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National GuardTerrible experience

Do not get me wrong I served on active duty and was happy to join the Guard. I stayed for the long haul in anticipation of getting retirement benefits. After hearing that you get 50% of base pay, you just have to wait until age 60. That did not sound fair. But then it was explained that active duty guys get their 50% base pay as soon as they retire. Some at age 39. So if I put in my 20 years and had to wait 20 years or so it would be equal. Do not believe it. The retirement pay is next to nothing. The Guard has this complicated formula that no one can figure out then when you turn 60 you get a big thanks but very little money.

So beware not only do the recruiters not seem to know this your Guard friends probably will not know it either. Until its too late. But think of the good side, you do not have to practice day in and day out during peace time. You just have to look for a job. Then when the shooting starts they will pull you up for active duty.


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    bigtalldude Nov 10, 2009

    You know one place that practices reverse discrimination is the National Guard. They cater to the blacks no matter what. There have been lots and lots of white males that were smarter and had gobs of leadership experience and knowledge, but because an individual was black they promoted that individual over the white male. Naturally the National Guard will deny it or say they are investigating it, but this happens on a daily basis in every program in the National Guard

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    bigtalldude Nov 17, 2009

    Seems the National Guard think they are above the law. They put people on medical profile for a reason, but then let the individual do mandays or MPA days even though regulations state they cannot do any type o orders while profiled. The active duty should mandate that the National Guard will conform to all regulations that active duty has or else. If you are not fit to do the mandatory physical training then you are not fit to wear the uniform of that service. I do not care if they work one weekend a month or not. It is pure laziness on the part of the soldier or Airmen not to conform to military standards whether you in are a military status or not. And in the National Guard on their one weekend a month supervisors let the troops do two hours of training and the rest of the time they can sit around ###ting on taxpayer's money

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    WHY!! Jun 22, 2011

    Please tell what state is that, becuase it is opposite in CA

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