National advance paydayPose as a Criminal Law Firm

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If you received a call from [protected] which is not connected when you call back it says it is disconnected or if you get told to call back this number of [protected] this company is a Fraud
They speak broken english with Indonesian Accent, using American names such as chris Martin or Rich.
I have received 4 phone calls inside of Two days from a person stating to be a Chris Martin he is speaking in a Indonesian accent and was very hard to understand on the messages. I got shook up when the girl that awnsered asked me what my Attorney's name was even before asking me who I was. When I asked her what this is in reference to and is Chris Martin there she said she could help me but put me on hold. She then porcceeded to state that National Advance Payday stated I took a loan out from them and advised me that They have hired there firm to prosecute me for failure to repay the loan and the chartges would be Bank Fraud, Theft by Deception and Check Fraud .
They read from a supposed afidavit and had my last four numbers of the social security, my bank account number, home address, phone numbers, even my references.
I did take a payday loan out with a reputable company and was paid back but that was back in 2006 I figured they obtained that companies info some how.
Needless to say I was upset and happen to be in front of my computer so I asked when this occured and they Told me November of 2008 a deposit for $300.00 then put me on Hold I pulled up my banking records and for four months and there was no deposit or activity.
When I pushed further on questions I kept being on hold they stated that they sent email correspondence to me and they did not have to send mailed correspondence (BIG RED FLAG) and when the girl returned to the line I heard someone in the background tell them to diconnect that call. I called back and kept getting hung up on .
They wait a couple of days and try again do not take their call. I have Notified AT& T, Verizon Wireless, along with My State Attorney General' s Office and also Better Buisness about this company. DO Not give them Money of any Kind and Also notify Your Bank and watch your Accounts .


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      Sep 29, 2009

    I too got a call from a man named Sam Smith who had a thick indian accent. He claimed that he was with a law firm Lancheirt law firm. He proceeded to tell me I have a law suit and charges against me from an unpaid payday loan. This Sam also claimed that our conversation was being recorded and I also informed him that I was recording it too. He got frustrated and put his so called supervisor on the phone and his name was Shawn Taylor with a thick indian accent. They did have some of my personal info correct, but not all of it. He claimed that I would be taken to the court house and bla bla bla if I didnt pay this debt. I informed him he was not following the fdcp and his scare tactics didnt scare me. He then hung up on me twice. Later on I decided to call the number back and a lady answered with a thick accent and I asked what company she represented and she stated Advance National Payday. I asked if she was from a law firm and she hung up. WHAT A SACM. The number I was given [protected]

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