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Reviews and Complaints

Naza Kia Malaysia Kia sportage Air Conditioning

Model: Kia Sportage 2018
Name: Chai Jyh Jiann
Reg No: VC 2227

Very Disappointed on quality Kia Sportage.
Only 2 years plus, air conditioning already not functioning. No spare parts in Malaysia & have to order from Korea. Have to wait around 2 months spare parts reach to Malaysia. Now I have to drive this car without air con in DAM HOT WEATHER in Malaysia. I won be buy Kia again & not recommend to people buy!!!
Pls refer pic, I have to put 2 usb fan in my car.

Kia sportage Air Conditioning

  • Mi
    minachijjjjjjj Mar 07, 2020

    @jjchai, just send your car to any independent air-conditioning workshop. They should be able to solve your problem in no time. The only downside is you have to pay for it. Anyway, you have already paid for the 2 usb fans.

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Naza Kia Malaysia steering wheel issues

Bought Kia Rio Sedan in 2016, complaining the car dealer about the steering wheel was not able to do the steering lock. The Dealer advised me to send to the Service Centre and check. Once repaired and after a few month, it began to make a noise, Klik' Noise' when accelerate. i had to return back to service centre many times and they said it's a normal sound for Rio. the klik noise' always keep coming until today. Now my steering deck is broken and have sent back to Kia Service Centre. The steering deck cost me around RM3000 to replace and they've said after 3 years no warranty period for the items. took me while to find it outside (aftermarket price). Now managed to get it around RM1800.00.

the conclusion is :-
Car Dealer - Gave me a problem car
The Service Centre - no good in servicing

Both are sucks!!!

Naza Kia Malaysia servicing kia picanto

Brought Our Picanto to Kia Penang Service Center on 4th Oct 2019 morning.
Was done very short time. We went for drive to many place after that. To clean the car trunk we opened the engine trunk.
When we opened the engine trunk we noticed the Engine oil cap or cover was missing.
The technical team totaly careless and now we have to worry any dirt or foreign material went to the engine.
Total upset and angry about this matter

servicing kia picanto
servicing kia picanto
servicing kia picanto
servicing kia picanto

Naza Kia Malaysia compressor availability

We send our car to Kia service center in Ipoh for checking the air conditional as it is blowing hot air on 26th August 2019. On the same day, service center called us and told us that the compressor is broken/spoil/not working for this +- 3years car. Unfortunately, the part is not available and we have to wait at least 6 weeks for the compressor. Furthermore, there is no spare car for us. In my opinion, compressor is kind of common part to change. Somehow, we need to wait for 1.5 months to get a common part which is ridiculous and unacceptable.

  • Updated by ChongLJ · Aug 29, 2019

    The compressor is still under warranty.

  • Jo
    jonbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Aug 29, 2019

    @Chong LJ, don't be naive. There are lots of Kia compressors selling in the spare parts shops. If you really want to use the car, just pay from your own pocket and get it fix outside first.

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  • Jo
    jonggggggggggg Sep 02, 2019

    Good luck in your warranty claim.

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Naza Kia Malaysia naza kia malaysia management.

Saya membeli kreta pre owned Kia. Optima k5 Fl no plate WC3897F. Smpai sekarang masih tidak dapat kereta. Apabila saya tnye kepada salesman. Beliau mngatakan pihak NAZA masih belom mngeluarkan surat Reso untuk process pertukaran nama. Saya nk tnye pihak NAZA. Berapa lama masa diperlukan untuk keluarkan surat Reso ye? Nak buat pekasam ke simpan lama2? Tkde otak ke nak fikir yang customer nak guna kereta? Atau staff company tk reti nak buat kerja? Please be inform. Customer nak kreta before September.

Naza Kia Malaysia kia grand carnival

Dear Kia,
My name is Azhar. I'm the owner of Kia Grand Carnival, registration number VBF 141. I would like to file a complaint towards Kia Service.

On July 5th 2019, I sent my car to Kia Service Rawang after being involved in an accident.

On July 10th, the insurance was approved. However, there was no action taken towards repairing my car. I was told the car parts are unavailable.

On July 19th, my car remained unrepaired. I called customer service to inform of the late services.

On July 22nd, I called the customer service again.

On July 26th, I called Kia Service Rawang but they kept saying the part is still not available hence no actions were taken.

On July 29th, I called Kia Service Rawang but again, the same answer was given. They have not started the repairing process.

For your information, only the front parts were affected during the accident like bumper, radiator, alternator, and etc.

Therefore, after writing this e-mail, I hope Kia could take a quick action in solving this issue.

Thank you.

Naza Kia Malaysia kia sorento

To Whom It May Concern,

RE: Kia Sorento WD7860C - Malaysia

I purchased the Kia Sorento in August 2016 from Naza Kia Red Cube, the SUV has been maintained and serviced by Naza Kia Red Cube in Petaling Jaya.

Since December of 2018, the SUV has been giving me problems, the car jerks every time I accelerate or when it changes gears. It is absolutely shocking that a 2-year old SUV has such issues.

I took the car in for service/ maintenance in January to address the jerking issue. I was then told no issue, the jerking since then has not stopped and every time I take it in, it is some excuse or another for the jerking, eg my tyres were the cause, I changed my tyres and jerking continued.

I continued to take it in and was still given the run around that nothing was wrong, the last straw was my gear box. Supposedly Naza Kia Red Cube changed my gearbox, after I received the SUV, a week later while driving, the car jerked and then stalled. And could not move. I sent it back and the issue according to the service centre was a minor part, which they changed. When I went to collect the car and as I was driving out of the service centre, the SUV started jerking and stalled again, so it has been in the service centre for a month plus and now I am told the issue is the junction box and they are still waiting for the parts. A Month Plus and still waiting for the parts, is just shocking.

I find the reason and excuses given totally unacceptable and absolutely ridiculous. It is shocking that this day and age, a service centre has no clue on what is wrong given how everything is computerised. It is absolutely frustrating that a SUV that is 2 year old is riddled with problems and now coming into its 3rd year the problem is not resolved.

I would like the SUV issue resolved and if persists and is not resolved, I would like the SUV replaced or compensated.

Given that Kia announced that Kia would like to enhance its responsiveness with the appointment of the new global operation head specifically to strengthen organizational agility to adapt to a rapidly-changing business environment - here is a chance to enhance your responsiveness and agility, trust that this will be looked at to keep with Kia's objective of globalisation and agility. Please note that I have also contacted Kia Customer Service via Facebook and online submission without any success.

I trust that this will be resolved and that a clear response or answer is provided as this has gone on for far too long. I am dependent on my car for work and have been very inconvenienced due to your failure and inefficiencies. I will also be highlighting this to the media, making it viral on social media and reporting it to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Thank you.
Email: [protected] marlene.[protected]

  • Updated by MGomez · Jul 22, 2019


Naza Kia Malaysia repair 1month haven get any reply

my car sorento, car plate JSA7301, send to kulai service centre already almost 1 month test result aircond compressor problem need to replacement new compressor. did u know if a family no any car for transportation how can we go out? if we use by grab itz can we charge to ur account?or your kia company can give us a car for temporary transport?now i just wanna to know when can i get back my car.
kia company are biggest company why can not get a accessory to repair why need wait a
long time why no any answer date why services so bad?

Naza Kia Malaysia 1000km service

I was being informed that my new car kia picanto gtl 1000km service need to change oil and without any options i was forced to pay for oil change service which is not required for 1000km service, invoices enclosed.
My car registration num is VDH 2950. Very unfriendly customer service that provide unprofessional answer on my queries why on the phone they say no need, cs replied "itu lain orang yang cakap, sini kena juga cuci dan tunggu lama"
My car plate alphabet "V" fell off and they use paper tape stick the other way around become "A". When asked to fix it, cs replied said "thats the sales person mistake, please go back to the sales person centre and get the sales person fix for u"

1000km service

Naza Kia Malaysia bluetooth can't function

Hi, I bought the Kia Picanto Year 2018, and got it by 18 June 2019, as KIA SR told me the unit is exactly same with Version 2019, but now my Bluetooth is totally can't function, it keep to initializing, the SR told me go Kia Motor PJ to upgrade software, I went by 01 July 2019 to have my 1st service and also request to solve my Bluetooth problem, but the CR ask me go refer Naza Solution, after I go Naza Solution, they said this software is not under their service, then I go back Kia Motor PJ again, they took my car photo, chassis number and said will contact me once they find the solution.

Chassis Number : KNAB3512MKT332200

Please help me solve this problem asap... You can contact me at [protected] as well... Thanks with best regards

bluetooth can't function

Naza Kia Malaysia service on steering parts

I was told by one of your Staff one year ago that they help me get the steering parts which is still under warranty and I triple confirm with them I no need to pay for it. Your service center only open on weekday which I can't make it. I only available on weekend. However I purposely took leave and come today (28/6/19) just for the service and your staff told me I need to pay for the parts. I don't understand why the parts is under warranty when I claim it but now they want to charge me for RM200. If the parts oredi under warranty I don't understand why still need to charge me for the parts.

service on steering parts

Naza Kia Malaysia irresponsible and no response

I am really disappointed with how Kia Service center (international automobile company) is treating me as value customer.

The service agent (Nurull Atika Nabila) called me last month and let me know my car replacement part is arrived, so I thought I can service the car as well. But unfortunately replacement part must do it during weekdays, with no options, I have to take leave purposely for this.

But on that day, Nurull was on leave and Other service agent was serving me. After completion, he let me know that the replacement part is not suit to my car and I need to wait again... I am so frustrated that why the service agent can be so unprofessional and not even calling me to follow up after I texted her. Is it the way how Kia staff has been trained to treat the customers? I do not think that Kia is delivering what have promised here. Maybe the company core value is just built to attract sales but not after sales.

I really hope Kia management team can take this seriously else it won't be survive in future with current competitive markets.

If I didn't received a call from Kia within 5 working days, I will proceed further complaints through other media.

From disappointed customers
Sam ([protected])

irresponsible and no response
irresponsible and no response

Naza Kia Malaysia About the service

Good morning kia HQ

I'm miss sow, my car is grand carnival VBW 3365. To day I need to complain again regarding my car is still the same problem.

1. Car still got sound after 30k service, especially bottom of the car

2. Steering are shaking after I tap brake. Even they change the disc plate.

The service center did not fix my problem. The car is still under warranty, please refer a better service center to me.
That's the 2nd time I lodge a complaint.
But later I will go again the service center, this is the last I will go through. If really can't fix. The next I will complaint to Korea HQ.

Please do contact me [protected]

Thank you for your assistance

About the service

Naza Kia Malaysia unadvised customer service

I brought my car to service and when i about to pay i saw there is one item charge to my fees " to do ozone sterilizer ", which is nt necessary . But the staff did not advise, and simply add on this item without notice . when i ask them to take out this item, they said it has already done . KIA PJ RED CUBE, please ask every customer needs before simply add on services just for earning . TQ

Naza Kia Malaysia rear absorber

Model Kia Sportage 2.0, Reg No BNB 6826, Chassis No KNAPC81ASF7683581 &
Engine No: G4NAEH810315
My rear absorber sound is getting significant. I've logged the complaint ever since day 1 during the second time of service. Even up to 3rd to 5th time of compliant but no action has been done. Now it cost me to few thousand buck for replacement.
Been a Kia supporter for so long, I really hope this complaint could trigger professional judgement to be carrier out. I can be reached [protected]

[Resolved] Naza Kia Malaysia the quality tyre

On 2017 I bought a KIA Carnival which is new car not secondhand car fitted with NIXEN N Priz RH7 tires. In Feb 2019 (millage 34, 512km) my original car Tyre was swollen. I made a report to KIA Plentong, but did not get any responses.

On June 3, 2019 when I returned hometown, one side of my back tyre swelled, I had to change the tyre in Kuala Kangsar. On June 8, 2019 I went to Terengganu Dungun, another side of back tyre swell, I had to change (millage 40000km). I would like to complaint where the quality of KIA is. I also took the K5 package.
I use the KIA car from NAZA RIA (11 years) to KIA Carnival. I believe in the quality of KIA.
But today I feel so disappointed with the quality given by KIA.

the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre
the quality tyre

  • Updated by Chot · Jun 11, 2019

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Naza Kia Malaysia test drive

Tedious process for test drive. Customer needs to make appointment with sales agent, only been told that the car is not available until certain date. This will definitely drive customers away. If you can't afford to have test drive unit at your major showroom, please don't be the distributor. You will kill KIA brand indirectly.

I don't have this issue with other car brand, just walk in and can test drive. How can you expect sales when so difficult to test drive?

test drive

Naza Kia Malaysia car repair

I had submmited few emails to KIA, and called more than 20 calls in a month to follow up with the staffs. The customer service staff promise me will call me to update me. Unfortunately, everytime I have to call them only will get the feedback. They wont take their own initiative to call me.

My car was in KIA rawang for more than a month, till now the spare part also havent reach Msia. Everytime I call, the staff only will ask me to WAIT, but does not provide a good solution. I found it is very funny, KIA does not have 1 bumper in whole Malaysia!! Harlo!!! I has been waiting for more than a month!!! If you guys does not have the spare part, kindly tell me!!! Dont keep delay me!!!

Naza Kia Malaysia smart key features for picanto

I asked:-
Can the 2018 kia picanto's smart key system be upgraded to have only driver's door opened pressing once and all doors opened on pressing twice? I saw it in one of kia youtube commercials. My wife owns a picanto 2018. Pls advise.
I would like to have such feature for her safety. Thks.

Your Administrator [protected] replied :-
Dear WP Wong,

We acknowledge receiving your e-mail and regret for the inconvenience caused.

It has been confirmed by Warranty Department, we hereby regret to inform your good self that as clearly stipulated in the Service Maintenance Booklet any parts or related component damaged due to tampering to the part will not be covered under warranty.

However, we suggest you to visit our nearest service centre for further information.

I say:
Std auto machine reply. It is not the answer I am looking for.

Can Kia Picanto malaysia version be upgraded to include the 'open the driver's door only' option using the smart key system???

Rgds, WP Wong.

Naza Kia Malaysia refund overpaid

Very bad and slow process for customer's refund overpaid. Why it takes so long to do the refundable? Already 3 times follow up with hq in a month and still got same answer (in progress) and need to wait 2-3 more weeks. What the hell kia malaysia??? All management staff go for holiday or what?? Really bad management..stupid! Please do something with my urgent request for the refund overpaid. Terrible management.

Name : Mohamad Ismasdi Bin M Yussof

Naza Kia Malaysia kia sportage spare part

I am writing here for the second time with no response on the first??!! What's the point having this platform but no action. I have bought my car less than a year. Send in the car due to accident since Jan 2019. Its April and nearing may now yet no parts!! Its a new car and it's impossible for no part. This is the worse service ever!!! Please get someone contact me ASAP at [protected] Or at least prepare me a car temporary for not having a car for 3 months!!!

Naza Kia Malaysia delay on kia parts replacement and lack of service supports.

On 17 January 2018, My car had minor accident with damage on the 3 parts, "Front Headlight, Front Bumper and Front side panel" all on left side.
I submitted my car to Kia Malaysia Plentong Johor service center for repairs since they commited to repaur the car in 30days. A good advises made by the Kia Service center and Kia care lines Malaysia. After 60 days, I am still waiting, and many followup made. After more than 3 month, the parts replacement for my Kia Rondo finally arrived to Kia service center Plentong Jb. I receive a call from the service center told me. "Sir, your car is ready for collection, thank you". "Thats ALL!!"
Dear KIA, it is so inconvenient for my family, imagine... no car to use for 3 months". I hires a car for 3 months just to send my kids to school.
I was told by the mechanic at service center the lack of spare parts is the problem.
Called KIA service center exactly one month after to ask cause of delay. They replied we are in the midst of finding the parts from Korean.
It took KIA Malaysia to find the replacements parts so long.
Now my car is ready, my car was sleeping for 3 months, at least there must be a service done to it by KIA.

What kind of service is KIA providing now?
I would need a much further explanation from KIA Malaysia as promised.
Total disappointment with KIA Malaysia/ World.
Maybe I should put my complaint in social media for all to read as I have the whole story with black and white.
WXF 5963

  • Updated by Guna Alageri · Apr 15, 2019

    Correction on date of incident :- 17 January 2019.

Naza Kia Malaysia warranty claim

I have been servicing my car at the same service centre for the past 5 years (puchong Kia service centre), and I have been complaining about my AC problem and power steering problem since the last 2 servicing I went through. They have tried to fix it but it just seems like it cannot be fixed. so I wanted to claim and my warranty and they told me they would submit to warranty department 2 months ago when I was still under warranty, but when I called them back 1 month later they said they have forgotten. what kind of service is that?! and my warranty was ending. so after I complained again, they said they will try to do calibration for my power steering. and it was fixed for 2 weeks and the problem came back again right after my warranty was over. If they didn't 'forget' to submit my warranty during that 1 month, I would have been able to claim my warranty for my power steering in time. please explain to me regarding this 'coincidence'. and now that I want to claim my warranty, they are telling me that HQ is rejecting my application. I complained from when theres warranty until now warranty is over, but now that warranty is over, it's my problem that my power steering is still fixed? someone please explain to me how Kia works and get back to me ASAP! you can contact me through my email
my email : [protected]

Naza Kia Malaysia unfair warranty void

Dear Naza Kia,

I'm writing this complaint with full of frustration and dissatisfaction towards the service given.

I have been informed that my car's warranty will be until July 2021. I have several issues which need to be claimed.

My car (RIO - WD2651B) low beam light was malfunctioned happened out of sudden at night in highway during the car was moving. The car boot lamp and car boot puller under the seat was also malfunctioned which I have reported last year around April 2018.

However, during that time, the service centre claimed I need to leave my car for at least minimum 3 days because they believed it might interrupt the wiring system. I told them I don't think I can make it, because at that time I need to go back to office and will be away from the country for few months for work.

As I already come back to the country, I need to settle everything this I rang the Customer Service to set the appointment and check on my warranty. The CS claimed that my warranty was void due to no maintenance being done within 12 months which I have not being informed by the sales agent nor the officer at the service centre last time.

The CS told me this is my responsibility as a customer to take care of my warranty and follow the terms and condition.

This is so frustrating. There is no one informed me about the T&C, and you asked me to read the agreement which who on earth will read the 5 pages agreement?

Maintenance wasn't done due to time constraints and I am not purposedly avoid the maintenance. How can you guys simple void the warranty? Is this how you value your customers? Can't you put yourself in customer's shoe? Can't you think properly all these issue comes not only from the customer which not follow the T&C, but also comes from your side? The car was bought 2 years ago but the low beam was malfunctioned? Car boot lamp malfunctioned? Day light lamp malfunctioned few times?

This is so frustrating. I just gained trust on Kia 2 years back until this thing happened now I have lost my trust on it...

Naza Kia Malaysia car services

Fyi, I just bought a new picanto car in 2018. Im very happy with the car in terms of performance. So I went for first service at kia huat technical service at alor setar. Im very pleased and satisfied with the service and hospitality given by the staff. And then for the second service, I went to alor setar naza kia branch where I bought the car for service. The sales advisor is very friendly to me. However, after servicing, I noticed there are a ticking noise from the car when driving more than 100km/h. When I open the car hood, to my suprised, the battery cover was not closed properly. But its ok since I can close it by myself but for me the work was not so neat. I went back to the branch to figure out what was happen. They've checked the car but they didnt find the cause of the noise. Im quite dissapointed and went back home. But the noise still there. So I went to kia huat technical service where I did my first service and the mechanic checked and assuming the noise probably came from the infront cover screw that actually loosen a bit. So they tighted the screw and walla the problem was solved. I would like to thank to the mechanic (sorry forget his name) for fixing the problem fast.