Nashua Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Nashua Mobile / Contract cell phone

Jan 13, 2017

Good day, my name is betty maluleke I took a contract cell phone with nashua mobile in 2010, I think the phone I took was a motorola razor if I remember very well. It was a 24 months contract and the money was deducted straight from my bank account, according to our contract agreement they...

Nashua Mobile / Contract

Nov 06, 2015

I have defaulted on my Nashua Mobile Contract Account, and since was contacted by Nashua, where I settled the debt with interest, when I requested a statement to be sent to me, and further settled the balance and requested proof to show that I had paid up, all communication from Nashua to...

Nashua Mobile / reimbursement of money

Feb 17, 2015

On 31/12/14 money was paid into Nashua Mobile`s account via EFT I use to do for almost 2 years. SoI went to FNB (my bank ) and Nedbank (Nashua) that told me that the 145 4023619 Nedbank account I have used for almost 2 years were now closed and that should you have made a payment to that...

Nashua Mobile / misinformed

Oct 08, 2014

I upgrade cellphone contract telephonically. I was informed by consultant that all phone calls are being recorded. I was not properly informed of the contract package and what it entails. Only after receiving my second account I realised that I am being billed for services of which I wa...

Nashua Mobile / Terrible service

Jul 08, 2014

I am utterly disgusted with the service, if you can even call it, with the staff at the canal walk stores, in particular two gentlemen by the names of Shan and Dominic. We were in store to have a contract terminated and everything thing was explained to one member of staff (bear in mind...

Nashua Mobile / Incorrect billing / no refund after more than a month

Jun 02, 2014

was incorrectly charged for "termination of contract" I upgraded and an amount of R2700 was taken off my account. i reported this on the 23 April and yet i have still not received my money back...i keep calling to follow up and i keep getting different responses to my quiry. i called today...

Nashua Mobile / Fraud, bad services, lies

May 06, 2014

I applied for a phone and I never received it, I was never even contacted to collect it, now after I applied for another phone in Nashua Klerksdorp and I collected it and at the end of the month when I went to pay for the one I collected in Klerksdorp I was told that I am billed for two...

Nashua Mobile / Fraudulent airtime deducted by Nashua Mobile

Nov 13, 2013

I contacted Nashua Mobile on the 14th October @ 13:43pm enquiring on airtime (22 x R17.53) which was billed by Nashua mobile during the month of September / October. I was informed by Tebogo Makgari that I had subscribed to Smart Call. I told him that I have never subscribed to Smart Cal ...

Nashua Mobile / Fraud

Sep 19, 2013

On 26 April I, Dries Schoombee applied telephonically for contract at Nashua Mobile - provide them with banking details for credit check. Charlene Vosloo assist me. She phoned to tell me that it is declined, whereafter I went direct to Cell C and were approved for a phone - Nashua deduct...

Nashua Mobile / cancellation of contract

Sep 09, 2013

I called Nashua mobile in July to cancel a contract where the 24 months were up and i was on a month on month contract. after the conversation they insisted on me completing a document which i duly did. the employee who received the dcocument left the company-When i followed in aug they...

Nashua Mobile / Poor service, breach of contract

May 06, 2013

To whom it may concern, In short, I have had and still have issues with Nashua Mobile from November 2012 and still continuing: 1. I was due for an upgrade on the 4th of November 2012. Initially I wanted a Samsung S3, but was told there is no stock. On the 10th I was told that they cannot...

Nashua Mobile / Shocking Service and invalid charges of R16,607.87

Mar 01, 2013

18/1: After a week of phoning the Nashua Call Centre, and they don't return calls when they say they would, and holding almost every time for longer than 10 minutes, based on information they provided I might or might not get reports in an indeterminate time detailing information on...

Nashua Mobile / Upgrade

Apr 07, 2012

I went into Nahsua Mobile Midlands Mall on 31 February 2012 to apply for an upgrade. I was shown 3 phones and I made my decision. I was told it would take about 48 hours. To cut a long story short, it took 2 weeks to receive my Nokia Lumia 800. The battery on the phone was only lasting...

Nashua Mobile / Unprofessional company & breach of contract

Feb 03, 2011

I signed a contract with Nashua Mobile, Pavillion Durban giving all required details to the company who loaded another person's banking details resulting in my account not being paid & suspended. I check and report this to NAshua, Fidelis Makoni. My banking details are entered. The...

Nashua Mobile Centurion Mall / Appaling Customer Service

Jan 23, 2011

I have been experiencing endless unsatisfactory customer service from the Nashua Mobile Branch in the Centurion Mall. I upgraded my contract in October 2010, one of the sales staff suggested the Nokia E72, which I agreed to. What the staff member didnt tell me is that there was a stock...

Nashua Mobile / Nashua Mobile's MD does not return phone calls


My cell phone contract came up for renewal and I started the process of renewal through their call centre on 6 July 2009. Had appalling service from Kishendrin Ramaya and Sechaba Selokoma - between them a month passed during which they had all my renewal documentation to hand without...

Nashua Mobile / Termination of contract


I had a 24 month contract with Nashua which epired on the 5th of May 2009. I went to Strubensvalley on the 6th of May 2009 to inform them that i won't be renewing my contract. Brenda who helped me then asked for a letter of termination, i handed the letter over to Brenda and she...



Went to Nashua westrand to collect my upgrade on the 25th of Feb 2010, when I opened the box at home the one button of the phone was very loose, as we went to Welkom that weekend I did not get change to take it back. The tuesday 2 March 2010 the button fell out, I took the phone back the...

Nashua Mobile / Fraud and cheating!


I will NEVER recommend anyone to sign up with Nashua Mobile. They are quick to sign you up and getting you sorted with a connection – but don’t expect after sales service. Complaint 1: I didn’t receive my first statement until after the 3rd month after the call center...

Nashua Mobile / Unacceptable service


Complaint regarding service levels at Nashua service provider I have had a Nashua cellphone contract since December 2003 with insurance cover costing me R60.00 per month. On Saturday I visited Nashua in Boksburg and wanted to hand in my cellphone for repair. I was told that I could not get...