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I was looking for tickets for Disneyland on Ebay to upgrade for an annual pass; found a few sellers and emailed them. I received a few emails from the ones and one was from Jennifer. I'm thinking she would be better since she was a travel agency? We were planning to go that day so after a few emails, I contacted a few phone numbers listed on their auction and got a hold of a young girl who told me to call Peter. Peter told me to call Jennifer.

Jennifer answered and asked me what I wanted and how many tickets I needed. She told me to go to her website and put in a deposit for $50. I told her I wanted tickets to be able to upgrade to an annual pass. She's trying to tell me she's busy and she makes all of teh conversations short. I ask wny her auctions are more than other sellers; she says because her ticket values are more and she pays cash versus credit card for her tickets. I have no clue why that makes a difference. I receive a confirmation via email as to where to pick up my tickets. It's Rodeway Inn Maingate in Anaheim. She tells me to pick them up.

I get to the hotel and go to the desk with my debit card and driver's license. It's obviously a lady that is paid to hold these tickets. She said to pay cash. I said, Jennifer said nothing about paying cash. Now, I know why. She comes out with the tickets and numbers and all these dates. I asked why? Do they ask you what days you go? She said yes, and I said what else? She answered, don't worry just say group sales group sales. Ok, so after I get money at the ATM and give it to her, she tells me to return the one ticket after our stay any time.

I call Jennifer and I was concerned I was using an adult ticket for my child. She says don't worry, they don't care. We get in fine; long story short. I call her before we go to eat and she doesn't pick up. I left her a message. We finish eating and nothing. It was after 10 p.m. We tried to upgrade our tickets at the bank. As soon as we try, they ask us when the first day was which I had that info, but he was asking what time, what park, all of which how would I know? My mom was asked similar questions and both people go to their boss or lead and she is checking stuff on some other computer and look stuff up. They ask me where I bought the tickets; I told them.

She explained to me that the agency was doing something illegal and the tickets cannot be upgraded and she said to get upset with the agency.

I called Jennifer and left a voicemail and email explaining what happened and I wanted a refund. No calls. I called Peter, he called Jennifer and she called me back around 11 a.m. Saturday and said her phone died and didn't get my calls. Yeah, right. Then, she asked what happened, i told her. She said we're the first ones who have had a problem. Another yeah right. She said she can just charge me $59.ticket and refund the rest. Are you kidding? I said, no, why would i pay? The money I paid could have gone towards upgrading those tix. Now, I'd be out 180. She's arguing with me and says she has to go to CHURCH?! Are you serious? So, she says think about it. I wrote her an email that I would take 1 day tickets or 1 day hoppers and refund the rest. I told her if I don't get a response tomorrow Sunday, I would file a police report.

The nerve? I cannot believe people can believe so brazen and desperate. I just want my money back!!!

So, please beware buying tickets from her. She's ruthless.

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