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Nov 02, 2018

hi people! I just want to share you guys beaware and becareful of this three website.
savethedeals. sg
firstly this three website are under a company name eviano digital
take note that this three website are under the same company!

that what happen I was doing some kind of survey online and 1dollars for 35dollar mrt fare advertisment came, I was tempted to try so I clicked on the advertisiement and register with my email and account number etc. After a few day I don't even remember that about this. one day as I was checking my bank amount and transaction I was shock to see a unknown transaction coffeebox. be euro22.50 37sgd par
I though someone used my card to purchase thing on paris. scam as I say. I research this website and found it was a coffee shop it was all in france or other language do I thought it was some coffee shop in paris.
afterall it pop out some thing didn't remember purchasing from this website and it appear on your transaction? they ask you to email as I do so and I keep spamming their email. until they told me my email was found. so one day night time I once again did a research and found out coffeebox. be was also under sweetsaving and savethedeals so the next dayi went back to the website and saw the hotline and call back the company it take a few mins for them to answer a girl picked up and I told them to refund me which I don't even intend to use their services etc and she told me I will be refunded 3-7days and she will cancel my services.
because I did not receive my refund back at the six day I called back again and she told my different bank take different time to show the transaction and I was unsub from the services too.

finally after today I got back my refund back although 36.65 it was like 45cent less but at least I got my refund and I don't need to change or cancel my card.

so if you accidentally subscribe or register to any of their service firsly call back to their ompany hotline:[protected] which is also stated on savethedeals. sg and mysweetsaving. sg and the company is located in bacelona when I asked them
by the way they are not located in singapore they are really smart they actually registered to. sg I believe they are in cohab with one singapore company if I am not wrong as stated on the website PTE Ltd, domiciled 137 Market Street, Levels 5, 6 & 15, Singapore 048943 and registered under the number 201313242D.
and they even have a singapore hotline which is open only during 2pm-9pm is which they only pick up during singapore timing! think that if they are located in barcelona totally a different timing from us why could they only operate during singapore timing? they are really smart.
so you won't be suspicious thinking that this is a singapore website.
they act really smartly.

by the way if you call them they take quite long to pick up as I believe many people are calling too.

ask them to cancel your services and refund you! and they will ask for your email and first four and last digit of your card.

I was so happy to receive my refund at least I learn from a lesson now that I won't anyhow register to a website now!

any further question to ask me below!

singaporean here

website - fraud - scam
website - fraud - scam
website - fraud - scam
website - fraud - scam
website - fraud - scam
website - fraud - scam

  • Updated by josephine.0806 · Nov 02, 2018

    hi guys I just want to share you guys becareful of this three website I was doing some kind of survey and 1dollars for 35dollar mrt advertisment came out so I was like trying for no harm after a few I totally forgot about this until I check my bank transaction and saw a coffeebox. be 37sgd dedcuted from my bank I was shock and was thinking I didn't even buy from this company I research online and it was a coffeeshop website thinking someone purchase from my card. after a few day I research online and found out this three website are the same. so I keep spamming their email and call back the company savethedeals. sg [protected] which can be found on the website and they told me I will be refund and will cancel my services.
    today I was lucky and I got my refund back although it like 45cent less but at least I got my refund and I dont need to do anything to my card like cancelling.

    so if you ever accidentally sub to their service call their company located in bacelona which they stated under singapore which is a fraud by the way.

    the second time I call its take a super long time like 10mins so you have to wait for the call too

    tell them to refund your money your email and your card number tell them to cancel your services. and spam their email too.

    take note this three website are the same company!
    sorry for my bad english

    singaporean here

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