national affidavit processing centeri think its a scam

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I recieved a call a couple of weeks ago from an eric johnson stating that he was with the national affidavit processing center and that I owed money on a back cash advanced loan and that if i didn't pay right away it would be sent to my local athorities and i could be prosecuted. I was at work in the middle of a required training when I got the message I called back and the people didn't speak very good english. I pd $200.00 over the phone with my debit he said I still owed $592.00. In the years past I did get into some finacial problems with cash advanced loans so I thought it was true. I immediatly called a debt solution place and wanted to work with them I was then informed that there is no national affidavite processing center, then I see on my bank account they charged my debit $592.00 next to the charge on my bank account there was a 1-800-number I called it and it didn't work it was a non working number. I started googling the name and finding similar stories I immediatly let my bank no so they canceled my debit card and set me new ones I also thought about the name the person sounded indian heave accent and his name was as plain as eric johnson.


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      Dec 07, 2010
    national affidavit processing center - Fraud
    National Affidavit Processing Center
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This company is calling people telling them that they have social security numbers, have will come up on a Federal Docket in the New York area. I don't have any dealings in New York and I have asked repeatedly to send me correspondence related to the matter so I can INVESTIGATE and they will not provide any information. This is definetly a scam. If the feds are looking for you they know exactly how to reach out. As such I am ignoring them and filing a BBB Complaint as they apparently have information they are not suppose to have.

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