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Feb 09, 2016

MyOnlineGuide - Phone scam

I spoke with a man who claimed he was from a US Federal grant program and his name was Nick Martin (yet I heard in the background other people making calls using the same name) .Yet he didn'the even...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MyOnlineGuide - Have not received anything, been charged $180

I was called on phone, told i had been selected for a government grant. Gave my personal info, was told i would receive a grant package to file for a government grant witin 10 days. Ihave received...

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MyOnlineGuide - money deducted from account

Financial Resources Services offered to give me access to government student loans for $3.47, and told me that they would deduct $59.99 a month for the service. They wiped out my bank account in two days. The first day they deducted $315.29 and the second day $215.29. BE AWARE ! ! ! IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN RECOVER MY LOSSES PLEASE POST YOUR REPLY.

I never received anything from this company. I also never authorized the charge of 59 dollars from my debt card.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MyOnlineGuide - Withdrawal of Funds

This business is withdrawing funds from my financial institution even though I just started the 10 day free trial 2-3 days ago. I had understood funds would be involved if I chose to continue past the trial period. I find this business is using unethical business practices and when I went to their website to contact customer support my email letter disappeared when I tried to send it to them.

Was charged $ 59.95 on my credit card for some type of study courses. I really could not figure it out. I never heard of this company and, for sure, didn't order anything. My e-mail address is" [email protected] "

i want my 59.95 back who told you it was alright to take it after i canceled within the 1 0day period please contact me as soon as possible i have already contacted the local police and i am very close to contacting the better business b on this con you can not put it back on the card you took it from since i had it cancelled so send my check now and stop this before i gets out of hand you have no right to steal peoples money my address is 2108 nw pollard lawton okla 73505 my ph # is [protected] I WANT MY MONEY NOW SO PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP IM NOT PLAYING THIS STUPID GAME WITH YOU ITS EITHER GIVE ME MY MONEY OR FACE CHARGES IT DOSE NOT BOTHER ME IN ANYWAY COURT AND MORE MONEY OUT YOUR POCKET OR MY MONEY BACK

i did not know about the 59.95 being taken off of my debit card what a shock now i cant pay life insurance because of this i live on s.s.i an this is fraud please return my funds asap i cancled any and all of these offers 2months ago so please do the right thing and replace my money either by money order or check before i move forward and contact the bb and the local police my name is tarina hacker contact # is [protected] my add is 2108 nw pollard lawton okla 73505 i do not want this product all i want is my money back now

these people need to be stop i am unemoplyed right now ans i recieve 288 a week i do not need my money taking from me

they said they would add the money back they did the one but they toook out the second time and i told them i did not wont it.ould appricayte of they would piiinut my money back in my account. one amount of 59.95 and 24.95 they did once but they took out twicr on my bank statement. i would appricate if they will put the rest nack on my card or mail me the check please call [protected].
thank you
donna adcox

would like to cancel also stop transaction out of my act.[protected]

MyOnlineGuide - wrongful deduction

I got a call saying I'd been awarded a Gov't grant and all I had to pay was 3.87 for shipping. Then someone else asked for 19.95 for insurance. Later I realised there was some money I"d be paying every month which they didn't tell me about. I called immediately and canceled the deal. I'm suprised the deduction went through and I've received no grant.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MyOnlineGuide - Did not request these people

I went online to order business cards and some how wound up with this bill for something I have not a clue who or what they are about. If they need business that bad, they need to be more honest. They need to be explanatory, and they need customer support. I didn't catch the guys name (wish I had), but he was extremely rude. He also hung up on me.

Mar 21, 2012

Your company took 59.95 off of my debit card without my authorization. I do not even know your so-called company and I do not know who you are associated with. What I do know is you are crooks and I am doing everything possible to put a stop to your scam.

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