Nãoorder placed in this company

I Aug 07, 2018

The person indicated on the receipt would have to send me a package with documents and so far nothing.
Confirmed by email as I extract:
Good evening Madam,
We are Yaminra Diplomatic company.
The Company charged with the sending of your package with registration number A TSD 098,
From Kabul International Airport to this address below-

Name: Isabel Maria Santos Ferreira
Address: Rua do Casal, N. 31 - 7 C
2735-354 Agualva Cacém,
Mobil phone: +351 [protected]
This is to inform you that we have arrived at Heathrow International Airport in London this evening at 18:15.
The packages which does not belong to the Red Cross will be inspected by the British Customs Service.
This Requires a Fee of 1, 200 Euros.
This is an export duty tax to be paid by you.
Note that our flight will be at Heath-row Airport for 48 hours, the time for all Humanitarian goods which we are
delivering will be loaded off.
After 48 hours, our flight will continue to Lisbon.
Please kindly locate a Money Gram Agency near you and send 1, 200 Euros to this name below-

Name: Jesse Ross
Address: Heathrow International Airport
City: London
Country: UK

After sending the money, get back to us with the information that you used to send the money and a copy of the Money Gram.
So Kindly locate a Money Gram Agency near you and go there with the above address to send the money.
Treat this with utmost Email Urgency and get back to us after making the payment.

Best Regards,
Jesse Ross. "

You can check the receipt that the same company sent me and confirmed the amounts received in London.
I await the package with the utmost urgency.
If it does not happen, package or my money back, I continue with this subject to Interpol.
Best regards,
Isabel Ferreira


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