National Car Rentalissue with the billing-overcharging

Incident number: [protected]

Rental agreement: [protected]


On 5th October we hired a car from the above agency, the contract was for a duration of 24 hours max.

When I checked my credit card statement, I realised that the agency overcharged us (instead of 24h, they charged us for 48h).

We hired the vehicle for less than 24hours, and we did return it at the very same location (same parking bay) on Sunday 6thOctober at 10am (we got on a plane to Maui on that day at noon, so it would have been impossible for us to keep that car for any longer-the flight ticket and boarding pass can be provided if needed).

We dropped the keys in the box as instructed by the lady from the agency when we got the keys on the first day.

I'm assuming this is an automated debit (maybe you didn't check the key box during the whole day on Sunday), but as we did return the vehicle on time and honoured our contract, we're asking for a refund-please only charge us for 24h.

We tried to call them and email them (after contacting the National helpline), but they never answered.

I think you should also audit their practices and the quality of their customer care as this looks very bad to me.

Kind regards

Dr Dominique Muller.
phone: +[protected]

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