Legislative Research Center & National Write Your Congressman, Inc.scams stating with congress & has no ties just trying to get your personal info & monies from $495-$5,000

Au Oct 01, 2019

Location - michigan city, indiana 46360
Just happened 10/01/2019
Chad engel-[protected] — [protected]
Gentlemen showed up stating he's with congress & only wants to take a poll on immigration & about business owners taxes.
Complete scam!!!
No congressional ties, only trying to collect funds starting @ $500.00-$4, 900.00 for advertisement only! & scam you across a bs website.
Stay away from these people that show you bs credentials because they are a scam!! & just want your personal information & waste your time.
Has a complete fake photo printed government id & credentials he will show you.
As soon has I realized where this conversation was going as he became very pushy, we told him, provide us your later on contact info, he became extremely unhappy like upset & very pushy still, folded up his books & walked out.
At this point I started to look up this company with complaints, came up with nothing but, complete scams & complaints from all over the u.s.
Beware!!! these scamming people are not only in our area but, out & about trying to scam you!!
Make sure to report asap because they're trying to get your personal contact info & your money!
Also, he's picking up business cards & will show you that are from all over with fake notes in a booklet stating these companies support them. I called one of my fellow businesses that he had a card for to inquire & they said they never gave these people any money nor wrote on their business card to support.
Scam scam scam

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