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Nadia Sulaimanignorance and vanity

The mother of the octuplets' painfully obvious plastic surgery makes her look like some kind of aquatic monster in a bad '50's horror movie -she in no way looks like Angelina Jolie. Nadia's elevator does not go to the top floor and she is one fry short of a happy meal. She is very calculating, irresponsible, delusional, ignorant, and in much need of help. Hopefully, all her children will be taken away from her and then be reared in good homes, and the doctor(s) complicit in this will have their licenses revoked!


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    diane turner Feb 12, 2009
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    How dare someone like Nadia be so irresponsible in asking for this type of procedure in the first place !! I am appalled. The State of California is in such distress and now to ask that us taxpayers pay for her irresponsibility is horrid... It should be required that she be "neutered" by Health and Social Services so that she can not do this crime again and it is a crime. Morally and ethically in all ways!! The doctor on the other hand needs to be suspended from doing this procedure and he needs to submit to pyschological testing also...

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    Cynthia Hackney Feb 13, 2009
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    I think the doctor should be largely fined as well as loose his medical license. Nadia should loose all of her new babies. They are now the states infants to support. There isn't anyway she will be able to care for all of the children with our without help. It was totally irresponisble on her part, as well as the medical team. There are plenty of parents wanting to adopt and give this children a better home, were all of their needs we be met. This is a choice she made. Nadia was very selfish to bring more children into the world that she can't afford. She already had 2 disabled children. They are going to need more ongoing care. This again will be the tax payers. Where did she get the money to pay for the surgery, as well as her plastic surgery? How long has she been getting food stamps from the government. Obvisously she abuses the system.

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  • Le
    LegalRN Feb 14, 2009

    Why is everyone up in arms? I don't hear anyone screaming and ### about the black family that has 3 generations of 27 people including grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, all of the aunties and uncles, sons, daughters, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces and nephews on welfare. Oh, but that would be racist...This is EVERYWHERE, people. Not just the new freak show and her litter of kids.

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  • Su
    susan Feb 14, 2009

    I think she is a disgusting person, and this is merely a ploy to become famous and get money from people.

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  • Rn
    RNguy Feb 14, 2009

    i agree with LegalRN !!! living in chicago and working for a hospital that welfare deep .. i know of many blk women who have 10+ kids and also remain on welfare aid !! why not spade and fix them like dogs too!

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  • Wh
    WhiskeyRiver Feb 14, 2009

    Please forgive me if this is a bit long, but I just have to get this off my shoulder:: As to the surgery-
    I agree, ...she looks totally hideous!. She should most CERTAINLY sue her doctor for making her look like Jessica Rabbit. Or, for a career change, ..if she dyes her hair platinum, can she get a job as a Celebrity impersonator? A Jessica Rabbit look-alike?In Vegas, singing? YES! Then we wouldnt have to pay for all those diapers! AHA, ..a solution!LOL!
    I also must say that if I were to try to look like someone, it wouldnt be that foreign baby buyer! Now, theres a hook-up! Angelina Jolie should contact her about buying a kid, ..or three? Oops! I forgot, ..Nadia's kids arent from a 3rd world country.No chance there, since kids from the USA dont sell too good on the market these days. Sorry, Nada, ..or is it Nadia? Who knows for sure.Cynthia, who posted above, has it right, ..where DID she get all that money?? Maybe she didnt have to pay money, ..? Lol! In my opinion, if she could pay for plastic surgery, the government shouldnt be paying for her kids, .clean to their 18th B'day, ya know. We'll be payin for 18 years.
    And, not only the multiple 2nd set either! Us, the tax payers are paying for all 14 of em.Grrrrr!!! And I wonder, will she even send any of us a Christmas card? I doubt it.
    To LegalRN.and RNguy who posted above::
    Oh no! This does NOT go on all over the country. Yeah, many families, ..not just black, but also white, and Hispanic, ..have tons of kids, grandpas, grandmas, generation after generation
    living together, etc, and why not. BUT, and here's the kicker-they did it-Naturally!! Get it?? Non-Artificial, and NOT with media coverage to play on.Also, I just bet many of those families arent expecting us, WE, ..the American tax payers, to foot the bill! Just a point of reference, ..I know a couple of families, living on the reservation, who are just fine with their massive families, whom they love dearly, and they are NOT on welfare.
    To RNGUY:
    You are disgusting to say what you just said, about anyone.You are not an RNGuy, and I would bet on that.You and your little friend, LegalRN,
    are nothing more than a couple of racists.Genuine RNs feel quite differently about people that your poor, sad, pathetic posts indicate.
    An end to my relieving rant? That doctor should be banned from practicing that procedure ever again.Ever!

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  • Qu
    QUEST Feb 15, 2009

    People want to focus on this woman having 2 chances at IVF & it working x14…OH…& how it’s NOT FAIR. At first everyone was thrilled for the 8, now she’s a hated women & the children may suffer because of “BAD” PR.
    I find it truly AMAZING how SOCIETY can… take valuable TV time, Internet Space, & SOCIETIES TIME Discussing this Issue with this woman… after all we live in a “PRO CHOICE” society. RIGHT?
    “NO ONE will ever FULLY know the truth of the deepest secrets of this woman & her family.”

    -Where’s the “PR” & extensive coverage on these IRRESPONSIBLE women having “drug” addicted babies over & over again… COSTING THE TAXPAYER BIG BUCKS?
    -Where’s the “PR” on these TEEN Pregnancies & what is being done to prevent it?
    -Where’s the “PR” on these woman having repeated s3x & having abortions (of a real life) for a senseless act they chose to do… oh… right…. “PRO CHOICE”? Can’t forget that.
    -Where’s the “PR” on these LOW INCOME, un-wed, UNEDUCATED, women who “CONTINUE” to have multiple babies on “WELFARE”, with “BABY DADDY’S”-different fathers… most are raised without these fathers involved, they have no education, & most of the children have nothing & no manners? COSTING TAXPAYERS & THE ECONOMY MAJOR MAJOR BUCKS as they get a FREE ride & many whine for more …& we Pay for it! (At least Nadya has “Parents” wether they are nice or not, that somewhat support her, and Nadya has/is getting an education. Oh, & she “was” MARRIED.) Her 1st set of multiples LOOK Amazing & Healthy… oh… and well Mannered, too.
    -Where’s the “PR” on these “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” that come here without prior healthcare & have babies & these “BABIES” are now on our healthcare system… costing us MILLIONS! (I am a citizen & I CAN’T even get some VERY IMPORTANT things covered for my children…& we WORK DAY & NIGHT for a GOOD INCOME & HEALTHCARE?) What’s wrong with this picture?

    Leave the woman alone, she’ll work through the reality of things, herself. She may be smarter than we think… she may be taking an easy ride TO MAKE A statement… look at all the freebees the New president wants to Stimulate to the Economy. Why not take free welfare to raise your kids… others do, why not take it, but instead of having 14 kids with unknown or “Baby Daddy’s”, have’em planned & in a healthy environment. It seems she did. The woman may have some Psychological issues… but why do we focus on her… why not focus on the BIGGER picture of Society & the Psychological issue it has by not DOING something about “CHILD ABUSE”, “DRUG ADDICTED BABIES”, “BABIES HAVING BABIES”, “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS”, “ABDUCTED CHILDREN”, ….. the List Goes On!!!
    If she wants a reality show… SO WHAT… she may have a Reason unknown to anyone as to her thoughts & reasons for what she wants in life. Make all the speculation you want, but she’s done it better than the “WELFARE” addict.


    People…. taking these kids & putting them in our FOSTER CARE SYSTEM…. LOL…. They are much better where they are… Less likely to be molested, split up, abused, or TOSSED from place to place. Look at the statistics & the KNOWN statements from children in the FOSTER care system as well as adopted from the System…. the story’s can be awful… I have seen first hand…. and it is only by CHANCE that a child will end up in a good family & a real running start in life through “our good ole’ GOV. System” BOY…I BET! LOL!

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  • Ev
    eve4c Feb 15, 2009

    What about go after the doctor and the sperm donor for child support. That will make them think twice about their action before hand. And she looks more like Jack Nickleson's Joker in Batman.

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  • Jo
    jojojo Feb 16, 2009

    The few dollars needy people get to keep worm and fed is not the reason the medical system is expensive. Below is some example where the real money is going? Corporate welfare and wealthy people welfare is far more expensive.
    For example Merrill Lynch had suffered a $21.5billion in operating loss in the fourth quarter, it than received 25 Billions of dollars in bail out money from the tax payers. Despite the loss and receiving taxpayer money Merrill set aside 15 billion for 2008 bonus to its executives. Bonus for what…? So here is a company doing such a bad job that it needed tax payer money to stay afloat and yet it is given themselves billions of dollars in Bonus. We have lost all sense of reality and what is important. We are so lucky in this country to have the safety net in place for people in need. Sure it gets abused with human nature such as it is; it can use some tighten up to lessen the abuse. Do you know anything about the "Farm Bill"? This is where wealthy people buys huge tracks of land and the government pays them millions of dollars not to work the land; and to qualify the land owners must not make over, I believe, $2, 000, 000.00 per year. Imagine making that kind of money annually and still qualify for government hand outs. And there are so many other examples. We must not be distracted by the pennies the needy people get. Let’s pay attention to where the real money is going….. greed, greed and greed.

    A society must be able to care for its citizens that are least able to care for themselves, and in America we have the framework in place to do so. If we keep our priorities in check we aught to be able to meet these challenges

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  • Sc
    scott Feb 20, 2009

    I recently watched a documentary about a family living in the Appalachian. They are a christian family and the mother had a bunch of children and she was on public assistance, and now most, if not all of her children, and grandchildren are also on public assistance. I don't see the difference between having too many children separately, or all in one shot, yet no one is complaining about Christians like these people, or the Orthodox Jews who have have six or more children and have to be on public assistance. If she had wanted to destroy most of the Petrie dish fetuses, the right to lifers would have protested. I suppose she listened to the right to lifers that those children already had souls, and that they were already babies and she grew attached to them and couldn't bear to give them up, or destroy any of them. The right to lifers message is starting to be heard and adhered to. They should be thrilled!

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  • St
    stacjes Feb 20, 2009

    This is food for thought for any race in America. McDonald's hires. That's what is wrong in our nation, is everyone thinks they are entitled to a free ride. Birth Control is free at most Health Departments. It is not our(tax payers) responsibilty to bail out people for their bad choices. It is not your right as a immigrant or irresponsible person to mooch off hard working people. Get a life, Get a job, or get out. Nadia made a choice, she is a opportunist.period. Its a money scheme. How long will she survive without interviews and media?

    A Russian arrives in New York City as a new immigrant to the United States.
    He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank
    you Mr. American for letting me into this country, giving me housing, food
    stamps, free medical care, and a free education!"

    The passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am a Mexican."

    The man goes on and encounters another passerby. "Thank you for having such
    a beautiful country here in America."
    The person says, "I not American, I Vietnamese."

    The new arrival walks farther, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes
    his hand, and says, "Thank you for wonderful America!"
    That person puts up his hand and says, "I am from Middle East. I am not

    He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American?"
    She says, "No, I am from Africa."
    Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?"
    The African lady checks her watch and says, "Probably at work."

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  • Co
    Coitrina Feb 20, 2009

    First and foremost, I have tried to google the question I am about to ask...but found no answer. So, I came here, registered..and am posting my question. Here it is:

    How did this lady afford to get in vetro fertilization? I won't even ask about the plastic surgery, because I assume the answer to the first question might answer that one. I'm sure this has been brought up ALOT, and the answer has already been submitted..but through my searching I was unable to find it. Thank you ahead of time for answering :)

    Just an FYI to the subject of illegal immigrants:

    I am a tax accountant. I have prepared many taxes for illegal mexicans that live in the U.S. They work under fake social security number's, then file their taxes under what is called a Tax Payer Identification number, or TIN for short. To read more about a TIN, you can google Taxpayer Identification Number in Google, and it will take you to the IRS website.
    Anyhoo, once the client comes into my office with their W2 and their fake social security number clearly written on the W2, we ask for their TIN. They produce the card, and I put a line through the fake SS number, and manually write the TIN number in place. I then file their taxes with their TIN number. This looks kinda bad at first glance. Kinda makes you wonder why in the heck we even hire border patrol? We already know their name and address. Wouldn't you think the government would simply just go to their houses and deport them right after they file taxes?
    You wanna know WHY? It is simple, and something the average American doesn't realize. These illegal immigrants PAY into OUR Social Security and Medicare! Don't believe me? Go get your W2 right now...seriously..go get it...and a calculator.
    Take the wages in the box that says social security wages (box 3) and multiply that by 6.2% the sum of that is in box 4. Now, multiply the medicare wages (box 5) by 1.5%. The sum of that is in box 6. I had you do this, because regardless of HOW much illegal immigrants withold from the federal wages (box 2) they will have NO CHOICE what comes out for SS and Medicare..PERIOD.
    Now that I have blessed you with this information, think about the millions of illegals that work with their fake Social Security numbers. It doesn't really matter in the end..because they are contributing to our Social Security and Medicare system...we NEED them.
    Guess what? After they live in our country illegally for 30 years, they will never qualify for the thousands of dollars they put into our system...because they are..illegal.
    So, in reality, we shouldn't be so damn pissed off at THEM, but more pissed off at a Government that doesn't supply that information to the public..and friviously spends the money that ALLLL of us (illegal or not) put into this damn system!!! We ALL put money into Social Security and medicare (of course unless you work under the table..and alot of 'americans' do that too) and then our government threaten's us with the fact we might LOSE our Social Security and Medicare! The system would take one hell of a huge hit if we TRULY got rid of all illegal aliens.
    Let's not forget what I said before, we spend millions on controlling the border..WTH for?

    Food for thought people..
    Spread the word.

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  • Co
    Coitrina Feb 20, 2009

    ITIN, not TIN

    medicare is 1.45% not 1.5%


    sorry to get off subject, I was simply responding to the last poster.

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  • Lu
    Luppy84 Feb 23, 2009

    I don't know if you heard, but, during and interview, she denied even keeping up with hollywood and didn't pay attention to Angelina Jolie's life or anything like that. That is obviously a lie and she is obviously delusional. She has obviously altered her appearance, because I just saw an older picture of her on CNN and she was really pretty! (and had normal sized lips). I don't know why she would want to look like that, except for maybe an unnatural obsession with BEING Angelina Jolie. Given, she doesn't actually look like Angelina Jolie (maybe Bizarro Angelina), but that would have to be one talented surgeon to make her look like Angelina. Additionally, since it is rumored the eggs were implanted by a doctor in Mexico, it wouldn't surprise me if she got a cheap deal on plastic surgery in Mexico too. Maybe even by the same doctor! We all know that there are some seriously crazy people who convince themself that they can be someone else. I am watching CNN right now, and apparently the supposed biological father claimed that she told him she had ovarian cancer, so he felt sorry for her and donated his sperm to her.

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  • Lu
    Luppy84 Feb 23, 2009

    I addition to the last comment, I meant to say that I think she tries to make her Angelina Jolie fantasy more real by having so many kids...She sees how Angelina has adopted and had so many kids that she wants to as well. Maybe I'm reading to much into it, but I think that is probably her mindset. The difference is that Angelina actually has the resources to take care of a lot of children.

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  • Mi
    Michael Blaisdell Feb 24, 2009

    It's just like the American people to dump on this lady. Because we all don't do it doesn't mean that it is wrong. Mind your own damn business and let this lady love her babies. Unstable? You all will make sure that you do everything possible to make it that way but I believe that she just may be smarter and a whole lot more human than the uncaring people that are down on her. Family is important to some people. Leave her alone. I have a lot more that I would like to say about you whiners and complainers but it isn't suitable to be discussed here. However, if anybody is interested you can contact me off post at [protected] Stay strong Nadia. Michael

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  • Ir
    irma Feb 24, 2009

    This doctor should lose his licence and be investigated for what he is doing... What does he think he is GOD... Very unethical of him. How many couple are trying to have just one child and can't.

    NADIA ( maybe her parents as well) are just looking for public support and definitely MEDIA support. Guest apperance on shows for fame.
    If EVERYONE in the media had left them alone... that's where they would be right now ALONE.
    However...We all live on media news and thrive on this...
    I'm guilty.
    Yet I would not give her a single penny my tax dollars are paying already for this. What is this world coming to! Irma

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  • We
    Weddingqueen Feb 24, 2009

    To: LegalRN and RNGuy

    First and foremost, if you are going to make that comment, then you need to do your research. There are just as many if not more WHITE women having 10+ kids and are on welfare as black women. So, yes the comment you made was racist. The bottom line is that ANY women, no matter what race she is, is 100% irresponsible for putting themselves in this type of situation. She has no job, she does not have a large enough home for these children and now she is accepting and depending on government assistance to take care of her family. This is completely irresponsible on her part. She needs professional help to determine her mental stability, and eventually at least some of those children will most likely end up in the foster care system, which is truly unfortunate for them. She did not have to have all 6 of those embryos implanted, and considering she already had 6, she should've had 0 of them implanted. They can be donated, they did not have to be destroyed either. and I am so sick of hearing people say dont attack this poor woman. She is not a poor woman, she is an irresponsible one, and the only sympathy I have is for those 14 kids who will now suffer because of her decisions.

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  • Ha
    hatecons Feb 24, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I think this woman is clearly nuts and not only is she doing this for money...but she is obsessed. Her mother clearly said that she is OCD. Who knows a person better than the mother who raised them. This girl is obviously obsessed with Angelina Jolie. She had writtent letters to her and I am sure when Angelina didn't responds she took her crazy ### and had all them babies...kind of "i can have more babies then you Angie" but did she forget that Angie and Brad are rich as hell. She makes herself look like a scam and while she tries to ACT like she cares about them kids...she is a phony ### and I hope that those kids get taken from her and put into good homes before they are tainted with her disability!

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  • Ha
    hatecons Feb 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh and for the record...the racial comments are just as ignorant as this woman having babies especially coming from a so called ought to be ashamed of yourself with your comments! You are just as ignorant as many of the others. I wish it was possible to see through racist people because you wouldn't be able to touch me let alone deliver a child of mines if I knew's a shame the types of people who get licenses now a days!

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  • Fo
    forreal Feb 24, 2009

    So typical, so called Americans always quick to bring race into everything and oh yes, don't forget being judge, jury and executioner. Isn't funny that everyone forgets that the NATIVE INDIANS are the original Americans and the everyone else are IMMIGRANTS...SO REALLY NOTHING BELONGS TO ANYONE OF US BUT THEM! Get educated before you rant and from what I recall the mexicans were in Texas before it was taken away from them...hence why they ended up where they are now...No wonder America is in the state it is in today...pure and simple IGNORANCE!!!

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  • Oc
    octomom admireer Feb 26, 2009

    i dont agree but she has to do what she has to do

    rock on octomom!!!

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  • Kw
    KwillS Feb 26, 2009

    Why are you people making such a big deal? Oh, well. Nobody's commenting on John and kate plus 8, or the Duggars with all them kids. If this woman didn't need help or government assistance, we as taxpayers wouldn't be saying a dam thing. What about all the money that we taxpayers pay for stupid stuff that the government come up with that don't even benefit us as people. It's plenty of people on welfare that don't even have the number of kids as her and were paying taxes for them. But who's complaining (not a sole) It's not just black people using the tax payers money, whether you want to believe it or not, it's all people who are struggling and in need of help. That lady loves her kids and want her kids just like any other mother or father. Lets mind our business people and talk about other things, like where else does our tax money go. Some of us have a life and some of us don't. The ones that gossip and complain about Nadiya Suleman, Jessica Simpson and her weightloss, Angelina and Brad not smiling or talking to every person they see, Rhianna and Chris (fighting), who had the best and worst fashion (oscars and globe award) don't have a life at all. So get one and make good use of it. Imagine what the world would be like without people like us. If you can't I sure as hell can! (peaceful, quiet and positive) KWillS

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  • Ra
    raquel Feb 26, 2009

    I am very pis off with this USA ### because now everybody gets pregnant throw they kids in they mothers, and the government comes to save them with new huge houses, new cars, life supply of food, cash, clothes and toys, with my tax money, WTF how about us? How about me and my 2 daughters that I decide to have and I struggle everyday with them? Who will help us??? ### her, and ### all those who help her.

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  • Co
    Coitrina Feb 28, 2009

    As far as looking like Angelina, there is no way! She actually looks like that one lady who resembles a tiger...especially the lips. Personally, anyone who adds stuff to make their lips fuller rarely looks natural. Look at poor Melanie Griffith:(

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  • Ju
    justme09 Mar 02, 2009

    Who really cares if she has had plastic surgery or not!That is not relevant to the situation!!What is relevant is the children who are being condemened because people do not agree with their mother's actions!
    What is done is done and it is not changeable.People need to either help for the children's sake or keep quiet!

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  • Vi
    vics Mar 03, 2009

    I would likw to know how much and who paid for the invitro!!!She has a sheet hanging for a window cover.16 peo[ple living in a 1500 sq.foot home, come on...

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  • Ph
    PHUCU Mar 04, 2009

    To the r.n.s, i live in a 1 bedroom apt by myself and i work. both apartments below me are also 1 bedrooms, but theres about 4 adults and 4 to 5 kids to each apartment. they are white, slow looking, and i havent seen not 1 adult going to work yet. At least this lazy black works full time to pay the 530$ rent.while 5 happygolucky honkies have a letter from the constable on their door.LOL

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  • Ra
    RacistExcuse Mar 10, 2009

    I agree with LegalRN! The welfare problem/issue is everywhere & she is another idiot who is irresponsible, selfish, low life, justifying why the world owes her something, and why deserves handouts! I feel very sorry for the children in her family - what a horrible example of a mother she is for the children. Now we can see how the welfare problem grows. at least 8 of her children will be depending on some type of federal help OUR TAXES! It's a disease - and she should be responsible for her own life and decisions that she made. The doctor should be fined too. What a slime bag the mom and the doctor is. Maybe the doctor should be charged a monthly fee for his part in this and put the food on the table. But wait - RACIST Hatecons has a lot to say ... yep...lets use the RACIST excuse instead of the being irresponsible logic! She is the one who is RACIST - just for the fact that this excuse is being used to bail her out and you. Air Heads.

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  • So
    sosickofignorantpeople Mar 12, 2009

    To the "PHUCU" who lives in her 1 bedroom apartment (from page 1 of comments). Here let me fix your comment for you as it should really read:

    _ At least this Lazy black ### works full time to pay the 530$ rent while the happygolucky honkies have a letter from the constable on their door. LOL

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  • Ac
    A California resident Mar 25, 2009

    Naydia was seen yesterday at the Brea Mall (California) at Macy's . She bought $170.00 worth of fragrance. Have two shopping bags from the Guess store filled to the top with clothes. A friend of mine that works there, said that those lips of her have had plastic surgery on them. She was alone, and the public was going crazy asking to have their picture taken with her. Now where is she getting all this money to spend while the state of California is giving her Food Stamps and money for the three big kids that have "Special Needs" of hers. While she is shopping and having a good o time spending, she is having a non-profit program taking care of her kids and asking donations to have these people their at her new home. Plus, they want us to donate diapers and formula for her babies, so she can have more money to spend on herself? PLEASE, WHAT A JOKE THIS HAS TURNED OUT TO BE!!!

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  • Sc
    school psychologist Mar 25, 2009

    Ms Sulaiman is the unemployed, unwed mother of 14 children. How do you spell "deadbeat mom"? That Dr Phil was taken in by her obvious scam attests to the quality of his crackpot psychology -- Does it work for you? I her case -- You bet! I disagree with concerned citizen in one respect: Ms Sulaiman is not ignorant or irresponsible. She's playing this like a pro and for her personal pleasure, with evident success. The children are the means for her ends. They are incidental.

    Fear for the children is probably not real at this time, there are too many eyes on the ball. But, what will happen when the hoopla is gone and she's on the make for another scam?

    There is one group who deserves our special sympathy, prospective adoptive parents, who must literally and figuratively mortgage everything they have to bring home a child. The Sulaiman saga has to be enormously painful for them.

    School Psychologist

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  • Ma
    Mary Mar 27, 2009

    I agree she is calculating and mentally ill. She also has a desire to be famous. The wreched decision she made in having 8 babies at once speaks volumes . I also dont believe she gives a hoot about any of her kids.

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  • Mr
    mrsbuboltz Mar 31, 2009

    What's done is done! What do you people want her to do now? There are so many people who rant and rave about people on welfare, people getting their medical bills paid for, and the list goes on and on. I am not saying what she did is right but it is already done and can't be changed now. To say what she did is stupid is justified and yes, I don't want to pay her bills either as I find it hard to pay my own. But I am not going to judge people because they have to use medical assistance, food stamps, or welfare. Some people abuse the doubt!! I am a nurse and I see lots of individuals who go without medical treatment until it is too late because they can't afford to pay their bills or buy medications. This is heart breaking to me!! Some people just have to have help!! and I am not going to belittle them becasue they are poor!! Another thing...How did race come into this?? Their are two "nurses" above that wrote horrible things about black people. I am a nurse and have the right to say YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSEL[censored] We all know people who have abused the system and this angers me but there are others that really do need the help...because of lack of education and a good job. I am not going to kick people because they are poor!!! I have needed help in my day as well...and you may in the future. I have no problem helping people who want to help themselves.

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  • Gl
    Gladhe8her Apr 26, 2009

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  • Ju
    justme Jun 01, 2009

    HMMMM...everyone so ticked off that nadya suleman may have to be given welfare to help raise her babies. You all are claiming greed on her part in some way or other. I suppose you who complain are Obama supporters? What was it that was so appealing about him? That he was going to TAKE FROM THE RICH AND GIVE IT TO YOU? Excuse me but who IS SAYING WHAT ABOUT GREED???

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  • Ja
    jam_123 Jun 08, 2009

    all of you people are pathetic and need to worry about your own lives and leave this women and her kids the hell alone!so what if she wants to have a show..certainlly doesnt concern you!!!

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  • St
    ?_Stupidity is Stupidity_? Jul 08, 2009

    I honestly think she is mentally unstable, and it would be better for the children and the taxpayers if social services stepped in

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  • Ci
    Cindy Y Aziz Nov 12, 2009

    How sad. Everyone forgot about Nadia, as a REAL human being, with feelings and most of all, we forgot about the children. How do we think this is affecting them now and going to affect them for the rest of their lives? Yes, we all say we're concerned and feel bad but we're ALL talking about them! Please GOD forgive us all for being so judgemental, opinionated and unforgiving and so unlike the way YOU would wish us to be. We all go through so much in this life and sometimes all wished someone out there could understand. If it was you, what would you do and what would you want for your children?
    I think enough now. I'm sure Nadia knows how everyone feels and what a mistake she has made and what a terrible person she is and etc etc etc! ENOUGH already. WE failed her. Proffesional people that could have helped her then, without her resorting to doing what she did, failed her. She still needs help. We all have issues in this life and we all need help at some point.
    The kids are here, they're beautiful and such a gift. Yes, this is it, she shouldn't have anymore, for their sake and her own sanity. However, the children that she has now, need their mum. They need her healthy so they can have a mother, alive, looking after them. Yes, she may not be perfect but who is?! Some of us wish we could have had a mother.. The oldest kids must be at an age now where they're understanding so much more and can you imagine how all this negativity towards their mum is going to affect them? They may even resent her because of what they'll read, what WE have said! Would any of us want our kids to hate us like that? Please let's let them be. Let's put ourselves in their shoes for just one moment...
    Nadia, if you ever read this, forgive us so GOD can forgive us too.
    For whatever comment may come next, be it sarcastic, negative or hurtful towards me or what I have said just remember, what goes around comes around and the universe is always listening. It might not be now but the tide always comes in and who knows what it'll bring.

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