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I subscribed to their lead service at their introductory rate of $300.00 for ten leads. I was assured by their sales representative that all leads were screened and that they were homeowners who were interested in getting estimates for vinyl siding and replacemement windows. After receiving four of their so-called leads (all were totally bogus) I tried to cancel the account and get my money refunded. They told me their company policy is that no refunds are issued. I disputed the charge on my credit card and filed a complaint against them with the Minnesota Attorney General's office. These guys are theives. The so-called owner is a punk named Jason Treziok. He's a real jewel. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!


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    Collin Jan 20, 2009

    This contractor lead company knows one thing very well. Thats how to scam people. They strive on contractors that are in desperate need to land a few jobs in a struggling economy. They promise you leads at discounted prices or unlimited leads for 99.00 and once they bill your card, you can't get anyone on the phone. Eric Carsten, CEO will brag to you how good he is on the phone. I just figured with this so-called stimulus contractor package, I would give it a try for 99.00. They then tell you after they get your 99.00, you have to commit for 3 months at 500.00 per month. After emailing back and forth he let me know if I have the card charged back, he will win like always. This tells me that this a regular occurance for myfreeestimates. I actually tried buying leads from them in 2006. They were selling the leads to 10 or more contractors, claiming only to sell to 4. I guess 99.00 is a small price to pay for a well learned lesson!

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    Craftmasters Feb 10, 2009

    Absolutely agree, we used them before and their leads were poor quality, but a lead is a lead as you know in the business, we canceled them and moved on. Recently they contacted us with a new program a exclusive program where they set the leads for you, that they fixed the problems etc etc etc. so we decided to try them for a month prepaid for 10 leads to see the quality of their "new" program. The day we signed up is the day they fell off the face of the earth. No contact, no response from Voice Mails or e-mails. BEWARE in talking to some other contractors that got scammed as well i was told that WCV-leads is owned by the same people, which would explain why when we contacted some of the leads they were contacted by 6 to 12 different companies when they were only supposed to be contacted by 3, each company they owned sold them to 3 or 4 different contractors.

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    Lee Mileman Mar 13, 2009 copy and paste above, as of today there are 79 complaints in less than three years in buz. and bbb has revoked the membership of this company

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    eastmorenci Apr 03, 2009

    WCV Leads IS NOT owned by MyFreeEstimates or any other lead company. WCVLeads is an independent company, generating its own leads from consumer signups on the Internet.

    WCVLeads is an Internet-based lead generation company. We advertise the services YOU provide in the counties, cities and zip codes YOU work within. Consumers will enter information on our website

    We verify that the homeowner is requesting YOUR contact for services. We verify their contact information, and that they are not a 'do-it-yourselfer' or renter. These verified, quality leads are emailed and faxed to you after verification.


    1] Go to Click on "My Account"
    (update your contact info, product and service area counties)

    2] Activate your account online at


    If you are signing up after hours your account will become active the next business day. In most cases your account information will be processed and should be active within 24 hours.

    Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to assisting you with the WCVLeads program.

    Jason Remington - Sales Manager
    Office: [protected]
    FAX: [protected]
    Toll-free: [protected]

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    Jonathan Wells Jul 16, 2009
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    Well, is scam operation. WCV Leads just sucks. Maybe you guys are separate entities, but neither give ROI. Trust me!

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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    Jonathan Wells Jul 16, 2009
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    Buyer Beware!

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    SalesBeast1955 Jul 25, 2009

    Your inability to SELL is not the fault of the lead companies.

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    DLife tells all Sep 01, 2009

    Um...both of you are right and both of you withheld info pertaining to your side of things. First of all lets start with the contracors side of things. The reason you do not see multi-million dollar construction companies complaining about the leads they buy on blogs like this: Because they 1.know exactly what lead companies sell and 2.know exactly how lead companies get their leads 3. they also understand that they did not become a multi million dollar corporation by thinking they can market and find homeowners themselves. Contractors that complain about lead companies on blogs are average to below average contractors who are trying to make a business out of a few thousand (or in this case, few hundred) dollars. This is not 1950 and word of mouth can get you by if that is what you are looking for and there is nothing wrong with living meager (sp?). Now if you want to live a comfortable life in that overhead is not an issue, you are not thinking about how you are going to pay your workers and still come out on top, giving your valued customers the short end of any situation so you can get to the next job, not have to wonder if your utility company does payment plans, and not wonder (if you even own a home) if bankruptcy is the "perfect" solution then you are going to need some start up money (not a thousand dollars) and remember that meager part, well you may have to live lower then that for a while because to get to the top starting from the bottom is going to cost you. This is in caps on purpose; YOU MUST SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY AND NOT EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND IS GOING TO TURN IN TO A HUNDRED DOLLARS (not yet at least and it can be better then a hundred like a couple thousand every dollar but you are not going to have to worry about that in this lifetime). The reason I brought up million dollar companies and 1950's is because too many contractors pride themselves in being old school and having "old school values". Now with a bit of education and knowledge on the old school you would know that if you are referring to old school Americans they were some of the most ignorant, racist, biggots of our short stay on this fine piece of rock. Their values were be nice to those like you and not but make sure you talk all that dirt behind their backs, not to their face. And watch out for the knife in the back. Now we are in the year 2000 and racism is probably not quite as prominate but then again how many of you made comments about Obama when he was elected. Everyone badgers him and yet the government (who ever they are, they call the real shots anyways so hating Bush or Obama just proves you are ignorant and subseptable to being brain washed (don't worry, it's your [protected]'s parents fault not to mention the majority of our population now). The guys who really call the shots are laughing saying "Well we picked the right time for a Black president. We are way over our heads in debt and now everyone can blame the black president." even though this debt was incurred while Bush the Republican and of course even back when Clinton the Democrat was in office. Obama just got here and already people are pointing the finger. Anyways this is not about politics but it is about ignorance and understanding. You can not complain about $300 spent towards advertising if nyou really want to claim to own a business or be anytype of businessMAN. I piss on $300 but that does not mean everyone can. What it does mean is that you need to find a job. If you are not spending at least $2-10, 000 dollars a month in buiolding your business every MONTH after being around for a year already, you need to give up on the whole "Yeah, I have my own construction company" line and get a job where you do not have to worry about that.

    Now for my friends at WCV. You are withholding a lot of info on how you get your leads and what company is owned by what company. Your reality check is going to be shorter then the one above but just as real. If you are going to take the time to come on here and retort to Joe Bob with no money then at least do it anonomously(again, sp?) if you are not going to tell the truth or whole story. Lead companies are not owned by one company as much as contractors think, but why are the leads the same you ask. Well that is pretty simple. Here comes the caps...THEY (AS IN MOST) SELL LEADS TO EACH OTHER AND MULTIPLY ONE HOMEOWNERS PROJECT INTO UP TO 5-10 DIFFERENT PROJECTS. gRANTED NOT EVERY CONTRACTOR IS A GENERAL CONTRACTOR BUT THAT IS NOT WHY THEY DO IT. THEY DO IT BECAUSE IT PRODUCES MONEY. You know, that stuff I pee on. Well if (example) ReliableRemodeler sells a lead 1-2 times and then sells it to ServiceMagic (they do business together?) who turns around and sells it another two times, that is how you get the same lead from two seperate companies. Now because the lead industry is about as corrupt as our government, they are actually screwing themselves because if you are doing so much business with your competitors then you would have to entertain some security issues like contracor who gets in good with an employee and buys every lead for five dollars and turns around and sells them to a smaller lead company for $15 or whatever (as long as it is more; to prove my point) and now you have leads being sold up to 20 times. And it does not take that to sell a lead more then 6 times (especially when a kitchen remodel turns into 6 leads alone, same homeowner) because the companies doing business sell them more then 1-2 each like they claim when put on the spot. Well now that these lead companies are doing business with each other and an issue comes up where their leads are going to more then the four companies they do business with, now they are shuffling around wondering how this could happen. Well guess what guys, you have four companies and all of their employees to research and that is not even guaranteed where the problem lies. Due to technology it could be an ex-employee who hacked in (with help of outside IT friend) to your "un-hackable security protected system and simply stole your leads.

    Lessons learned here:

    1.Can not be a broke ###, cheap ### and expect to run a real business.
    2.Should not be affiliated (in business to business aspect) with your competitors to make a few million more a year. Eventually you will regret it (or not because you got out before it was real bad and can live with hundreds of families with no job, money on your conscence.
    3. In reality these lead companies are providing you with leads and just because they do not tell the whole story of where the leads came from, does not mean they are not leads. Leads are a name, an address, a sign that points to a town, and basically anything that leads to something even if it leads to nothing, it still lead you there (that lead is pronounced differently).

    Now look, I have become one of you wasting my time on a blog.

    Good day to you all and hope that this was a MOMENT OF REALIZATION FOR SOMEONE.

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  • Wi
    WindowDude Nov 15, 2009

    It only took 3 "leads" and one call to customer service to realize this company is a rip off. First lead=5 second conversation "I'm doing it myself". Click. 2nd lead real. 3rd lead "No I'm going to save eneegy with another project" Click.

    I just hope the cancellation process goes smoothly.

    Otherwise I will continue this rant forever.

    PS, they said the "leads" come from

    I'm going to start my own lead generation service and treat people right!

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    Joe contractor Dec 22, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I have exactly same experience with MY FREE ESTIMATES as Craftmasters.
    We used them before and canceled their service.
    After couple of months we have been offered same "new program" (worth of $1, 500.-)
    as Craftmasters.
    Since then (over 6 months) NO ONE set appointement.
    I tried contact them without any luck.
    I talked to my attorney in this matter. Result was simple "Are you going to fly to Minnesota to fight for few hundred bucks?"
    If I would not have my family to take care of I would.


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  • Ja
    JansenCole Jan 22, 2010

    Chris H ([protected] has repeatedly contacted our company in an abusive manner. He is rude, offensive and has referred to me personally as "sugar" and "sweetheart". I have emailed and called the company and asked to be removed from their email list. They continue to email me junk mail. The sales tactics are so offensive that I would not consider learning more about the service. When I ask to speak with Chris's supervisor/boss...he tells me that he is the boss. Eric Carstens is the President, yet there is no contact information for him and no one will give information on the phone.

    Horrible customer service skills. I doubt this company has one effective lead to distribute.

    I am the Marketing Manager for a reputable remodeling company in the Greater Seattle Area. We have been in business for 30 years and Chris's first statement to me was that I "obviously needed a better sales staff". I will be telling my associates and vendors about my experience with this company.

    I will be reporting this to the BBB and the Attny General in his state.

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  • Re
    real upset Apr 18, 2010

    My free estimates is a scam company, run, run, run away from them! Thay sold me 20 leads at $45.00 a piece. Promised they would be refundable if I had any problems. Nothing but problems. The so called customer either had bought elsewhere by the time I got the Live, Hot lead or were not even interestested. I tried to cancle which only ended up with a credit card charge for another $900.00 no small change in this market and economy how ever this second set of leads were even worse. My advice go to Service Magic at least you can get to see some real & live people who want your products, and services.

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  • Ha
    HandyHands12 Feb 18, 2011

    I have worked with WCVLeads for years as well as ReliableRemodeler, and Service Magic I know that WCVLeads is a small company that is owned by a window manufacturer in Washington state. These guys are listed in the BBB and do not get their leads from other lead companies. Most of the time customers I find are signing up at more than one lead company when they go online for an estimate. Just like the old days when they used to go for 3 or more of us in the phone book. Customers do not know these are lead companies in most cases, they just think they will get an estimate from this website or that someone will call them. They don't know how the whole system works. I get tons of leads from ReliableRemodeler and SericeMagic but I have a hard time getting credit for some of the bad ones, I have never had an issue with credit with, although they do not get me as many leads, the ones I do get from them are of a much higher quality. They also give credits for duplicate leads from other lead companies and they would not be able to do this if they were getting the leads from ReliableRemodeler because every lead sold would result in a credit.

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