me a new one. They're also investigating and will most likely refund my money. This isn't the first time, but will be the last time.

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  • Pa
    Paul Griffin Apr 21, 2009

    Tell everyone you know that is nothing but the bait to draw in victoms. I'm currently in the process of fighting the unathorized charges for the "free trial". Whatever you do, do not give up. That's exactly what their counting on. File complaints with the Better Business Bureau and other organizations that deals with dishonest business practices. The victoms of this scam spread across the nation. I believe a class action lawsuit is ineveitable. With so many angree people and so much money stolen something has to give. It's company's like natural source store that give the internet a bad name. There are plenty of company's out there who value their customers, not steal from them. It's the voices of many that are heard.

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