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MyVet Imagingpayment not received for services

In October of 2017, I entered into a contract agreement with Rayence Inc. to create an Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant "Skill" for their veterinary subsidiary, MyVet Imaging, which would allow users to access product operation and maintenance guides for their line of veterinary imaging products. The project was very time consuming and included daily interaction with the veterinary marketing department, as well as a 4 day business trip to attend VMX, a large veterinary conference in Orlando Florida. I agreed to withhold billing for the project until after the demo at the conference, at which point I submitted a set of 3 invoices, totaling $20, 982.50 in March of 2018., and continued the process of building and testing new product features in order to move from the demo phase to the full launch. This invoice was not paid until August 2018, 4 month past the agreed upon payment date. I continued to work on and complete my end of the project during April and May of 2018, being assured the entire time that I would be paid fairly for my services. When I sent my last invoice in May, I informed the team that my part of the project was (and still is to this day) complete, needing only the written technical manuals and user guides that they had agreed to provide (because these materials need to be created by someone with highly advanced operational knowledge of the imaging equipment that I do not possess). What followed in the coming months was a combination of delaying and stalling on payment of my invoices by requesting endless presentations about use of the Alexa Skill (presentations which I was instructed not to bill for my time in creating), promising payment the following month, and claiming that there were "cash flow issues" that prevented them from paying my invoices. Finally, in August of 2018, I was paid for the first 3 invoices, representing about 2/3 of the project total. Since then, I have made countless unsuccessful attempts to receive payment for the final 2 invoices, totaling $9, 800.

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    • Updated by newell rinehart · Mar 19, 2019

      Update: The company has promised to send payment today in full. While I am not pleased that payment took so long, they have lived up to their contract and payed what they owe.